Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Ethical Hacking

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In the world of digitalization, where the internet has brought the people across the globe closer, it has also caused many issues in terms of online crime and theft. Multiple options and tools are coming up that disrupts the privacy of the person. If you have noticed, Security has become a trending topic among the IT’ians. Even the major companies have faced a lot of financial trouble and breaches because of security issues. The best way to deal with it is to understand how it works and actually works accordingly to that mind map itself. This type of hacking we can call as ethical hacking. Mind you, it is completely legal and currently has got the great scope in the town.

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Reasons you need to learn hacking:

Now that you are on this page, it is quite obvious that you either must have searched on the right way to become a hacker or why you need to learn hacking. Frankly, it is fun but only till you follow the ethics and don’t misuse the information in any other way. Remember, if you do it for fun, you will be surrounded with special life but with criminal intention, you will have to spend your life in jail.

* It is the hacker who builds the computer system in such a way that would protect the access of the hacker and would ensure that safeguard system are well used
It is the hacker who makes the sure malicious attack from unknown source gets protected.
Such person is capable to use preventive measures to avoid any kind of security breaches
To make sure the customer or user information is well protected, the hacker comes up with a new solution
It is the hacker who ensure that network is tested on the regular note

Why You Should Learn Ethical Hacking

There is no doubt that if you want to become a hacker, you will be loaded with ample of responsibilities. Ethical hacking is one such field that has got the reputation and a great scope in terms of career. No doubt that money can never be a problem when it comes to pay. But if you are little dicey about ethical hacking, then certainly here are some of the reasons that you need to know.

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Good Scope for Career :

If you take a look at the graph of crimes, you will understand that over the past few years, cyber crimes have increased each passing day. Of course, it is not a good sign and not safe at all especially for the big companies. This is the main reason why demand for ethical hackers has increased in the networking sector. By learning about the ethical hacking, you will understand about the right testing platform for the IT infrastructure which needs to be changed. Big companies prefer prevention instead of any kind of damage that may take place. That is when the role of cybersecurity might work.

Worth investing your time and money: 

You may find tons of classes claiming to give good career option. But investing your time and money in learning security based concepts is any time beneficial; It allows you to learn new ethics and the right way to do the hacking that can provide to be beneficial in quite a cost-friendly budget. Besides the price that a company has to pay for the security breach is quite a lot then the price they would have to invest in paying the hacker for cybersecurity. If you have a limited budget and wanted to learn something that would give your career a better boost there is no doubt that learning ethical hacking could be the perfect solution.

Build Awareness:

There are so many people in our young generation that are still not aware of ethical hacking and how professionally important it is. Of course, to make sure that inside information is not being leaked or there is no breach taking place are few things that an expert needs to follow but if you learn it, you will be able to create an awareness about the same in the sector and help many people to build a profession out of it.

Becoming a Certified Expert:

CEH is the only broadest of all the available ethical having certification which is available and acceptable across the globe. It is designed to understand if you as a hacker have the baseline and understanding of the threats, risks and security issues. Showing this certificate can give you a long way to go in your successful career besides a lot of demand among the big companies also. If you have looked around for the jobs, you must have realized that most of the non-government job requires such type of candidate. If the candidate has got such certification, the person has more chances to get selected.

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Save online presence:

Learning ethical hacking not only allows you how professionally but gives you a better understanding on how you can safeguard your own online presence. This means learning experience is more focuses on practical training rather than theoretical learning which would, of course, be more fun. You can thus, be an active participant to save not only yours but also other peoples’ online presence and ensure that risk of suicide and murders that are taking place because of such platform reduces and thus, contribute a bit to our mother India.

Make Knowledge the power:

Along with skill coding and know how the experience of using the hacks and tricks, it is important to have certification course but understand that more the knowledge you have, more is the scope for you to progress. Talking about the ethical hacking, it becomes convenient for you to perform hacking that would allow you compromise with the servers of the web; abscond with user passwords and much more without needing the experience of shell coding. It has become a need of today’s time since there are so many cybercrimes that are destroying the online surfing experience.

Test system security:

Talking about the security, it does not matter which system architecture, you have handled, and you can find vulnerabilities if there are any. This would eventually help you be more efficient and proficiency in this sector. Besides, there are no drawbacks and can give you better exposure to become the family of IT field. Since there are so many organizations that are into a constant attack of cybercrime, learning a  security process would help you get a better place in such big company. Besides, you can also contribute to improving the security system of the organization and thus, enjoy the pay in a better manner.

Good Pay of course:

The demand for the ethical hackers is more than the supply. This, of course, gives you as a professional hacker the benefit to enjoy the generous pay or salary. This market since holds a good reputation and have the limit to the extent at which hackers can be compensated, there is no doubt that you can enjoy more benefit in terms of pay and extra perks form the company which is already established. As compared to any other career option, the pay for the fresher itself is quite a lot. This means, along with experience, there is a high chance for you to earn a better pay as well.

Know the Hidden technique:

Hacking is one such option that is fun at the same time a serious topic to think of. If used in a right manner can offer ample of security options otherwise may result in ample security breaches. Understanding the right path is solely your decision. Talking about ethical hacking, you can learn the hidden techniques which not every hacker is aware of. Since there are lot many securities followed, you would understand how well you can make a career out of it. You would learn about how social media can be hacked and needs to be protected or how you can protect your data from getting misused. Hacking is an exhilarating experience provided; you have the knack to understand different concepts associated with it.

Explore in a better way:

With the right approach of an information security professional, there is no doubt that it can help you learn about the best security practices to be followed. When it comes to black hat hacking and white hack hacking any time white hack which is also known as penetration test is a lot more advised. This way, you can learn about new concepts like:

  • Hacking Mobile Phone
  • Windows and Linux
  • ART of Hacking
  • Testing Web Application Security 

This would not only be used in this profession but also can be used in the near future even when you decide to change your platform.

Learning ethical hacking is anytime beneficial. Make sure you understand the concepts thoroughly and put it in the right purpose. It has a great career scope for which you can earn pretty good. No doubt that you will be loaded with ample of responsibility but it is equally true such solution is worth.

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