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Salesforce expertise is one of the few in-demand skills in today’s marketplace, and there are no signs of diminishing this year or the coming years. It commands the first place as a core technology for digit businesses, but its accompanying applications and ecosystem make it an invaluable technological solution for Online marketing departments, also a crucial automation tool for sales teams. Using Salesforce solutions effectively by out boarding the most in-demand Important Job Roles and Certifications for Salesforce available.

In this blog, let’s have a detailed look at why you should learn Salesforce and have a brief introduction to several Salesforce credentials. After that, let’s have a look at the frequently taken Salesforce certification and its significance in the technology market today. Finally, we’ll discuss the career opportunities available in Salesforce.

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Best Salesforce Certifications and Roles in the Market

Why is Salesforce Skill in Demand?

To understand why organizations are hiring specific Salesforce-based roles to use cloud-based and automated solutions efficiently, you must have an idea of the ecosystem. Billed as the #1 platform, Salesforce encompasses much more than. Companies that are relying on it for everything from real-time reporting enhanced ERP, and cross-department communication, to simplified software development tools and for IoT device connectivity integration.

With the wide-ranging Salesforce ecosystem and its uniquely customized ability to meet particular business needs, business execs like you often realize that they’ll need in-house experts to ensure the active organization development, customization, maintenance, and the use of the platform across distinct departments.

As the number of companies for their business needs opting for this ecosystem is increasing, Thanks to its highly customizable capabilities. According to a labor-market analysis firm, Burning Glass Technologies required more than 300,000 new job opportunities for Salesforce skills in 2016. IDC is one of their recent reports stated that in with their projection that nearly 2 million jobs in the next five years need Salesforce skills.

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Why Should I Learn Salesforce?

In the past years, you may have learned distinct technologies and later realized that you can’t do much using them in the industry. Here’s the point, Salesforce isn’t like other technologies which are very hard to learn or even more difficult to get experience. 

Salesforce is one of the top courses learned anywhere and anytime you want and gets recognized across the world. It is an essential skill that thousands of companies today using to get success in their business. Learning Salesforce is beneficial and can provide a boost to your career. Though you are a professional and looking for a trendy technology or career change to boost, then you should.

According to “” Salesforce has more than150, 000 company customer bases comprising of large, medium, and small-scale enterprises, which requires Salesforce professionals. Big companies like Google, Facebook, Generic Electric, Twitter, HCL, and others use Salesforce. stated that “Salesforce can help you gain recognition and land a job in such top companies.”

Various business organizations around the globe are using Salesforce technology, so finding job opportunities is quite comfortable. Learning Salesforce can also help you increase your salary.

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The In-Demand Salesforce Roles

Like any specialized in-demand skill set, Salesforce roles and the talent needed to fulfill time don’t come cheap. However, the following five functions provide greater ROI and are more than cover their annual salaries. 

The most in-demand Salesforce roles are as follows:

1. Salesforce Architect

The Salesforce Architect is specialized to design and built solutions across distinct Salesforce platforms. These are the experts who organize and create Salesforce’s integration data flow, and over-resolution, structure to perfectly fit the specific business requirements. The experts in this role are expected to verse with the Salesforce platform, various business processes, and distinct web dev. Given the complex needs and certifications of this role and the excellent insights they provide, the average salary for a Salesforce Architect ranges between $130,000 and $200,000.

2. Salesforce Developer

One of the most in-demand, famous Salesforce roles from private job placement data in 2017. Salesforce Developers provides customized solutions for specific business needs, tests and deploys solutions, controls the API’s adaptability, and many more. Based on the distinct responsibilities of this role, a Salesforce Developer's salary ranges from $110,000 to $115,000.

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3. Salesforce Data Analyst

Data-driven experts analyze the data that sourced from distinct solutions to uncover actionable insights and enable the functioning and processing of the Salesforce system in place, in addition to delivering critical ideas to improve the overall company operating to increase revenue. The salary for this role ranges from $80,000 to $115,000 on average.

