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Why You Should Learn Salesforce Skills

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by Arogyalokesh
Last modified: February 2nd 2021

Salesforce is the new block in technology making waves in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) sector. Over 100,000 companies of varied sizes from large to small ones are using Salesforce to power their Customer facing solutions across the globe. The choice is abundant for both IT and non-IT professionals aspiring to make a career out of Salesforce. Relevant experience in Past matters but is not the only road to success is a domain. A Salesforce certification will help you jumpstart your career in the field with expanding opportunities.

In the present day scenario, the job market is more and more competitive than ever indicating a rise in unemployment. With more people searching for jobs, candidates with additional skills will stand out to employers in the coming days. Salesforce certification is the best way to make yourself more and more attractive to potential employers.

Salesforce Skills


What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the World’s #1 CRM platform Customer Success Resource quoted as enabling over 1.9 million jobs and is expected to generate $380 billion in new revenue over the next five years in a recent report from IDC. Salesforce from Developers to Project Managers has emerged as the leading IT sector, and hottest skills for business professionals to process, and is an increasingly in-demand skill for employers across distinct industries. Indeed, it could be said that to land a better IT job; it is essential for you to learn a Salesforce skill and add it to your CV/resume.

But what specific Salesforce skill sets and job titles are in high demand? What salaries can Salesforce professionals demand? And what specific Salesforce certifications should you choose to boost your career prospects?

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On-demand Job Titles and Skill Sets of Salesforce

Among the various Salesforce skills, the most in-demand skills within this ecosystem are as follows:

  • Salesforce Solution Architects 
  • Project Managers
  • Developers 
  • Salesforce Technical Architects 

According to the latest research by Burning Glass, Salesforce stood at 7th place among in-demand software skills ahead of IT skills including.Net, Python, and C++. Development skills including Visualforce, Apex Code, Integration Architecture, and Heroku are prominently in high demand.

Alongside other IT skills, Salesforce is also a complementary skill that requires a vast amount of programming including Java, SQL, JavaScript, and Oracle. The demand for Salesforce developers has tripled according to Burning Glass research since 2012.

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Highest Pay Receiving Salesforce Job Titles

Salesforce abilities carry a huge compensation premium and employments that demand the professionals pay more than $124,000 per annum on an average. Be that as it may, the highest salaries earned by Salesforce Architects and Salesforce Developers can hope to earn up to $124,000 and $102,000 respectively.

How to Build a Career in Salesforce?

Michael Parker, The Salesforce CRM- Team Leader provides his advice to professionals who are looking to make a Salesforce career. Here I am discussing some key points from his ideas.

Although every company requires experience, in the first place having Salesforce training and certification with Salesforce skills is necessary. An important thing about Salesforce roles is that they don’t need an IT degree to build a career with the system. In fact, most organizations are up-skilling their employees with Salesforce skills as a way of getting the appropriate skills into their businesses.

Salesforce certifications are several in number including Administrator and Advanced Administrator, Sales CTA (Technical Architect), Platform App Developer, and Salesforce Sales/Service Cloud Consultant that proves you are specialized in the Salesforce job role and possess the knowledge required. 

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Business Highlights of Having Certified Salesforce Employees:

Now let’s have a look at the benefits that organizations enjoy by having Salesforce Certified Employees.

Improve Adoption
The main reason why companies choose individuals with Salesforce certification is to boost employee adoption of the program. In several instances, when employees are unaware of the trends and how to maximize its potential, the plan and processing will be a lost expense. You will be the person everyone comes to when they have questions and management will be grateful that you developed the necessary skills to adopt the program correctly.

Better Return on Investment
The other reason to become a Salesforce certified professional is to provide a better ROI on an employer’s investment. When the program is not used to its potential, your employer will lose money. After certification, you can customize and maximize the program’s use, and used it as a strategic and valuable planning tool.

New Release Information
As a certified administrator from Salesforce, you will become the first employee in your organization to receive updates throughout the year. Salesforce probably releases updates through cloud technology many times in one year. As you are a certified professional, you and your company will receive those updates almost immediately. 

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Job Improvement
Another essential aspect of Salesforce certification is that you will able to perform your job better. You will have excellent knowledge of how a particular program works and advanced skills that others are not capable. You are capable of quickly manage customers and identify the prospects more rapidly than those who are not yet certified. Along with this, by certificate maintenance, you will always be able to use Salesforce strategically to get the most from the application. 

Demonstrates Knowledge
Obtaining your Sales certification indicates that you have knowledge and expertise. Certification requires that you meet specific competencies and by completing the certification course, you show your employer and coworkers that you have a strong understanding of the program. Certification also builds confidence as you realize that you have knowledge and skills that others do not have.

Hit the Ground Running
If you are seeking for a job opportunity, having Salesforce certification on your resume will be a huge drawing card for employees with the program. Unlike someone who has limited experience or has never used the program, you will be capable of hitting the ground running as soon as you start working. There will be less training essential to the schedule. As an added advantage, your advanced knowledge of the program could be extremely beneficial to the employer as you may be able to prove to them how Salesforce works in running a business efficiently.

Increased Salary
As with any higher education, Salesforce certification is becoming more and more important to earn a higher rate of pay. According to a recent survey conducted by the Denver User Group, the Salesforce experts who got certified had an average payment of $116, 648 AUD. Those who had earned certification reported a salary of $116, 648 AUD, an increase of almost 20 percent.

Frequently asked Salesforce Interview Questions & Answers

Certification is Simple

For becoming a Salesforce certified professional, tests can be scheduled through Salesforce’s global testing centers networks when tests are scheduled. You can also take the tests as online proctored examinations monitored through a webcam. There are few particular requirements for online proctored exams, so it is necessary to check your computer compatibility before signing up for this kind of tests.

Bottom Line

If you are looking employment or if you are hoping to advance in a current career, becoming Salesforce certified is one of the few best ways to achieve those goals. A Salesforce and will be able to help them see not only a better ROI but also grow their customer base as well as the application usage to its fullest potential. Consider getting a Salesforce certified today to improve the chances of getting better career opportunities and increase your salary as well.

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