What is Siebel CRM - A Complete Beginners Tutorial

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is one of the most effective ways to communicate with present and potential customers. CRM builds the customer relationship strategy that promises the growth of the customer base and the retention of the same.

When you own a business, whether small or large, you will have to focus on lead generation and retention of the customers.

With the online presence of every company, the competition has widely increased, and therefore, you need to be in touch with your customers in order to retain them.

CRM helps in creating the customer base and also helps in maintaining them. Out of many CRM applications available in the market, Siebel CRM is considered the best in terms of managing a large customer base and contacting them regularly.

The company was first rooted in 1993 in California and was famous for its sales force automation products in its early stage.

The company expanded its work into the broader CRM market and was known as a dominant CRM vendor in 2002 covering up to 45% of the total market share. In 2005, it was owned by the Oracle Corporation and is working under that since then.

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Basic Concepts of Siebel CRM

What is Siebel CRM?

The Oracle-powered Siebel CRM is basically a complete package of customer relationship management solutions.

It can be easily modified or transformed as per your business requirements, by which it can help you in the management of all the major aspects such as service, sales, marketing, contact center, partner management, and customer loyalty management.

The Siebel CRM is currently helping out the managers of many market verticals including consumer goods, automotive, life sciences, industrial manufacturing, Travel/Transportation, Media/Entertainment, financial services, communications, high technology, healthcare, utility, retail, and public sector as well.

Why Use Siebel CRM?

There are many reasons to use the Siebel CRM, as managing an organizational structure is not a piece of cake.

Apart from its management capabilities, the thing which makes it a market leader is its cloud availability. Oracle is providing CRM on Demand services for the past 4 years and is undeniably working well.

Moreover, Oracle also provides you with the facility to move back and forth between its Fusion CRM and CRM on Demand services. You can count on it for the most extensive use of the CRM and maintaining the customer base with a better user experience.

You can adopt the latest innovation with the help of Siebel CRM. There are more than 4000 companies that are using the Siebel CRM and have got effective results.

It provides transactional, analytical, and many engaging features that can make you experience highly simplified management solutions. This is one of the most advanced systems and has been inscribed with the latest features that will help in managing the customer base of your entire company.

CRM integration not only helps in maintaining a customer database but also allows you to contact each and every customer of yours. There are many customers who generally lose interest in the middle of the checkout pages.

Either they are not interested to buy the product any longer or are worried about whether they will be able to return the product, or the most common reason is the page load time. CRM keeps track of these customers and sends them an alert message to get the customer.

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Advantages of Siebel CRM

Here are the advantages of Siebel CRM and how it can help you get the maximum benefit!

  1. Social CRM: Siebel’s Social CRM was released in the year 2006. It has been designed to reflect the salesperson’s work. It identifies qualified leads and manages the sales campaigns of your organization. This is a social CRM that helps in maintaining the metrics and statistics of your entire customer base. If you are planning to acquire the maximum benefit with the help of social CRM, you can rely on Siebel for social activities.
  2. Customer data integration: Integration of the customer data is one of the most important tasks, which will help you in saving the customer information for later use. Siebel CRM helps in getting the database of the customers and tracks them to make a positive contribution to the company.
  3. Quote and Order Capture: This solution simplifies the frustrating process of tracking thousands of products from multiple catalogs and systems. This results in greater revenue for the companies and therefore makes Siebel CRM the most looked upon CRM. It becomes a pain in the head when you have to manually track thousands of customers. However, if you have Siebel as a companion, you do not have to worry about any kind of management task.
  4. Partner Relationship Management: When you run a big company, you have to make sure that you create a partnership that really counts. In order to maintain the partnership, Siebel CRM can prove to be the best result provider. You can completely rely on this to achieve an impossible result.
  5. Business Intelligence (BI) applications: Siebel CRM has the best BI and can help you grab more and more targeted customers as per your requirement. The key Business Intelligence applications used by CRM are dashboard, visualization, reporting, data mining, OLAP, Drill-Down, and a lot more.
  6. Price Management: Managing the price of the product during the time of sale and discount is one of the most important things that need to be taken proper care of. This CRM offers the most important price management system that helps you get the one-click solution easily.
  7. CRM Gadgets: These gadgets are basically some minor applications used to manage enterprise data and services. The gadgets are really engaging to generate a proper solution for your business. There are many gadgets that can help you get the perfect solution when it comes to CRM-related products.
  8. Self-service and e-billing: This CRM can get the self-servicing and e-billing done. While dealing with a huge customer base, you will have to look for a permanent solution that can actually help you count on the best quality deals. Imagine that you do not have to worry about generating the bill as you have a CRM that is smart enough to get it done without any manual help. It is true that you have input the data at the initial stage, but once done, you can leave it on its own.
  9. Integration to Siebel CRM: The CRM needs to be integrated in order to make things work properly. You need to be aware of the fact that you get the best quality deals at an effective rate. Siebel CRM is one of the most advanced CRM and can help you get the best quality solutions for your huge customer base.
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Siebel CRM Applications

