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PeopleSoft CRM Interview Questions and Answers


Q1) Can you compare PeopleSoft CRM with AIM CRM?

S.No   PeopleSoft CRM AIM CRM
1 Can easily handle a very large segment of customers The customer handling capacity is not as good as PeopleSoft CRM can have
2 Installation is easy and there are no special needs                                 Both configuration and using it is a bit difficult than PeopleSoft CRM
3 Maintenance needs are low More maintenance is required

Q2) Why do you think it’s important for an organization to maintain good relations with the customer?

It is necessary for a very large number of reasons and a few of them are listed below:

1. Good relations with the customer simply make sure of more business transactions
2. Loyal customers always refer business services and products to the others
3. Good relations with existing customers can help saving future money on the advertisement campaigns 
4. It’s always easy to sell the services or the products to the existing customers than to add new ones
5. Better customer relations simply make sure of business reputation and enable business represent a fine image of them to others. 
6. Profitability can be enhanced up to a very good extent

Q3) What according to you PeopleSoft Customer Relationship Management Software can do for a business?

It simply record and maintain the contact information of all the customers such as email ID, contact number, recent purchases and so on. Other useful information such as the preference of the customer can also be derived through this approach. A complete record of customers can be made available which can help organization to improve their relations with the customer in the long run. A 360 degree view of the customer can be created with the help of this software and the businesses can easily keep up the pace. 

Q4) Can you name a few important modules in the PeopleSoft Customer Relationship Management?

These are Sales, Marketing, Service Desk, as well as Inventory

Q5) Define the term Enhanced Contact Management?

It is basically a module of Customer Relationship management in which more emphasis is given to improve the personal contacts or the relation with a customer by an organization. There are certain methods that can be considered for this.

Q6) What do you think is the benefit of cross team collaboration?

It is basically an approach that simply makes sure that both customers and the organizations can help each other when required. Such a relation is known as cross-team collaboration. It is not necessary always that it exists between a customer and a business only. It can also exist between different organizations and business or even among the different departments of a specific organization. 

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Q7) Do you support the fact that good relations can be a major pillar for heightened productivity?

Yes, this is true. Better relation with the customer can simply make sure of productivity under all the situations. This is mainly because good relations encourage everyone involved in the different operations to perform their functions and tasks reliably. When everyone pays good attention towards their work, the chance of any sort of errors can be eliminated and the productivity can be enhanced simply. 

Q8) How can you say that sales management can be related with the Customer Management?

Sales are somewhere dependent on the kind of relations an organization have with the customer and the best part is the users are free to keep up the pace simply with everything they need. Sales can be enhanced and can easily be managed by following a solid approach for customer relationship management.

Q9) How a Customer Relationship Management software can bring advantages for a business?

This software can simply enrich the services and the products with quality. In addition to this, the marketing ROI can be enhanced without a limit. Reliable reporting is important in all the business as it simply make sure to accomplish and support a diverse array of tasks. This can easily be done through a software for CRM such as the one provided by PeopleSoft. Moreover, the overall retention and the customer satisfaction can be boosted in the shortest possible time. 

Q10) Can you name the statuses which are available in PeopleSoft CRM software?

These are Client Status, Server Status and Queue Status

Q11) Is it possible to implement the row level security in the Customer Relation Management software provided by the PeopleSoft?

Yes, it is possible. For this, the following steps are to be performed

First of all, the desired values are to be assigned to the fields that contain permission lists. In the next step, the lists providing the information about the data permission is to be hand over to the end users. Next is to setup up HRMS security post which roles are defined or assigned to the different components.

Q12) Is it necessary to integrate the PeopleSoft CRM software with the App server or with the Database Server?

Well, it is no always necessary to do so. However, when done, there are certain benefits that the business can derive simply. Integrating it to the database server simply make sure that the entire data can be managed in a way that the information about any specific customer can be drawn easily. 

Q13) What exactly a section is in PeopleSoft CRM?

It is nothing but a series of steps in a specific order which are generally performed as a section of program written for a task that needs to be accomplished. 

Q14) What is the function of RowClass in PeopleSoft and how it is different from that of RowSet?

