Security and Audit Trail in Salesforce

Salesforce Security

In Salesforce, security is required to protect the applications and data. we implement our individual security method to change the structure and requirements of the organization. Preserving the data is a common requirement for Salesforce and users. The features of Salesforce allows you to enhance the users in doing their jobs effectively and securely. Audit trail assists the salesforce users in tracing the modifications of their organization.

About Salesforce Security

Salesforce restricts access to the data that takes action accordingly. 

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1. Malware and Phishing

If you observe something doubtful associated with the salesforce implementation, then it indicates some malware or phishing attack. Transparency will build trust. 

2. Security Health check

Admins will use Health check to detect and solve possible weaknesses in the security settings all from an individual page. To show the measures of the organization against a security benchmark, we will use the summary score.

3. Auditing

Auditing gives information regarding the utilization of the system, that can be essential in real security problems. 

4. Salesforce Shield

It is a triplet of security tools that developers and admins may use to build the next level of transparency, compliance, trust, etc. into business-essential applications.

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Salesforce Data Security Model

Security data model fulfils several and particular live business cases and provides a security model to safeguard data at several levels. Salesforce gives sharing tools to unlock and enable safe access to data according to business needs.

The salesforce data is stored in three formats: fields, records and objects. In the database, objects act as tables. Fields are identical to columns present in the table. Records represent the data present in the table. Salesforce uses field-level, object-level, and record-level security to get access to the field, object, etc.

Object-level security:

Prior to providing user access, Salesforce first checks whether the user has privileges to view objects of that type. Object-level access can be handled with the help of two configurations: permission sets and profiles. 

Field Level Security

Even Though the user can use the objects, he still requires access to fields of that object. In Salesforce, profiles will monitor the access of fields. Admin will give read and write privileges for specific fields. Admin also has the ability to hide an individual field.

Record-level Security

With the help of object-level and field-level security, a user can access his own records. 

Audit Trail in Salesforce

What is an Audit Trail?

In Salesforce, Audit trail allows you to carefully trace the modifications done to the organization. It logs all the modifications regarding the personalization, sharing, security and data management, etc.

This aspect is convenient once there are several administrators handling your salesforce environment because it assists in handling catalogue of all modifications done in the last six months, and it provides information about what was modified, and when the modification happens.

Tracking Setup changes through the salesforce audit trail.

In Salesforce, the setup audit trail traces the modern setup modifications which you and other admins create to your Enterprise with several admins, Audit history is very useful.

To see the audit history, through setup, enter “ View Setup Audit Trail” in the Find box, then choose “View Setup Audit Trail”. To download the entire setup history of your enterprise for the last 180 days, press the “download” button.

Setup Audit Trail Traces These changes.

1. Previous Custom Object Events

Setup Audit Trail traces all the actions associated with creation, modification of custom objects of your enterprise.

2. Handle user events

Audit Trail Traces all the user events like account creation, account deletion.

3. Application events

Audit Trail traces all the events related to the configuration of the applications associated with your enterprise.


In salesforce, security plays a  key role in protecting the data of the enterprise. Salesforce Admins will provide access to objects, fields and records. Salesforce will have a data security model to secure the data at different levels. The audit trail is useful for the users for tracing the modifications happening in their organization. It will report all the events related to users and their applications.

In the next topics, we will discuss in detail about “User Management And Object Level Security”. Keep following us for more info on Salesforce Administration.

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