There are several applications that are available under the Siebel CRM and you can count on them to get the maximum revenue. Here is the list of a few Siebel Applications that might help:

  1. Business Analytics Applications: This application helps in getting the analytical study of the business and makes sure that you get the business growth analysis.
  2. Contact Center and Service: This application transforms the call center of the business into a total sales, marketing, and service delivery house. You can count on it to communicate with the customers and get more and more revenue.
  3. Customer Data Integration: This application stores all the data of the customers and helps in creating a solid database for your business.
  4. Customer Order Management: This is an integral part of the customer's relation. If your customers do not get the ordered product on time, they will definitely turn their back on you. With this application, you manage the order and offer a first come first serve delivery order.
  5. Enterprise Marketing: You can get the marketing of your business done with the help of the enterprise management application available with this CRM. You can always count on it for the marketing of your business.
  6. Partner Relationship Management: This application helps in maintaining a proper relationship with your partners and makes sure that you have the best quality result at an effective rate.
  7. Sales: Everyone, no matter how small or large a company is, looks for a solid sales base. You can always count on this CRM for top-quality sales and an increased level of sales in the due course of time.
  8. Self-Service and eBilling: This CRM is very easy to manage and maintain and that is the sole reason why many people have owned this to keep a track of their business and manage the e-Billing service on their own. This CRM generates the bills and manages the business on its own, and will give you desired results.
  9. Siebel CRM on Demand: This application helps in outdoing your competitors and makes sure that you have the best and effective solution. This takes special care of end-to-end customer satisfaction with the proper delivery of CRM services.   

Siebel vs SalesForce Comparison

There is a constant comparison between Siebel CRM and SalesForce CRM. There is no true comparison between the two because Siebel is a multi-faceted CRM and SalesForce is a multi-tenant CRM. Where SalesForce offers a risk-free platform, on the contrary, Siebel CRM offers a vertical functionality platform. Let us look at the basic differences between the two:

Siebel CRM
Salesforce CRM
This CRM keeps on updating its software and makes sure that it is enough to support its customers
SalesForce is limited in that sense. There is some reported performance related issue.
This CRM keeps on updating its software and makes sure that it is enough to support its customers
SalesForce is limited in that sense. There is some reported performance related issue.
Market Position
Siebel CRM needs to accommodate its position in the cloud market to achieve greater success. The cloud presence matters a lot when most of the heavy applications are cloud-based.
Salesforce is a cloud-only product. Therefore, it can be integrated into any product. This is one of the most positive contributions of SalesForce. The cloud presence has made a lot of difference altogether.
The Siebel CRM costs $125 per month
SalesForce costs $65 to $75 per month
Operating system & mobile compatibility
OS: iOS, Windows Mobile: Android, iOS
OS: iOS, Windows, Penguin Mobile: Android, Windows, iOS

Siebel CRM Future Career Scope

It is expected that by 2020, the CRM market is expected to reach USD 48.4 billion globally. It is still in question that why does an Oracle user still invests in the Siebel CRM when its turnover is not that great.

CRM has a vast future in a world where everything has an online presence. Siebel CRM might have stopped selling the CRM to new customers but engaging old and existing customers is the real challenge of this CRM.

Seeking a career in Siebel CRM can be a good opportunity to learn about the changing structures of Customer Relationship Management in the recent future. Every year, the company releases upgraded versions of this CRM that can help you in creating a wonderful career in Customer Relationships.

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With massive features and advantages, this CRM has won millions of customers in a very short period of time. Siebel CRM is one of the most unique products of Oracle and has created a place for the customers’ requirements. It is true that this CRM is not heading the list but has numerous customers who are benefiting from it. We will have to wait and keep an eye on the graph coming in the future years to statistically evaluate the success story of the Siebel CRM.

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