Introduction to Salesforce and Siebel

CRM Software arrangements are an indispensable part of the business, promotion and customer service of most organizations. Today, CRM Software stays far further than these functions to deal with all business prerequisites.  Picking which service is helpful for your organization isn't simple and frequently organizations look at changed CRM contributions. Two of the major CRM programming applications available today are Siebel CRM and Salesforce.

In this article, we have enlightened the essential aspects of Siebel and Salesforce which will help you understand both Siebel and Salesforce from its work to its execution.

Before we introduce anything, let’s know a little about the basics of CRM.

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What is CRM?

CRM-Customer Relationship Management can be defined as an extreme method to manage the cooperation and interaction of an organization with its present and potential clients/customers. 

It considers examination of the information about the history of the customer with an organization to upgrade business associations with clients, pointing on client maintenance, and at last, leading to sales growth. 

Using a CRM approach, organizations study their intended target groups and how to best oblige their individual needs.

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Siebel is a vendor that is prominent in the niche of selling electronic-business software. It is known as Siebel Systems.

Siebel CRM Systems was a software company chiefly engaged in the design, development, support, and marketing of customer relationship management (CRM) applications. Thomas Siebel and Patricia House originated this company in 1993.  

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Oracle Corporation now has the ownership of the brand Siebel. The company's (CRM) customer relationship management, (PRM) partner relationship management,(ERM) enterprise resource management, and various applications are designed to self-regulate numerous aspects of business and allow an enterprise to perform associated tasks and coordinate them over the Internet and through other channels.

Siebel is a CRM application, and it is mainly deployed by companies which expect regular interaction with them and has a huge customer base. 


Based in San Francisco, is a cloud computing and social enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider. The former Oracle executive Marc Benioff founded Salesforce in March, 1999. is a cloud-based CRM system that allows salespeople to track their sales. It allows the entire company's employees to collaborate and support people to track their cases. is also a platform where one can build new applications for CRM as well as many other purposes.

Using it, employees can access entirely over the internet. You can just log in and get to work and there’s no infrastructure to buy, set up, or manage.

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Oracle Siebel CRM and SalesForce CRM Feature Comparison

Oracle Siebel CRM
SalesForce CRM
Robust Business Process Engine
Process Oriented Workflow Engine
General Info
It is a complete CRM arrangement that enables associations to achieve maximum top and bottom line growth.
It is a software app that gives you a chance to follow all information in one location to pursue more leads.
Supported Devices
Windows, Android, IPhone,Mac,Web-based,
List Of Features
  • Sales
  • Quote and Order Capture
  • Enterprise Marketing Suite
  • Contact Center and Service
  • Self Service and E-billing
  • Sales Analytics
  • Partner and Channel Management
  • Account and Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management and Score
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Data
  • File Sync
  • File Sharing
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Salesforce Mobile App
  • Contact Manager
  • Real-Time Visibility
  • Dashboards
  • Visual Workflow
Prominent Clients
Southwest Airlines
Dell, American Red Cross, Comcast, Wells Fargo
Languages Supported
Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish
Customer Type
  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business Freelancers
Available Support 
Live Support

Salesforce vs. Siebel Comparison by Cost:

  • Salesforce seems cheaper than Siebel, at least at the start. But, at the long run, the argument can’t be concluded.
  • Let’s consider Siebel. In the first place, there is an IT use when you purchase servers and licenses. Be that as it may, over a time of five years, Salesforce can be costly. That is because you never have the ownership for the same.

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  • You are mainly renting storage space in an application from
  • You could finish up paying less for Siebel than you would for Salesforce. 
  • You need to choose whether you would keep paying after some time with or need to pay for it forthrightly with Siebel. 
  • Siebel's value is more prominent as a result of the numerous choices it has. On the off chance that you need to include self-administration, functionality or e-administration, you can. The Marketing management functionality is also available inside the current Siebel structure. You don't have to jump from vendor to vendor to get what you need. You can have industry-specific functionality from this single platform. 