4. Salesforce Administrator

The Salesforce Administration is one of the most in-demand Salesforce roles. These Tech professionals function as the go-to expert on a business’s Salesforce. The Administrator's responsibilities include reporting on data-driven insights from Salesforce solutions, maintaining Salesforce systems using currently, communicating updates and features if any to employees, improving Salesforce solution efficiency, along developing and management of new apps and solutions in Salesforce. The average Salesforce Administrators ranges from $80,000 to $120,000 based on their previous experience and certifications.

5. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant

Last on the list of the most in-demand Salesforce roles is the SFMC consultant. They translate the business digital marketing needs into customized solutions within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The nominal payout ranges from $100 to $200 per hour based on the requirements and length of the project.

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Salesforce Certification Details

It is a surprise for most of us to know that everywhere some millions of people are Appling for Salesforce certifications worldwide. Owing to this vast number, it has a separate entity probably known as Salesforce University to release exams and to handle certifications.

Now you have an idea of why to take a Salesforce course and its certification significance.  Let’s have a glance at Salesforce certifications and the one that is relevant to you. But based on what you want to pursue, these certifications are categorized into two tracks:

  • Administrator Track
  • Developer Track.

Implementation/Administrator Track

In businesses using Salesforce products, the administrator plays a crucial role. It’s not like your typical administrative roles like database administrator or network administrator whose job is maintaining users and change passwords. Unlike others, the Salesforce administrator has tremendous needs and responsibilities to have a clear understanding of the business and its functionalities. If you are a Salesforce administrator or an expert in implementation, you would be a functional consultant working with your organization’s customers and solving their problems.

Let’s have a look at the certifications that people frequently take up in the Implementation/Administration track:

1. Salesforce Certified Administrator

This is for someone seeking to start a career as a consultant or an administrator. It is necessary to know Salesforce features for being a Salesforce Administrator. Having a Salesforce Administrator Certificate proves you are having

  • Broad understanding of the Salesforce application

  • Know configuring, managing sales, and Service cloud applications.

  • Know how to handle Salesforce CRM with excellent presentation skills.

  • Basic functionalities like development, managing users, and customizations.

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2. Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator

To be a Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator, first, need to be a Salesforce Certified Administrator. Having certification as a Salesforce advanced administrator proves that:

  • You are capable of handling a fair share of Salesforce Orgs.

  • Comfortable with robust designing and scalable applications for clients.

3. Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant (SSCC)

To become an SSCC, first, you need to be a Certified Salesforce Administrator. Along with this, you need to have designing experience and providing solutions to optimize the sales cloud functionality, working experience alongside marketing and sales organizations. Having SSCC proves that you are:

  • Capable of handling and managing customer needs.

  • Create and maintain Sales cloud applications according to specific customer business requirements.

Consistently, for people searching for starting their careers in a development role, Salesforce Platform Developer I would be the right beginning point. If you are a certified Salesforce App builder, you can further your career by acquiring an Architect certificate. If you prefer Salesforce Platform Developer I, you have the chance of advancing your career to Developer II in the Salesforce Platform. There are the primary options available to you in the developing track.

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Careers in Salesforce

Being the best CRM Company in the world, Salesforce’s professionals are in high demand. Salesforce has been extending rapidly for a decade. By 2022, it is expected to increase by 25% or even more. Salesforce, according to Glassdoor is one of the few essential skills with over 4,000he jobs available for Salesforce professionals. If you are in search of a technical role, then you would be interested in careers like administrator, developer, analyst, engineer, cloud professional, technical support, and more.

Bottom Line

Salesforce skills will keep on increasing sought after in the coming a very long time as more organizations are hoping to enlist their in-house specialists to deal with Salesforce-related needs and issues as they emerge. To expand any eCommerce business, first, you have to address the talent gaps in Salesforce expertise on your Tech and DevOps teams and onboard the roles that you’re missing to ensure you have the systems and solutions in place to sustain and support the expansion.

In this article, I hope you have got an idea of various Important Job Roles and Certifications for Salesforce available in the market. Leave your feedback or any questions you have in the comment box below when you are free.

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