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 Do you want to become a top-notch Hyperion professional? No worries! We will guide you. This blog provides key Hyperion projects for all learners - no matter whether you are a novice or an advanced learner. Sure! Working on Hyperion projects will help you level up your hands-on experience and make you job-ready. By the end of the article, you will be familiar with crucial Hyperion projects, skills you will gain, and many more.

Oracle Hyperion is a robust planning and enterprise performance management system. It provides efficient financial control and budgeting solutions to industries. This is the reason why major companies across the globe increasingly use Hyperion.

As the demand for Oracle Hyperion professionals grows continuously, learning Hyperion promises a bright future. But aspirants should have solid hard skills to bag their dream jobs. This blog comprises many Hyperion projects for aspirants to sharpen their practical skills.

Let’s go through the projects!

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What Is Hyperion?

Hyperion is a software company offering many software products such as Oracle Hyperion planning, Oracle Hyperion financial management, etc.

Oracle Hyperion planning is a robust product that provides companies with unified planning and budgeting solutions. The main thing about Hyperion is that it ties up finance and operational planning together. As a result, business risks are identified earlier, increasing productivity significantly.


Furthermore, Oracle Hyperion financial management software is another product that simplifies financial consolidation and reporting. This product helps to meet the global regulatory requirements. As a result, compliance costs are very much reduced.

Well! What are Hyperion projects, and why are they so crucial?

Don't worry! The following section will unlock the answer.

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Hyperion Projects – Why?

The Hyperion developers can make an average salary of around 7 LPA in India. In the USA, the average salary of a Hyperion developer is around 126k USD per year. All these figures show that a career in Hyperion is a good choice. That’s why there is a soaring demand for Hyperion professionals in the job market.

Suppose you are wondering how to hone my hands-on skills on Hyperion. Don't worry! Working on Hyperion projects is the best way for learners to enhance their hard skills. It makes your wings stronger and lets you fly high. Sure! You will become a master in Hyperion and stay ahead in the job market.

Should I acquire any basic skills before jumping into Hyperion projects?

Yes! There are! The coming section uncovers the requirements.

Prerequisites for Hyperion Projects:

Before jumping into Hyperion projects, brush up on your Hyperion knowledge with the technologies listed below. Then, your learning journey will be hassle-free and effortless.

Let’s go to the requirements!

  • Decent knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, Python,  and Shell languages
  • Basic understanding of business planning and budgeting concepts
  • Exposure to business modeling, implementation, and execution
  • Familiar with Oracle and SQL databases
  • Basic knowledge of Hyperion EPM and Hyperion HFM systems
  • Good analytical thinking and problem-solving skills

Another main question is – what skills will I earn by learning Hyperion projects?

Of course! Many skills you will gain. You will get them in the following section.

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Skills You Will Develop:

Know that there are many merits in learning Hyperion projects. Yes! Below are the skills that you will develop by working on Hyperion projects.

Let’s outline the skills!

  • Sound exposure to developing, designing, and deploying Hyperion planning applications
  • Proficiency in creating Hyperion financial reports and dashboards
  • Expertise in creating applications on the Hyperion platform
  • Extensive knowledge of working with Hyperion API
  • Strong exposure to data integration and ETL processes
  • Excellent communication and project management skills

The above-listed skills boost your expertise on Hyperion and help you stay ahead of the curve.

Well! Get ready to dive into Hyperion projects. Coming up is the section where we will discuss various vital Hyperion projects in detail.

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Hyperion Projects:

Mindmajix subject experts have included the intriguing Hyperion projects in this section. They have classified the projects into two types: Hyperion projects for beginners and advanced learners. You can provide more focus on the right set of projects based on your expertise level. Undeniably, they will help to upgrade your Hyperion skills from basics to master level.

Let’s move on!

Hyperion projects for Beginners:

In this section, you will find beginner-friendly Hyperion projects that will give you a strong foundation on Oracle Hyperion concepts.

Let’s go over the projects!

  • Hyperion Utils

This project deals with the game engine Hyperion library. This library includes many data structures and the core utilities used by the engine. The main thing about this engine is that it doesn't depend on the other parts of the engine. So you can use the engine independently.

By practicing this project, you will gain mastery over C and C++ languages and the CMake software build system. You will get exposure to compile-time configurable logging and unique data structures.it is possible to learn to set up tests as a separate build using the Doctest testing framework by doing this project.

  • EssPy Extractor

This project aims to build a scalable auto-chunking data extractor. This project uses Hyperion Essbase and a loader for the SQL database. In this project, you will populate data in relational tables of SQL Server.

Completing this project will familiarize you with the Python language and SSIS runtime service. You will be exposed to the data extraction tool – essbasetoolslauncher.py v2.1. It is easy to learn to use the tool to extract data from the Oracle Hyperion Essbase cube through this project.

  • Hyperion Blockchain

This project aims to add new blocks to the core functionality of blockchain. In this project, you will verify transactions and the integrity of the blockchain. You will leverage a wallet that uses the ECDSA algorithm to generate private and public keys.

