Ethical Hacker Pre-Requisites

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Well, Hacking can be defined as a process of identifying weaknesses within a computer system. Hacking can also be done with a network of computer systems.

Examples of Hacking

  1. Using a password crack algorithm, identifying password of a computer system to gain access is considered to be hacking.
  2. Hacking your Facebook profile by password crack algorithm and misuse the personal information of a system can be considered one of the activities that a hacker is capable of.

Ethical Hacker Pre-Requisites

Ethical Hacker Pre-Requisites

The hacking threat to current businesses Yes, it has been the biggest threat. If you have observed a lot of cyber attacks have been organized and implemented by several government organizations for personal benefits. All these activities are controlled and executed by well-trained hackers.

In this modern era, most of our daily tasks have been simplified using technology. Usage of computers or electronic devices like mobile phones has been skyrocketed. All the information is stored in the electronic format and it is prone to cyber theft.

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So most of the confidential information is stored on the computers or the electronic devices and without proper security, it is always open for cyber attacks by Hackers. Uncontrolled activities like these have been costing millions of dollars for the organizations and more importantly, their trust is at stake when it comes to privacy of their customer information.

So is Hacking good for an organization?

Yes, depending upon their nature of work or operation, hacking or hackers are important for organizations. Nowadays, a lot of job opportunities have come up where it involves hacking. This is because to make sure their security systems are intact and not vulnerable to the outside threats.

So what is the difference between Hacking and Ethical Hacking?

They are both into hacking but the purpose and intention of hacking into a system are quite different. Hackers generally do it for their own benefit or work with illegal parties which look for mass destruction. On the other hand, Ethical hackers are the good guys which are employed by the big organizations to test their security systems and seek them to identify any possible loopholes of their network.  Identifying and providing countermeasures is the first and foremost task for the ethical hackers.

Now let’s understand what is Ethical hacking in detail?

Ethical hacking is a process of identifying weaknesses or vulnerabilities within a single computer system or network of computer systems. On top of it, providing countermeasures and fixes for these vulnerabilities is the major task for Ethical hackers.

Rules and Regulations that an Ethical Hacker has to follow for sure

As the name itself suggest that one has to be Ethical to his or her tasks. So Ethical hackers have to abide by few principles and all these rules and regulations have to be followed for sure.

  1. After accepting any hacking related activity, please do take a written consent from the organization that you are allowed to scrutinize the entire network to identify potential vulnerabilities.
  2. At any cost make sure that the organization privacy information is maintained securely. Also, help the organization to protect their personal information from hackers.
  3. Have to be very transparent in terms of conveying the information to the higher authorities. Make sure the report is transparent and all the identified vulnerabilities are provided within the summary report.
  4. If you feel the hardware and software are not appropriate, please inform the identified vulnerabilities to the concerned hardware and software vendors.

Why Ethical Hacking?

It is one of the topmost questions asked in each and every company and most of them are realizing the fact that they are in need of Ethical hackers to the core.

  1. In today’s world, information is considered to be the biggest asset for an organization. If the information is not secured then the entire profits of the organization and the employees associated with the company are at stake. Thus protecting the information for the company and making sure that the network is flawless is one of the primary tasks for an Ethical Hacker.

  2. For example, for a financial organization if their payment systems are not secured then it is easy for the hackers to hack into the system and wire the entire money into their own accounts. So to make sure this doesn’t happen in their dreams, we need ethical hackers to make sure that the information or the process is well maintained.

Frequently asked Ethical Hacker Interview Questions

Is Ethical Hacking legal

Yes, it is 100% legal and most of the top-tier companies are offering attractive salaries to make sure their network build is strong and it is hacker proof.  The only condition that we have to make sure is that every ethical hacker is to make sure that they obey all the rules and regulations that are described in “Rules section”.

To prove that you are worthy enough Ethical hacker, the individual has to work for their certification and then finally make sure that they are available for the appropriate jobs.

Ethical hacking is about the constant improvement process of your computers or your organization’s computer network from external threats.

Ethical Hacker Pre-Requisites??

There are few prerequisites that an individual has to have to make sure that they are worthy Ethical Hackers.

  1. To be an Ethical hacker, you need to be a real hacker.

  2. Need to understand Networking concepts

  3. You will need to have a working knowledge of TCP/IP

  4. Should have working experience working on networking technologies.

  5. To be eligible to take certification (i.e. Ethical Hacking), one must go through official Ethical Hacking Training to gain complete in-depth knowledge

  6. Should have a working knowledge of at least two programming languages

Ethical hacker duties and what can be safeguarded

Ethical Hackers main duty is to protect the organizational security process and make sure that there are no open loopholes in the security measures. On top of it, they will be able to countermeasure some of the cyber attacks and safeguard the organization information.

Privacy Violation

Exposing personal and private information about the employees or secret information of the Organization is a serious threat to the business and at the same time, it is a crime. Ethical hackers will make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Identity Theft

Stealing personal information for misuse or for monetary benefits is also one of the major threats to individuals. This can be controlled and also reversed with the help of Ethical hackers.

Electronic Funds Transfer / Electronic Money Laundering

This is another favorite sector for hackers where they try to hack into the banking system networks and gain unauthorized access to their system and gain monetary benefits. This can be stopped and reversed with the help of Ethical Hackers.


So it is evident that the current organizations are facing a major threat from the hacking society and we have witnessed a growing need to stop these hacking activities and there is a need to safeguard our systems. To enable this and make sure our computer systems are not prone to any external threats we need to have excellent Ethical hackers.

The organizations have already started recruiting more and more ethical hackers into their teams when compared to last few years. So it is a good deal for individuals who are looking to build their career in the Ethical hacking.

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