How Salesforce Certification Can Boost Your Career?

Salesforce in the Technology industry is creating a buzz with its advancements and career opportunities. More and more Developers, Administrators, Consultants, and Marketers are in demand with continuous growth in new customers and contracts every single day. It emerged as a mature career having demand in all aspects. Most of the Fortune companies are seeking mostly skilled Salesforce professionals having hands-on experience with proven knowledge.

A Salesforce Developer is having huge demand with vast career opportunities in the marketplace today. With high demand and lucrative pay packages, Salesforce is rocking everywhere, especially in the IT industry. Therefore, this is the perfect time to get your career boosted with a Salesforce Certification.

However, your atheistic self might be wondering why only Salesforce. Well. In this article, let’s have a look at some of the benefits that you would get if you acquire a Salesforce Certification. Before moving to that, make’s understand what Salesforce is and what the distinct credentials they offer are.

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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is an American cloud computing company, famous for its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) product. It enables businesses to manage all customer interactions and prospects. Salesforce professionals use Salesforce products for administration, development, and consulting.

Salesforce since its establishment in 1999 is changing the way enterprise software is used and delivered, thus reinventing the customer relationship space. Salesforce offers a wide range of cloud applications and platforms of which, and it has become the best CRM.

The CRM from Salesforce is composed of distinct cloud platforms that allow you to manage all interactions with potential and current customers, promoting to your organization’s success. Significant applications of Salesforce CRM are listed below:

  • Analytics Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Health Cloud
  • IoT Cloud
  • App Cloud
  • Chatter
  • Sales Cloud
  • Financial Services Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Service Cloud.
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What is a Salesforce Certification?

A Salesforce certification is a flexible and quick way of validating yourself as a Salesforce professional. The Salesforce credentials prove your working knowledge and expertise of distinct Salesforce platforms, applications, and tools.

The Salesforce Administrator Certification is a qualification at a foundation level for Salesforce-engaged professionals of an organization. Salesforce provides distinct certifications. A Salesforce system assists in managing CRM through management and marketing.

Salesforce catering eight distinct certification tracks to various skill sets and roles as follows:

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Why is Salesforce Certification Necessary?

The certification from Salesforce is the strong pillar to prove their skill of any Salesforce professional. It is the best way to exhibit your skill level and expertise to the current employer or a perspective. It helps you to strengthen your professional career by applying for higher and trending opportunities to achieve promotion in your current company. Specialists with Salesforce certification are in high demand and are seeking by major employers. A Salesforce credential also provides you a competitive edge over your peers.

Salesforce is fully entrenched as a CRM platform of choice at several organizations, providing in-demand skill sets in the present scenario. From software developers, project designers, architects, project managers, and sales and marketing professionals, Salesforce certification is advantageous to almost every profession.

Benefits of Salesforce Certification

Salesforce certification provides three significant value adds to the professionals. 

  • They help you to increase your marketability in a tight IT job market and allow you to become a subject matter expert. 
  • They offers flexible training sessions according to your convenience. You can get certified in just a few hours, days, or months and can control your career path.
  • They offer one or more certifications, and the more certifications you add can demand a higher salary.

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Here are a few reasons, stating why you need to get a Salesforce certification. The benefits of Salesforce Certification include:

1. In-depth Knowledge

A Salesforce certification provides you with a broad platform understanding besides increasing your sales and customer relations expertise. It also helps you ponder more in-depth into the platform, and discover distinct new tools you might not have encountered before.

2. Hands-on-Experience

The Salesforce certification programs provide work efficiency with hands-on- experience. The modules are packaged with case studies and live projects including real-life examples. A standard certification from Salesforce comprises a significant amount of time allotted for in-class Lab Practice and an average of hours of training time dedicated exclusively to live industry projects.

3. Employers Seek Certified Professionals

The job descriptions related to Salesforce indicate that Salesforce Certification is necessary. In the present scenario, the Salesforce job market is scorching, which means that the number of applicants competing for a single position is huge and the certification helps to filter out the prospective candidates.

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4. Deploy Account Planning

Acquiring a Salesforce Certification helps you understand the Salesforce platform’s nitty-gritty. As a result, it enables you to navigate quickly through the application and handle customer requests in a rapid pace with a high precision rate.

5. Rewards for your Expertise

If you are a Salesforce certified with a credential, means you are in a position to help your company optimize their Salesforce and customize it according to specific requirements. Salesforce certifications help you enhance your skills to configure Salesforce and become a star performer.

6. Certification Communicates Your Expertise

Salesforce certification proves to your current and potential employers as well as your competitors that you are capable of handling the task and have enough stuff. There are some competencies required to qualify for each exam and certification demonstrates that you know and understand these competencies.

7. More Payouts

According to the recent report revealed that the annual salary of Salesforce Administrator Salary in Denver, CO, US is $72,295/yr which is 16% above the national average. The same group surveyed in 2013, revealed that A Salesforce expert who did not have any certification was $69,600 annually on average, while the one having certification jumped to $86,850. According to, the average payout of a Salesforce Certified Developer is $108,475/year, and it is $89,429 per year for a Salesforce Certified Administrator.

8. High Return On Investment (ROI)

Salesforce certification offers increased ROI on training-related investments when compared to other courses. Therefore, a Salesforce certification is undoubtedly worthy for both an individual as well as for business.

9. Huge Scope for Success

In this cloud computing generation, businesses of any volume are looking to derive the maximum output from applications and cloud platforms in the optimum possible way. Salesforce expands the business effectiveness and offers enormous achievement scope. Thus, makes an immense interest for Salesforce Certified experts and gives an adequate achievement path.

10. Career Growth

It is a known fact that Salesforce is one of the leading CRM organizations providing a broader spectrum of facilities to the users and hence growing at a rapid pace over the years. Moreover, each company’s approach is to focus on customers, as it is inevitable that this CRM will remain in demand in the coming years creating a massive pool of job opportunities for aspirants.

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Bottom Line

Therefore, if you have already certified with Salesforce and have a vast knowledge of it, you have several chances to progress. If you don’t have accreditation yet, you are indeed restricting your career from taking a potential step.  So, evaluate your skills and choose the appropriate Salesforce certification that helps boost your career.

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