Security and Audit Trail in Salesforce

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Security and Audit Trail in Salesforce

Salesforce Security

Salesforce enables two types of security namely internal, and external security to protect the data and applications. We can implement our own security scheme in order to protect our data and effectively solve the needs of the organization. Protecting data is a big responsibility, which includes data privacy, data access to the right user, protecting the data from unauthorized users, etc. Salesforce enables us to empower users to do their jobs efficiently and safely.

Security: Salesforce security is divided into 2 types, and they are mentioned below:

  • Internal Security
  • External Security

External Security: The below-mentioned ones are the features of external security.

  • Security by IP Address.
  • Activations.
  • Password reset.
  • Setup Audit Trail.

How to create access by IP Address to salesforce application?

Steps to create access by IP Address:

Salesforce Org → Setup → Administer → Security Controls → Network Access → New → Fill in the details → Save.

How to remove unknown IP Address to access Salesforce application?

Steps to remove unknown IP Address:

Salesforce Org → Setup → Administer → Security Controls → Activations → Select the IP Address that need to be removed access → Remove.

How to reset your password manually in salesforce?

Step to reset password manually:

Salesforce Org → Setup → Administer → Security Controls → Expire All Passwords → Select the checkbox → Save. 

Note: In this scenario, it will ask all the employees of the Company using Salesforce Application to Reset the password (including admin, profiles, etc).

How to find the last activity in Salesforce Org, with Setup Audit Trail? 

Steps to find the last activity in Salesforce Org or Environment:

Salesforce Org → Setup → Administer → Security Controls → View Setup Audit trail → List of last 20 activities in your Salesforce Org. 

Note: You can also download up to past 6 months activity data into an excel file with the link provided at the bottom of the listed entries.

How to create a User in Salesforce?

Steps to create User in Salesforce:

Salesforce Org → Setup → Administer → Manage Users → Users → New User.

Audit Trail in Salesforce

Fill in the details required, and Save.

Audit Trail in Salesforce

Note: Role, User License, Profile - These are the mandate fields that we need to have a look at, and select required roles and profile to proceed further as a user.

Role - Role specifies the designation of the user created.

Audit Trail in salesforce

User license - User license specifies the particular user license details for work area, basically, we use 2 licenses, i.e Salesforce, and Salesforce Platform.

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Salesforce Platform

Profile - Profiles specifies the user privileges and credentials to work.

User license in Salesforce

Set the time zone in the “Locale Settings” section to required time zone and the checkbox in the “Approver Settings”, should be selected for password generation to the User, and then proceed to Save.

Frequently Asked Salesforce Interview Questions & Answers

Audit Trail in SalesforceThe new user is created and you need to reset the password for the newly created “User”. The below image specifies the user created.User Management in Salesforce In the next topics, we will discuss in detail about “User Management And Object Level Security”. Keep following us for more info on Salesforce Administration.

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