Salesforce Admin Projects and Use Cases

Are you looking forward to improving your Salesforce admin expertise? No problem! We will help you. In this blog, you will find the crucial Salesforce admin projects. The blog covers Salesforce admin projects for all levels of learners. Once you complete learning the Salesforce admin projects, you will gain expertise in managing user profiles, customizing the Salesforce platform, managing business and customer data, and many more.

Salesforce is essentially a popular cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. With Salesforce, businesses can generate more leads, manage data, drive sales, offer excellent customer service, and much more. Salesforce brings the marketing, IT, sales, and commerce teams under one umbrella. It allows the teams to collaborate and derive the best business values.

As Salesforce is widely used across many industries, the demand for Salesforce professionals is always on the rise. No doubt, if you polish your hard skills by working on salesforce projects, you can accelerate your career. In this blog, we will go over Salesforce admin projects, skills you will develop, and many more in greater detail. Let’s jump in!

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What is Salesforce Admin?

A Salesforce admin or administrator is a system administrator who works closely with a company’s stakeholders. A Salesforce admin sets up and tailors the Salesforce platform based on the needs of stakeholders. Besides, they also support Salesforce users in working with the platform smoothly.

The salesforce admin acts as a bridge between stakeholders and the salesforce platform. Simply put, they connect business and technology. Salesforce admins play a crucial role in optimizing sales processes and managing customers, thus leading to business growth.

The duties of Salesforce admins are broad. They add/delete user accounts, manage sharing privileges, support users, and more. Moreover, they automate sales processes by setting up workflows, integrating Salesforce with external applications, and much more.

Now the question is – what are salesforce admin projects, and why are they important? No worries! The following section will clear your doubts.

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Why Salesforce Admin Projects?

According to Glassdoor, Salesforce admins can earn an average salary of 6 LPA in India at the entry level. In the USA, they can get an average pay of 93k USD annually. These figures show that a Salesforce admin career is promising and future-proof.

The essential thing is that Salesforce admins must earn strong hands-on experience to lead a successful career. Practicing multiple Salesforce admin projects will help boost Salesforce admin skills exceptionally.

This blog includes many Salesforce admin projects that you can practice to hone your practical skills. But at the same time, there are some basic requirements that you must comply with before embarking on your learning journey.

So, what are the basic requirements? If this question arises in your thoughts, don’t worry – you can find the answer in the coming section.

Prerequisites For Salesforce Admin Projects

Before kick-starting learning Salesforce admin projects, you must meet the requirements below. Let’s see them below.

  • Complete knowledge of the Salesforce platform and its features
  • Basic coding knowledge of Apex and Visualforce
  • Familiar with relational databases and data management
  • Exposure to various data models and data security strategies
  • Sharp business understanding skills
  • Good problem-solving and analytical skills.

Once you meet the prerequisites, you are off to a good start for learning salesforce projects.

The next big question is – what skills do I acquire by working on salesforce admin projects? Sure! The following section will shed light on that.

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Skills You Will Develop With Salesforce Admin Projects

This section highlights the prime skills you will gain by practicing salesforce admin projects.

  • Expertise in user profile management and customization
  • Strong skills in data analysis and retrieving insights
  • Sound exposure to managing and securing customer as well as business data
  • Excellent skills in implementing change management
  • Proficiency in automating sales and marketing processes
  • Strong project management and time management skills              
  • Excellent communication, collaboration, and project-building skills

Okay! Get ready. It’s time to jump into salesforce admin projects.

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Top Salesforce Admin Projects and Topics For Practice

In this section, you will go through different best Salesforce admin projects for beginners, intermediate-level learners, and experienced learners one by one. Based on your expertise level in Salesforce admin, you can kick-start your learning journey from the right place.

Salesforce Admin Project Ideas For Beginners

This section includes the exciting Salesforce admin projects that will help you build a strong foundation in the Salesforce admin domain. Let's start!

