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Creating Visualforce Page using AJAX Programming - Salesforce

Component-based user interfaces are the foundation of Force.com's Visualforce. Visualforce uses a tag-based language comparable to HTML. This blog post explains how to use the AJAX Toolkit in conjunction with a Visualforce page.

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Ajax Programming Language

SFDC developer

  • Customization means, there are standard features provided by SFDC, and as per requirement, we will customize these standard features.
  • Administration means providing security to the entire organisation.

Security to the entire organisation

  • We give some commends (or) instructions to a machine to develop coding as per our requirement

Cloud Computing

  • The apex is the first programming language to save in cloud computing
  • Apex has its own significance

–> C → embedded systems/ applications
–> Java/c# →  enterprise systems
–> Apex → cloud computing

Apex → cloud computing

This architecture is known as enterprise app

Multinenet Architecture

The single app provides common & specific features to all organizations through single app only

  • Features of multitenant architecture

→ Provides specific & common features to all features
→ Limit for everyone (according to work)
→ There should be a mechanism beyond those limits

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  • Apex is OOPL (object oriented programming language)

Apex is OOPL (object oriented programming language)

  • Object oriented is a memory giving instructions
  • OOPS is a mechanism to deal with instructions & memory


Moving code and data has to be secure
→ Object oriented provides four features

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  • Encapsulation
  • Abstraction
  • Polymorphism
  • Inheritance


Broadly, it is defined as one of, or both of the following:
1.An information hiding mechanism.
2.A bundling of data and methods that operate on that data. Means binding of instructions & memory into a single unit


Abstraction: Levels of hiding. Abstract class methods MUST be overridden. 

Polymorphism: In a polymorphic relationship, the referenced object of the relationship can be one of several objects. Many forms of instructions to deal with many forms of memory, it has Multiple behaviors


The concept of extending a class by another class is known as inheritance. A class which is inherited is known as Parent class, Base class or Super class. A class which extends base class is known as Derived class or child class.
Reusing of one encapsulation of instructions & memory to build another encapsulation.

  • If any P L provides these above features that P L will be treated as OOPL
  • Apex provides all these features, so Apex is an OOPL
  • Apex supports all the four features of object oriented


  • Encapsulation      : methods  +  data
  • Abstraction      :    levels of hiding programming elements (methods & data)
  • Polymorphism     : multiple behavior of P.E (methods & data)
  • Inheritance       : reusing methods & data in one encapsulation for another encapsulation



Words for which the programmers specify.

Predefined words in the language, we can’t change the meaning of these words

Constants are variables whose values don’t change after being initialized once.
Constants can be defined using the final keyword, which means that the variable can be assigned at most once, either in the declaration itself, or with a static initializer method if the constant is defined in a class.
Here the constants are 25+40

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Sum, subtraction, multiplication, division
Symbolic representation to perform a task

Group of characters
Represented by   →  “ Valli ”
→ ‘v’ ‘n’,
→ There are 5 statements in any IL

5 statements IL

In apex 3 and 5, we don’t use

Data Types:

Here we have primitive data types such as Integer, Double, Long, Date, Date Time, String, ID, and Boolean etc..
1.Number → [Integer, Decimal]
3.Date time : It stores both dates and times.
4.BLOG: – binary large object to store images, videos, resumes, movies
We can convert BLOG  →  into a string

  • String Boolean → [true, false]
  • Large  ID : – 18 digit alpha numeric value →
  • S object : – sales force object
  • Keywords : – all features can be achieved through keywords

Frequently Asked Salesforce Interview Questions & Answers

Keywords: – Encapsulation:  2 class, interface
Abstraction: 4 private, protected, public, global
Polymorphism: 2 override, virtual
Interface: 2 extends, implements
O O P →  capture real words into the computer

Capture real words into the computer

Class: – An object is something created from a class.
Each object has its own specific properties and can use the methods defined in its class. It is nothing but a collection of features & operations


  • Class is nothing but combination of data and methods
  • Data and methods we called as members of class
  • → data members,  → Member methods

→ Syntax for class
Class class name  {
Data members
Member methods

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