By completing this project, you will get familiar with the Go language. It is possible to learn to secure the data stored in the block chains using cryptographic hashes. Besides, you will learn to create and execute new transactions. You can examine the transactions for security.

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  • Planning REST APIs

This project aims to create sample scripts to invoke Oracle planning REST APIs using Python. You will get the current active planning and migration API version in this project. You will execute the scripts using Python and associated libraries.

By practicing this project, you will master Python programming. This project teaches you to use libraries such as requests, JSON, ast, and sys. It is easy to learn to use the user name, domain name, and URL of the planning instance in this project. It helps to invoke Oracle planning REST APIs by doing this project.

Cheers! You have gone through the basic-level Hyperion projects. You must have gained some basic exposure to different programming languages, blockchain, REST APIs, SSIS data integration tools, and more.

Next, we will jump into the advanced Hyperion projects in the following section.

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Hyperion projects for advanced learners:

In this section, you will go through some exciting Hyperion projects. They will help you learn the intricacies of Hyperion software. Undeniably, the projects will help to polish your practical skills.

Let’s go to the projects!

  • CSCLauncher

The project goal is to build a tool for running Essbase calculations from a notepad. In this project, you must install the Essbase client on your machine. This tool extracts text from the active window, packs it into a maxl or esscmd template, and executes it.

By learning this project, you will get familiar with C# programming. This project will teach you to store all logs in the log folder.

  • Deploying Hyperion on OCI

This project aims to deploy Hyperion on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). You will leverage terraform modules to provide infrastructure on OCI. The modules help to create infrastructure for Hyperion in a single availability domain and multiple domains.

By working on this project, you will get exposure to HCL and Shell languages. Through this project, it is possible to learn to use the Terraform modules using the OCI resource manager and Terraform CLI. You will be familiar with providing various inputs to the terraform modules like block volume VPUs, freeform tags, etc.

  • DBFlowManager Hyperion Plugin

This is yet another Hyperion project that aims to build a Hyperion plugin of DBFlowManager to view DBFlow databases. In this project, you must set up DBFlow, a feature-rich Kotlin database library.

Practicing this project will expose you to Java and Kotlin languages. You will gain strong proficiency in DBFlow annotation processing through this project. It is easy to learn to add the dependency of the DBFlow Manager Hyperion plugin.

  • CLI for hyperion financial management

This project aims to build a command-line interface for Hyperion financial management. In this project, you will use the interface to automate financial management operations. You will use the HFM API to perform the operations in an HFM application.

Working on this project will give you expertise in Ruby, C#, and HTML languages. You will get familiar with batch file format by doing this project. You will gain exposure to various commands associated with metadata management, process management, translation, data management, etc.

Congrats! You have read through the crucial Hyperion projects right now. Working on these projects will supercharge your hands-on skills and propel your career forward.


  • Oracle Hyperion is typically a financial management software that helps to streamline financial operations and forecasting.
  • Oracle Hyperion Planning and Hyperion ERM are the key products of  Oracle Hyperion.
  • Top companies embrace Hyperion to drive their financial processes intelligently and boost productivity.
  • Learning Hyperion opens up doors of opportunities in planning, financial management, ERM, and so on.
  • Practicing Hyperion projects helps to boost learners’ hands-on experience. It helps them tackle real-time challenges smartly.

Hyperion FAQs:

1. Is it easy to learn Hyperion?

Yes, you can quickly learn Hyperion. You only need to offer sheer focus and devote your maximum time to learning.

2. Is it worth learning Hyperion?

Of course! It is truly worth learning Hyperion software. This is because there is a huge demand for Hyperion professionals worldwide. Big companies like TCS, Infosys, Accenture, HCL, etc., hire Hyperion professionals in huge numbers every year for competitive salaries.

3. What is Oracle Hyperion used for?

Hyperion simplifies financial processes and control. You can generate reports swiftly. You can satisfy global compliance requirements and reduce costs as well.

4. What are the Hyperion modules?

Hyperion financial management, Hyperion planning, and Hyperion cost management are a few Hyperion modules.

5. What is EPM in Oracle?

Oracle EPM module manages a company’s financial consolidation, reporting, account reconciliation, enterprise data management, tax reporting, and many more.

6. Is Oracle EPM a cloud-based solution?

Yes, Oracle EPM is a cloud-based solution for enterprise performance management.


It’s a wrap! No doubt, opportunities for Hyperion professionals are huge across the world. The essential thing is that you must have strong expertise in Hyperion concepts and practices collectively. You cannot gain expertise in Hyperion overnight. Working on Hyperion projects is one way to enhance your practical knowledge to new heights.

In the same way, if you go through professional Hyperion training, it will help you to do wonders. MindMajix is the leading eLearning provider that offers powerful Oracle Hyperion training for all types of learners. The training will take you through various real-time projects and the latest real-world industry use cases.

Ultimately, the training will empower you with solid practical skills that will make you industry-ready and stand out from the crowd. If you have any suggestions, feel free to use the comment box below.

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