One of the powerful operations which is trending nowadays is Salesforce. This application allows the customers to use or customize the standard application or even create their own. You may think working on it at the background requires a lot of coding to be done. However, the fact is to work with Salesforce is quite a lot easy than you may think. If you have good people around you for guidance then you will be able to grasp up easily on how to put the functional web app together.
If there is any risk of rejection when you apply for the job opening in your field then it can only be associated with lack of Salesforce certification. Even if you update your resume with all possible skills and experience but you can enhance it in a better manner with the right Salesforce certification. It reflects that your skills are well polished as per the field in which you have been working. Such type of certification is the reason for boosting up your career without wasting your valuable time and money.

What is Salesforce Certification?

There are so many employers who are interested in hiring those candidates who have a good experience and knowledge about Salesforce. That is the main reasons; candidates are keen to get the certification in this platform done. Even the research shows that nearly .2 million job opportunities in the field of cloud computing were made available for those who had such type of certification.

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Benefits of Salesforce Certification

Looking at the technological developing in the CRM that is taking place, you can easily understand why such certification is so much in demand. Choosing this type of certification will improvise your grasping ability in the Salesforce platform. This way you can optimize the efficiency and usage in better manner. Other than this, it offers the better support in the automating sales and related functions with better order management solution.

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Reasons Why You should learn Salesforce and get Certified?

10. Get an In-depth Knowledge of the Domain:
9.  Deal with the Live experiences
8.  Know the Company’s need:
7.  Update yourself with Current Knowledge base
6.  Make the Deployment of Account Planning properly:
5.  Your analytical skills get improved:
4.  Right Salesforce Implementation
3.  More interview calls:
2.  Better Pay:
1.  Better Opportunities 

10. Get an In-depth Knowledge of the Domain:

With this type of certification, you can acquire more knowledge and also use your previous theoretical knowledge to get the valuable results. With the perfect blend of your previous and current knowledge, you will be able to enhance the sales insights and better customer relations. As you go on further to explore this course, you will be able to unmask more about the field. There are various tools that you will be able to learn and start using it for better results. This way, you will realize on own how being an expertise in this field can actually help you.

9. Deal with the Live experiences

The purpose of this training is to make you aware about all those aspects that you may come across in your day-today life. This certification is meant for all those who can make the right use of their hands on experience. It includes a lot of material about the industry related projects that you can study depending on the real life situation. besides, you will be given 2 hours of devoted training to work on the live projects along with class lab practice once you enroll for such certification’

8. Know the Company’s need:

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When you go for an interview, you will be asked if you have a pretty good knowledge about the company’s need. Well, with Salesforce certification, you are given a clear understanding on how working in a particular organization will help you know their exact needs in terms of acquiring the target audience. This certification allow you understand the right way to bring the company on the top in the competitive market and this way, you become one of their needs since, you are aware about the right strategies that are trending and can perfectly be implemented.

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7. Update yourself with Current Knowledge base

One of the most common reasons why people opt for cloud technology is that it always releases the information about the new updates and how it can help in future. The best part is the updates that are being made are later added in the application automatically. If Salesforce is always been used in your current company, then you can start utilizing it for the entire organization software. But if you have a tag of ‘certified’ then you are likely the person who would be given a priority to use it once it gets released in your company.

6. Make the Deployment of Account Planning properly:

This is the crucial part of the sales representative. With the Salesforce certification, you will be able to find yourself in a position to plan well. With more understanding about such platform, you can have a complete control on the navigation through application and how well can a client be handled and requests are solved. With the certification, it will be easy for you to:
* Make the right use of tool
Create a strategic planning to improve the process
Handle the clients situations confidently
This eventually would improve your work life balance 

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5. Your analytical skills get improved:

The reason of such certification is you can focus on improving your analytical skills. This means, even if you have the knowledge in sales, but if you are not really aware on how to understand the trends then with certification, your this problem will also get over. With a salesforce certification, you’ll get an improved understanding of trends in sales as you’ll get a customized and detailed insight about the trends. Since this certification can validate your expertise in the same field along with your skills, it is perfect way to demonstrate your knowledge in the domain. Due to this certification, you are more likely to pace up your speed of interview selection also.

4. Right Salesforce Implementation

Many companies faced a problem using the Salesforce, due to the fact that they did not have a solid and functional plan to optimize their sales force, even after taking the decision to implement it. This only resulted in not using the platform to its full potential and missing a large part of the platform’s functionality. If you have a Salesforce certification in hand then you’ll surely help you company in optimizing and customizing the Salesforce, leading and advising your managers. Hence the company would get benefitted through your certification.

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3. More interview calls:

The more we have certifications, the higher are our chances of showcasing our capability. With the Salesforce certification, you can actually showcase your area of expertise and give your possible commitments towards the skill. Along with your skills, this certification in your resume will have more impact on your hiring chances. It increases the chances for you to get more interview calls and job offers since candidates with this sills are considered to be quite efficient.

2. Better Pay:

When you apply for the Salesforce position, no doubt that such certification would be obligatory for the post. But other than this, the best part is you can earn quite a lot. Since, the employer would also understand that having a certified Sales person can add business value and generate better ROI, they would pay the best salary which they could. This is the main reason why getting into this post will not only give your career a good boost but also in terms of pay, you will not have a problem to grow.

The organizations are hring and filling up the Salesforce position to make their place in the competitive market. Since, people who undergo such certification are the trained experts who know how to improve the business, it is quite in demand. Even the study has proved that:

* In the year 2013, average salary of Salesforce expert without certification was around$69000
In the same year, people who got hired for the same position but had sales force certification were offered $89,850 Payscale.

1. Better Opportunities 

Salesforce certified experts are one who are considered to be the most experienced and proficient one who has got best possible abilities. They are the people with excellent response and are capable to handle different situations without many hiccups. There is no doubt that such certification has got ample of benefits. Once you acquire this certification, the doors of opportunities will be made available to you. Right from handling the clients during critical situation till coming up with innovative application strategies, you will be given a better opportunity to grow and in best possible means.

Salesforce certification is a solution that gives you a better job opportunity. But when you are intending to apply for the training, make sure you have knowledge about cloud computing and programming languages since they are used the most. This will pace up your learning speed and you will be able to understand the new concepts that can help you make the results even more wonderful. So look ahead and go for the experienced team of expert who can give you better guidance in the field of Salesforce Certification.

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