User Management And Object Level Security In Salesforce

In Salesforce, every user is individually found with a profile, username, and password. Along with other settings, the outline decides which actions a user can carry out and which they cannot carry out. It will also tell the user which data he has access to.

User Management Administrator

A salesforce administrator can handle the users in the organization. Moreover Assigning and creating users, user management contains functions with licenses and permissions, devolving users, etc.

Salesforce Administrator can carry out the following management tasks:

  1. Edit and Create users.
  2. Change Passwords.
  3. Establish accounts in Google Apps.
  4. Providing Permissions.
  5. Establishing and handling different kinds of users.
  6. Establish Custom Fields.
  7. Fix custom links.
  8. Implement accounts on users
  9. Represent user administration works to other users.

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Tricks to Manage users

  1. Establish Custom fields for users and fix custom links to show on the user page. To use these options, users should see the object management settings.
  2. Irrespective of the status, every user should use a sidebar search for searching. To retrieve only working users, we should use lookup dialog from fields. 
  3. To ease the handling of users in the enterprise with several users, represent the views of user administrators to others.
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View and Manage Users

Through Setup, type users in the “Quick Find box”, then choose users.

In the user list, you can

  1. Establish one or several users.
  2. Change passwords for specific users.
  3. Alter the user.
  4. See a particular user page by pressing the alias, username, or name.
  5. See or change profile by selecting the profile name.

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In Salesforce, every user in the enterprise will have a separate username and password that should be entered every time a user logs in. Every Administrator can set up many settings to allow your passwords are secure and robust.

Password Policies: Fix different password and login policies, like mentioning a particular time before which the passwords of users will expire and the degree of difficulty required for Passwords.

User Password Expiration: The passwords of the users are expired, besides for users with password ever expires permission.

User Password Resets: The passwords are Reset for Particular users.  

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Object-level Security in Salesforce

Prior to user access, Salesforce primarily checks that the user has approvals to perceive the objects of that kind. Object-level access can be handled by using profiles, permissions, and two configuration sets.


In Salesforce, profiles monitor access to field-level and object-level security amid things like tabs, applications, etc.

Object-Level Security in SalesforcePermission Sets

If the admin includes CRUD operations in the campaigns, then everybody in the profile can access campaigns. Admin aspires to provide permissions to use campaigns to a particular user. For this purpose, an admin will use the Permission set. 

Permission sets are employed to offer further permissions to the users who are available in the profile. Sometimes, administrators are required to establish a permission set that gives access to the campaign's object and allocates that permission set to the user.

Points to be noted about Permission sets

  1. Through Permission sets, you are able to remove and add permissions to a group of users.

  2. You can include several permission sets for the provided user.

  1. We should use permission sets when a group of users requires further permissions.

  2. When many people require permission, then we have to generate a custom profile and include permission instantly to that profile.


Salesforce Administrators handle the users present in the enterprise. They will check what data should be accessed by the user and what are privileges should be given to the user. In Salesforce, object-level security is used for securing the records of a particular object. Through object-level security, we can stop the user from viewing, deleting, adding a particular object.

In the next topic, we will discuss in detail about “Record Level Security In Salesforce”. Keep following us for more info on Salesforce Administration.

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