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  • Presently, one needs to spend approximately $200 or more per client consistently to get what Siebel is offering or less. 
  • Other than Salesforce automation, does not offer help for any of the verticals. 

Salesforce vs. Siebel by Support:

Siebel users are not demanded to redesign as every now and again. Oracle has restricted lifetime support for different Siebel variants and applications. 

If update form is accessible, you are getting upgraded regardless and you will have a short, characterized window to check the upgrade before it goes into production. 

One essential thing to know, you are not upheld by one vendor any longer with Plus, salesforce has facilitated workflows that can be customized.

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In the event, you are on Siebel and face any issue with promoting, you call Oracle. If you have an issue with client administration, deals, or Outlook, you call Oracle. You have one stop for everything. 

There is an incredible zone of comfort realizing that you can simply get the telephone and call an Oracle bolster rep or sign on to You realize Oracle can deal with the issue since you don't have various merchant items. With regards to help, knowing precisely whom to swing to when you have issues is advantageous.

Current Trends and Sustained Growth in Siebel and Salesforce

IoT in CRM for Predictive and Proactive Customer Service:

IoT can be characterized as one of the inherent drivers of CRM as it will give a major lift to CRM regarding having CRM systems work better for companies, empowering deals, and enhancing customer service and their contentment. One case of such coordination is the capacity to fix any issue remotely and investigate data created from associated devices. 

AI-Powered CRM

Coordinating Artificial Intelligence with CRM has improved the emphasis on conversational CRM frameworks. In the CRM world, there are numerous new improvements like content and face recognition, however driving element is the voice functionalities. 

The lesser-known, Zia, from Zoho CRM, Zia, is a voice assistant. It enables clients to effectively and rapidly get to data through work area or applications.

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Hyper-Individualization for Invincible CX 

A pattern that will be clear is an unbeatable hyper-individualized client experience due to the long stretches of the information accessibility in the organizations' CRM framework. 

Hyper-Individualization, known by the name "extreme" personalization is an encounter that conveys administration wherein customers feel the joy of being valued and esteemed because associations understand their necessities and will recognize what they require and when they need it. 

Hyper-individualization will give associations a focused edge on customer experience and commitment. 

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The Increase of Mobile CRM Usage 

With the expansion of cell phone utilization, it's obvious that the quantity of CRM clients that access their systems on tablets and cell phones will keep on advancing. Portable CRM empowers ongoing access at any time and place, it's nothing unexpected that this pattern will keep on thriving. 

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Vision and Execution in Siebel

Siebel Execution Outline

Siebel execution achievement critically relies upon the following implementation best practices:

  1. Build up Quantifiable Business Objectives: You ought to specify the normal business results through the execution of your Siebel application. Quantifiable business targets help you comprehend the advantages of your Siebel arrangement. 
  2. Adjust Your Organization: It is critical that your company is adjusted around your Siebel usage arrangement. Adjust your administrators, managers, set clear desires for the required changes, and recognize execution measurements for the usage.
  3. Build up an Implementation Strategic Plan: An execution strategic arrangement characterizes the venture objectives, builds up a technique for accomplishing these objectives, clarifies how the application guarantees an incentive for the users and supports the system. 
  4. Set up Program Management: A strong program management board and plan to accept a crucial activity in the accomplishment of your Siebel execution. Working up the fundamental administration controls and perceiving the jobs, and obligations give the structure that helpers and supports your Siebel execution. 
  5. Build up a User-Adoption Strategy: Developing a user adoption system saves you retraining costs. 
  6. Stage the Implementation: A staged methodology enables you to enhance future stages by utilizing lessons and accomplish results with an incredible pace from your Siebel execution.
  7. Train Users: The Training plan for your Siebel execution helps you in accomplishing higher rates of user adoption. Your users need to gain proficiency with the business forms relating to Siebel application. 
  8. Screen Progress: You should screen, measure, and track your framework's outcomes after you are finished with Siebel execution. The outcomes you get will assist you in improving your framework and the framework's utilization. 

In outline, the total execution of a product framework can resemble a complex thing. But, the way to progress is simple.

