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Hyperion FDQM Interview Questions and Answers

Q1). In the Machine profile which user id and Password will give?

Ans: we have to give admin and password or machine name also provided in machine profile.

Q2). Is it possible to organize one-to-many mapping in FDM?

Ans:  yes, it is possible.

Q3). Which database consists of Financial data quality management?

Ans: Relational database management system (RDBMS)

Q4). Where the data stores in the FDM application?

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Ans: Each FDM Application contains four directories. 1) inbox 2) outbox 3) data 4) reports.
These are the directories that store the data.

Q5). What are the types of mapping?

Ans: Explicit, in, like, and between mapping.
Explicit mapping is called one-one mapping and between mapping is called one – many mapping.

Q6). How to access the FDM web client?

Ans: Open the Hyperion FDM Web Client by selecting Programs to oracle EPM Financial Data Quality
Management Web Server Components Web Logon.

Q7). Where you have to get or importing the data to FDM?

Ans: by importing GL files or from other external data sources.

Q8). Explain the data load process in FDM?

Ans: Please explain about import, export, validate, and check.

Q9). The Hyperion FDM desktop is the control center from where a Hyperion FDM application is built and administered.

Ans: The desktop has three main areas: Screen Indicator, Hyperion FDM Menus, and the POV bar.

Q10). Hyperion FDM contains two types of locations 


  Data load
  Controls review.
  The location that accepts the data from the source file and loads the data by mapping rules to the target file. 

Q11). What are the methods to build maps?


1. Build maps internally within FDM.
2. Build maps externally import to FDM.
3. Copy existing location map to other locations.
4. Assign mapped location is a parent to other location.

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