RowClass is a row that generally consists of any number of records 1 to n where n can be any defined number. On the other side, the RowSet object is basically nothing but a data structure which is often used when it comes to describing the hierarchal data. There is certain number of rows that it can have or it can define. 

Q15) What according to you is the main aim behind adopting a customer Relation management strategy?

The simple fact is CRM simply make sure of managing the interaction of an organization with a customer in the best possible manner. Generally, the data analysis approach is considered for this task and the prime focus is on client retention which obviously and automatically derives sales growth. 

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Q16) What do you mean by the term target audience?

Businesses often have to target the people when it comes to selling their products and the services. For this, they have to target an audience based on their interest and other similar factors. The businesses are free to keep up the pace in this matter simply by adopting various available options. 

Q17) With a proper CRM tool, can business achive results towards automation?

Of course, it is possible for the business to simply make sure of numerous benefits in automation when they are already considering an effective CRM relation tool. 

Q18) What sort of technical advantages that an organization can have simply by incorporating in their arena?

1. It becomes very simple to measure the success of various campaigns business run or involve in. this otherwise needs a lot of attention and time
2. All the information about a customer can easily be processed and managed
3. All the interactions made with a customer can be provided at a specific location which users can change anytime they want
4. A lot of risks that are related to the business can be weaken
5. The best part is tracking of the organizational trends can be done very easily and without investing lot of money on these campaigns

Q19) Can you name the three common types of Customer Relationship Management approaches?

These are Analytical CRM, Operational CRM, as well as Collaborative CRM

Q20) Do you have any idea about the common problems which can declare their presence with a CRM tool?


What sort of problems you have experienced in your past while working on a CRM software?

1. Issues related to the geographical segmentation of the market
2. Sometimes the transitional processes are not as clear as they needs to be
3. Failure to track the performance measurements that are important
4. Integrating the CRM with software 
5. Sometimes the feedback and the response of customer care is not relevant or good and this can have a large impact on the business transactions

Q21) What according to you is the biggest benefit that organizations can derive through PeopleSoft CRM software? 

It simply enables business to understand the spending patterns of the customer and this is exactly what with the help of which it becomes possible for the organizations to sell their products or the services easily to the existing customers.

Q22) How can you say that PeopleSoft Customer Relationship Management is a good approach to be trusted when it comes to handling the e-mails from the customers?

With the help of this approach, it is possible for the users to simply sort the emails from the clients by adopting the processing abilities. All the e-mails can be enrooted to the users automatically or without any interference and this is done under the well defined workflow rules. Customers can simply be provided replies to all their queries. Also, it becomes simple to manage the multiple attachments in e-mails. Moreover, the users are free to associate the e-mails with the concerned incidents. 

Q23) Can CRM approaches be integrated directly with the social Media?

Yes, it is possible and can derive various benefits for the users

Q24) What are the situations in which an organization needs a Customer Relationship Management system?

First is when the overall number of problmes that a customer is facing is blooming and no resolution is available in a proper manner. Next is when an organization has to deal with a very large section of customers on a regular basis. Another situation is when the communicating team is not able to stay in touch with the potential clients. Also, there is a need of a CRM software when the users are not in a position to keep a good track record of their clients with information such as type of problem they face, when most of the issues are arriving, the best ways to resolute them, staff training on effective CRM and so on. 

Q25) What are state records in CRM and how they are useful?

State Records are considered when it comes to passing the values from one domain to another. With the help of them, it becomes simple for the users to find resolution to the problems faced by the App engine. 

Q26) Suppose this is the first time a client is introduced to the business, what sort of information you would like to have from him?

Focus should be given on understanding the spending patterns of the clients and his/her personals interests. How and where exactly he/she will make use of the services is another point to pay attention to by the users. 

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Q27) What would be your strategy if a long-term client is making frequent complaints?

Emphasis should be on addressing the complaint as soon as possible. If no resolution is available in a short span of time, the client should either be given a complementary service or a product or the full amount which he/she has paid should be refunded with immediate effect. 

Q28) Among the phone or e-mail, what would be the best way to contact a client in the present time?