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Vision and Execution in Salesforce

In the year 1999, Salesforce started with a vision to make an on-request information management service that would replace old software technology. Salesforce calls itself  as "the enterprise cloud computing organization". 

Execution Overview

  1. Make a "Major Picture" Project Plan: Characterize a reasonable reason for your step. What are you endeavoring to achieve by utilizing Salesforce for Advancement? Set aside some effort to connect with key staff and work together on objectives. Guarantee each colleague has endorsed the Advancement plan before pushing ahead on the project.
  2. Draft Major Activities and Process Flows: After you have made the vision of your undertaking, you are currently prepared to discuss the details that rise up out of that "blueprint." Take the high-level vision of your work and start to drill down a level deeper. Characterize the means that should be finished to achieve your objectives. 
  3. Gather Your Project Dream Team: While you needn't bother to have a big group to run your task, you do require the correct team. It's basic to get colleagues working a similar way. Each group's structure will appear to be uniquely relying upon the size of the venture or your association.
  4. Characterize and Measure Success: Presently, decide how to quantify the consequences of your endeavors; you have the right to realize that you've been successful after implementing the project. The achievement measurements are one of a kind to your project and company.
  5. Interface with a Salesforce Expert: Indeed, even the best activities keep running into obstructions. Depending upon the size of those difficulties, you may consider lining up with a Salesforce master to keep things running easily.

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Diversified Outcomes by Siebel and Salesforce


  • Enhanced “Lead Qualifier” UI with explicit lead conversion and rejection.
  • Enhanced data import (leads, responses, customer lists)
  • Open, standard –based encryption and authentication
  • Flexible Scaling options
  • Database connection pooling and multiplexing
  • Meet sales/revenue targets more often that leads to increased revenue.
  • Better candidate qualifications leading to improved sales.
  • Replaces existing hardware structure that eliminates expenses capital.
  • Update information that increases productivity

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  • Integrating components
  • Flexible Usage
  • Data Collaboration
  • Well designed go-to-market model
  • Exchange info between all enterprise systems and puts it on one database

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Strategic Acquisition in Siebel

Siebel's Acquisition -by Oracle:

As Siebel has practical experience in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programming, Oracle acquired it. Oracle said that the Siebel procurement will include 3.4 million CRM users and 4,000 customers. Oracle procured its adversary Siebel Systems in $5.8 billion and got the situation of the second real rival in the market.

Siebel's Acquisition -by Ellision:

Oracle’s ultimate aim on standard-based and present-day applications have moved it in an initial position in applications and on-request benefits. 

Oracle acquired Siebel Inc. and furthermore the 3.4 Million CRM users and 4,000 clients. 

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Siebel's Acquisition by Oracle: 

Oracle's Siebel obtaining was valuable for both the companies. Oracle accomplished its wish of coming in the top in the CRM industry. It additionally improved its stand among Business Application Makers which made an immediate risk to its rival, SAP.

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Strategic Acquisitions in Salesforce

The future of Salesforce is also tied heavily to several recent acquisitions that are described below:

MuleSoft: Salesforce acquired it in a $6.5 billion arrangement. MuleSoft used to consider Salesforce before a client and a speculator too. It offers any point Platform, which strengthens API management,service-integration engineering, and programming as-a-service integration to empower clients to verify the stream of information between all the accessible frameworks in the enterprise.

Datorama: An organization offering an artificial intelligence administration was incorporated into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The obtaining strengthened Salesforce's capacity to convey information analytics, integration, and keen bits of knowledge to its Marketing Cloud. 

The procurement lets Salesforce bring all their marketing efforts into a single intelligent dashboard by expanding its marketing cloud.

Into the new markets, especially AI and web-based business, Salesforce acquisitions have assumed the progressively critical job in the development of the CRM.

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CloudCraze: Another vital Salesforce acquisition, this strengthened Salesforce's e-commerce system by adding B2B e-commerce.

Designing strong integrations between the acquired innovations is a challenge that Salesforce faces in building a product inventory by acquisition.