1. Customizing Dynamic-Related List

The prime goal of this project is to build flexible dynamic-related lists. They are built inside Salesforce’s lightning app builder. This approach helps to avoid using page layout editors altogether.

Working on this project allows you to get familiar with the lighting app builder, account record page, etc. You will learn to apply filters on the dynamic lists so that users can view only the important records. It is possible to learn to construct optimized pages by customizing the related lists by doing this project.


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2. Anypoint Design Center

The prime goal of this project is to construct an API specification in any point design center. Once you have created the API specification, you will test the API specification using the mocking service. It is possible to publish the API specification for reuse. Users who have the privileges can only access the API.

Working on this project will teach you to use the HTTP GET method while creating an API specification. You will play around with the mocking service to simulate the behavior of the API specification.


3. Integrating Salesforce with External Database

This project aims to connect Salesforce with an external database using the Anypoint platform. In this project, you will use the runtime manager to provide a single view of applications, servers, and APIs.

By practicing this project, you will get sound exposure to creating an organization with a username and password. You will also learn to set the login IP ranges for the organization. It is possible to get familiar with any point runtime manager and dynamoDB database through this project.


4. Building Flows using External Services Actions

The primary goal of this project is to build a simple flow using external services actions. You will design a flow to create new bank accounts in this project. Not only that, you will also build a flow to update existing bank accounts.

By learning this project, you will understand how the external services actions are connected with the schema definition. This project will teach adding the screen canvas, an action, an assignment, a decision, etc., in the flow. You will learn to connect the elements of the flow and debug the flow.

Well! You have completed learning the beginner-friendly Salesforce admin projects right now. Now, you have acquired the basic skills in customizing dynamic lists, salesforce integration, creating flow, and more.

Next, we will move on to the Salesforce admin projects that will upskill you to the expertise level in the Salesforce admin domain.


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Salesforce Administrator Projects For Intermediate Level

Let’s walk through some amazing Salesforce admin projects that will empower you by teaching you how to perform several Salesforce admin operations.

5. Creating a No-Code Preference Form

The ultimate goal of this project is to create a no-code preference form using the preference manager. In this project, you will use the preference manager to sign up for a developer edition organization. This approach helps to build the preference form.

By practicing this project, you will get exposure to designing a consent template using the preference manager. Users can edit, deactivate, and delete consent templates using the preference manager dashboard. Mainly, you will learn to build preference forms using the consent templates.


6. Building an Email Flow For PMM

The primary goal of this project is to construct a flow for the Project Management Module (PMM). The flow will send emails to multiple clients in a single shot. In this project, you will develop an email template. After that, you will design and activate the flow. You will add a quick action to your page layout to use the flow.

By working on this project, it is easy to create a welcome email template for clients. You will get familiar with building flows. Doing this project, you will learn to test flows to gauge their effectiveness.


7. Setting up Salesforce Mobile Developer Tools

The main aim of this project is to install Salesforce mobile developer tools. The tools support building lightning web components for mobile applications. In this project, you will install a Salesforce mobile app simulator for the iOS platform. Similarly, you will install a mobile app emulator for the Android platform.

Practicing this project will give you expertise in customizing lightning web components on mobile applications. It is easy to learn to test the lightning web components using an Android emulator. Besides, you will gain proficiency in debugging components using the Safari Web Inspector and Google DevTools.


8. Creating a Custom Channel and Enriching Change Events

The prime goal of this project is to use the Salesforce tooling API to create a custom change data capture channel. In this project, you will use the custom channel to enable change event notifications for your account.

Practicing this project will teach you to create a custom account field, enable notifications, and add enriched fields. It is easy to get familiar with installing the streaming monitor app to subscribe to the channel. Moreover, you will learn to update the channel member using a PATCH request.

Nice! You have gone through the crucial Salesforce admin projects in this section. The projects must have undoubtedly elevated your skills in Salesforce admin from basics to expert level.