A phone call is a better option. However, if some form of explanation is required, e-mail is also a good option. 

Q29) What type of data is generally associated with a CRM project?

It can have sale, as well as purchase date, various response to the campaigns, information about accounts, service records, support records, Web registration data and user’s personal information.

Q30) What does BPM stands for?

It stands for Business Process Management

Q31) Shed light on the various payment methods in PeopleSoft?

It is important for you to note that there exist a lot of payment methods that are widely implemented in PeopleSoft CRM. However, the most common payment methods are the System Check and Electronic Funds Transfer which is also popularly known as EFT.

Q32) Name some of the other payment methods in PeopleSoft?

Apart from the above-mentioned payment methods that are commonly used, Letter of Credit, Wire Transfer, Direct Debit and Manual Check are also widely used but with less popularity.

Q33) Name the statuses that are being used to define templates?

Here is the list of statuses that are widely used to define templates in PeopleSoft CRM. They are active and inactive.

Q34) Shed light on a variety of statuses that are always available on the template hire status page?

Cancelled hires, Processed Hires and Pending Hires are a variety of statuses that are always available on the template hire status page.

Q35) Name some of the levels that are always available in the tree manager?

Here is the list of levels that are always available in the tree manager. They are node, child, sibling and parent.

Q36) Define Global Assignments with respect to the PeopleSoft CRM?

Global assignments are those kinds of strategies which always enables the organization to make sure that the employees are assigned to a global assignment. Moreover, they are also beneficial in ensuring that the organization can easily track the qualifications, education and other parameters that are termed essential for their success. It is one of those PeopleSoft CRM strategies that come to play when the organization has its presence in various nations.

Q37) Define ERP and also establish its relation to SAP?

ERP is also known as a category of business software which provides an organization with a complete set of software solutions rather than providing it with just one or two solutions. In other words, the main purpose of ERP is to address all the issues that are related to each domain of the organization. For instance, you can find ERP in the form of accounting software, inventory software, customer relationship software and much more. It is able to address all the functions of the business and this is the reason that it is quite popular among the businesses of today. In this context, it is important to note that SAP is a German company which is the world leader of providing organizations with ERP class software.

Q38)  Name all the statuses that are available in the PeopleSoft Status Menu of Domain?

Here is the list of statuses that are available in the PeopleSoft Status menu of domain.

1. The Queue Status
2. The Server Status
3. The Client Status

Q39)  Shed light on the process of implementing row level security in PeopleSoft CRM?

In order to make sure that there is row level security in PeopleSoft CRM, you have to make sure that the desired values are always assigned to department. You can also opt to assign desired values of fields to the data permission lists. Interestingly, the data permission list is also given access to various value of the field that is associated with the department row. It is also vital to note that the users are directly assigned to various levels in the security department tree by suing the set up HRMS command. You can also assign the users to the data permission list with the roles in various users’ profile. In this context, it is interesting to note that you can always assign multiple such roles to various users as per the requirement.

40Q) What do you mean by dynamic view? Please illustrate in brief?

Dynamic view is also known as SQL view. However, you cannot design the dynamic view. In this context, it is important to note that when we do not want to store invalid databases, you can always use the dynamic view.

41Q) Define a section with respect to PeopleSoft CRM processes?

It is important for you to note that section is also known as a set of ordered steps that are usually executed as a part of the program. You should also take care of the fact that while answering this question is section can also be used from the steps that are mentioned within the other sections.

42Q) Illustrate on the process of creation of department security with the use of navigations?

After the process of creation of department is over, make sure that you have moved over to the tree manager by suing the navigation functions. By going to the tree manager, you have to select the appropriate security tree. On the other hand, you should also take care of the fact that in general terms, people usually call this as the DEPT_SECURITY tree. In this tree, you have to attach the document you have created in the tree with the required node. After that, you have to make sure that you have run the application engine with the help of navigation function. While answering this question, always lay stress on the various technical functions of a tree manager. It is so because the tree manager is always on the lookout of getting technical definitions from your side. 

43Q) Shed light on the representations of the ER diagrams?