With the salesforce commerce cloud, customers would be able to create experiences for the B2B business customers along with B2C customers, all from the single platform.

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What Makes Salesforce Better than Siebel?

Three critical characteristics of Salesforce give it an edge over other CRM. Be it Siebel or any other. These are:

  • An Evolving Ecosystem of Partners and Apps : Starting with city tours, the company had always been open to partnerships with fellow business solutions providers. 
  • This trait has given Salesforce the flexibility and customization that many users demand in a CRM system. Where Salesforce lags behind in a particular niche, another app can fill in.
  • For instance, the number of different apps for integration enables users to shape their Salesforce CRM according to their specific uses.
  • Dedication to Innovation: Salesforce is known for stretching the possibilities of business applications. Being first one,it offered Software-as-a-Service, and its launch made people notice the SaaS model. 
  • Salesforce is leading in CRM systems since it offers a product of its foresight and its commitment to innovation. Hence, today, SF also leads in exploring newly opened frontiers like cloud computing, AI, and mobile technology. This puts Salesforce in a higher position and gives it a special status compared to its competitors.
  • The Salesforce System Delivery: Salesforce is number one because of its CRM system. Even if there is a scope for improvement, but the bottom line here is that Salesforce delivers whatever promise it makes.  Its CRM improves the sales funnel and streamlines the business process if we go by the customer reviews and testimonials.

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Future of Siebel CRM Software:

  • No plans to End Support for Siebel CRM: The updated Oracle Lifetime Support policy now clearly states that there are no plans to end support for Siebel CRM. No plans to end support is Oracle’s commitment to ongoing investment in Siebel CRM and innovation.
  • Long-Term Investment: Customers have ample time to plan their digital transformation journey with Oracle after Oracle has committed to long term investment and support of Siebel CRM.

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  • Oracle Lifetime Support can let the customers get the most comprehensive support for their Siebel CRM solutions and access to the latest innovations. 
  • Better Features: Now with the more agile Continuous Release Model, features will be made available even quicker to our customers. 
  • Oracle is known for delivering innovation through annual Innovation Packs for Siebel CRM.

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Future of Salesforce: Top 5 Estimations

According to Google, Salesforce is one of the most searched and desired CRM solution. A few predictions involve:

  1. Improved Sales Insights: Since Google paired with Salesforce, it has been termed as extreme  cloud computing union. This partnership will allow Salesforce to operate Google’s cloud infrastructure. The integration of Google Analytics 360 will help the customers to connect their CRM insights with powerful data in analytics. Thus, users can combine their data with other available enterprise datasets.
  2. Machine Learning and AI: AI and IoT are spreading at an incredible pace. The organization additionally exhibited a portion of the Salesforce ventures. A couple of devices are utilizing Artificial Intelligence to tackle certain business situations like Digital Genius, Squirro, and so forth. These kinds of speculations conclude that it needs to create solid associations among AI and CRM.
  3. Greater Marketing Cloud:  Marketing cloud will increase seeing an expanded selection over the Salesforce ecosystem. It will request a higher scope of abilities and skills in this space as time passes.
  4. Lightning Experience: The makers trust that the stage's new UI version with faultless analyzing and the visual element will result in huge execution and an enormous increment in demand. It's been normal that the current customers will step by step make a move to the Salesforce Lightning Experience from the Classic view.
  5. New Industries to Join Salesforce: As time passes, CRM gets presented in different more businesses. Without a doubt, it turns out to be incredible news for Salesforce as the net interest for its services will increment on a substantial scale. As Financial Service Cloud has been presented for retail banking, the financial segment is relied upon to offer a large number of customers. It will principally concentrate on decreasing the separation among the different divisions of the organization.

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Since Siebel and Salesforce have permitted CRM to develop to what it is today and there's unquestionably more to find later on as CRM turns out to be increasingly crucial for organizations.

With personal experience, each solution might be unique, depending upon your very own work processes and preferences.

Though, both Siebel and Salesforce have tremendous qualities of a successful CRM system, Salesforce sets Siebel behind it.

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