The ER diagrams always play a crucial role in making sure that the business processes are graphically denoted. This in turn helps the business immensely. It is so because when the business processes are represented in a graphical manner, it is usually easier for the managers to take care of the performances. You can also receive a variety of flowcharts of fields and tables so that it is easier for you to keep a tab on a variety of business processes. In this context, it is important for you to note that there are a variety of servers on which the tuning of the ER representations can be done are the database server, the application server, the web server and the batch server.

44Q) Name some of the People Tools that are available for the Integration Broker?

The tools that are available for the integration brokers are the integration broker setup and the application designer. It is important to note that in the domain of PeopleSoft, the queues and messages can be created from the setup file also. This ensures that the user has a greater amount of freedom in expressing the notions while they are being used in the PeopleSoft CRM process.

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51Q) What is a data buffer?

It is important for you to note that data buffer classes are always available in the people code as well as record and rows. You can also apply it to the rows, tables and columns. A data buffer is of great importance in a CRM process. It is so because it can actively handle the data of all the customers in a great manner. It is also important to note that a data buffer can also be used to maintain the continuity of the CRM process in a great manner. Hence, in the realm of PeopleSoft CRM, the data buffer has an important role to play.

52Q) What is activity type and gap scenario?

Activity type is also known as the action of commitment that has already taken place. Moreover, its nature is always dependent on the environment. You should also be aware of the fact that the main value center is usually located between the ideal system and there standard system. Hence, you always have to be aware about those kinds of system complexities. There is also an ideal gap deficiency that is existent in the current system. In short, you can sum up in this manner that these techniques are usually a great way to make sure that the CRM process has been implemented in the right manner. 

45Q) Do you think that the disconnected mobile applications are supported in the CRM version of PeopleSoft?

It is important for you to note that the answer for this question is no. It is so because the mobile agent architecture which is present in PeopleSoft CRM makes sure that the disconnected mobile applications are supported in other version of PeopleSoft such as the PeopleSoft HRMS. It is also interesting to note that the PeopleSoft mobile agent is always dependent on certain core technologies that are developed for the HRMS version of PeopleSoft.

46Q) Shed light on the regulatory region with respect to PeopleSoft CRM?

A regulatory region is also known as a region that has specific laws and regulations and is most commonly used by the users during the implementation of CRM software. It is interesting to note that a plethora of transactions are usually driven by the regulatory needs. The requirements may take the form of ethnicity, health and safety as well as disability.

47Q) What are the benefits of using the regulatory region?

It is important for you to note that when driven by the regulatory region, the various parameters associated with it also vary. For instance, you can see a variation in the People Code edits regulatory codes and processing speeds in great speeds. It is a helpful feature in PeopleSoft CRM as it makes sure that a lot of customer-centric essentialities are easily taken care off in a great manner. If a brand has its presence in more than 5 nations, then it is bound to have customers belonging from different demographics. With the use of regulatory regions, the variations in the customer demographics can be greatly emphasized.

48Q) List all the steps that are associated with the upgrade process of PeopleSoft CRM?

Here is the list of all the processes that are associated with the upgrade process of PeopleSoft CRM. They are as follows:

1. Implementation of the changes in a bid to make sure that the application is running smoothly
2. Updating the new People Tools in such a manner that it can satiate the needs of the customers
3. Preparing the copy of a database related to the production
4. Installing the upgrades and the new releases
5. Testing the upgrade to make sure that all the aspects are being met
6. Running and reviewing the reports in a bid to compare them
7. Move into the production for an efficient relationship with the customers

49Q) What do you think about the support of web server load balancing in PeopleSoft CRM?

It is important here to note that the customers can always set up the clusters of the BEA weblogic page. They can also set up the cluster of the IBM websphere servers so that the web server can always facilitate load balancing. In these kinds of situations, if the server is down, then the request is automatically routed to another server. This process is very helpful in making sure that the information availability is always at an all-time high.

50Q) What is a component buffer?

A component buffer is that kind of a buffer which contains data related to the active components. On the other hand, it is also widely used in situations where the customers have to be trusted so that the selling process can be negotiated. It is also known as one of the most important tool in PeopleSoft CRM.