Coming up is the section that will take you through the advanced salesforce admin projects.


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Advanced Salesforce Admin Projects Ideas

Undeniably, the salesforce admin projects included in this section will take your salesforce admin expertise to the master level. Let’s get going!

9. Create Search Filters to find Salesforce CPQ Products

The ultimate goal of this project is to simplify product selection by adding customized search filters. In this project, you will recreate basic filters and build a subscription filter. You will use the hidden filters for retired products.

By working on this project, you will get great exposure to creating a custom action to display bundles in a single click. It is easy to learn to update the target field picklist before making a new search filter. Besides, you will learn to use the multi-select picklist to mention the region where products are sold.


10. Configuring Permissions and Settings in PMM

The main aim of this project is to provide robust tools for program managers so that they can work efficiently. In this project, you will streamline adding contacts to programs. You will customize bulk service deliveries to increase efficiency.

By completing this project, you will become proficient in controlling access to PMM data. You will learn to configure service schedules and attendance tracking to meet the program goals. You will learn to add attendance summary data fields to your records. Moreover, you will become familiar with scheduling automatic updates.


11. Setting up the Salesforce Scheduler

The project aims to configure the Salesforce scheduler and manage customer appointments. In this project, you will set up permissions and configure service territories. You will develop and assign service resources to service territories.

Practicing this project, you will learn to assign user profiles, set up permissions, and configure appointment location settings. You will learn to assign service resources to branch locations and assign skills to service resources. You will gain mastery in configuring work type groups, assigning skills to work types, and much more.


12. Customizing the CRM Analytics Customer Insights App

This project will equip you to use the customer insights app. You will sign up for an analytics developer edition organization in this project. You will embed a robust dashboard in an accounts page.

By working on this project, you will get expertise in scheduling and running recipes. You will learn to use a custom field in a recipe. In the same way, you will learn to add a custom object to a recipe. Besides, you will be proficient in examining row-level security settings.

Cheers! You have completed learning Salesforce admin projects from basics to advanced. No doubt they will enhance your practical skills to new heights. However, if you practice more projects, it will take you closer to your dream Salesforce job.

In the following section, you will go through some real-time Salesforce admin project ideas.


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Real-Time Salesforce Administration Project Ideas

Below are some real-time Salesforce admin project ideas to help you level up your hands-on skills.

  • Setting up a loyalty program
  • Creating a custom workflow rule
  • Setting up a custom tab style
  • Creating a custom dashboard
  • Setting up a custom field
  • Creating a redemption process using a promotion setup
  • Setting up rules for accrual processing
  • Setting up gift entry in non-profit success park
  • Turning on multi-factor authentication
  • Customizing patient data displays.

Overall Summary:

  • Salesforce is the famous CRM tool widely used by major companies
  • Salesforce admin is responsible for managing user profiles, creating dashboards and workflows, platform customization, and more
  • Salesforce admin acts as the bridge between stakeholders and sales processes
  • Working on Salesforce projects boosts your hard skills remarkably
  • By practicing Salesforce projects, you will gain mastery in Salesforce customization, integrations, configuration, and more.

Salesforce Administration Projects FAQs

1. Is Salesforce easy to learn?

Yes, you can easily learn Salesforce. If you are passionate about learning and willing to devote your time to it, then learning Salesforce is a cakewalk.         

2. Is Salesforce a good career?

Of course! Making a career in Salesforce is promising as well as rewarding. Salesforce professionals can work in top companies with attractive salaries.

3. Which companies use Salesforce?

US Bank, American Express, AWS, Walmart, etc., embrace Salesforce to optimize their sales processes.

4. What are the secondary skills for salesforce admin?

Jotted down are the secondary skills every salesforce admin must have.

  • Team management
  • Business analysis skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Logical thinking.

5. What is the popular salesforce product?

Sales Cloud is the most sought-after Salesforce product. It is the tool used in both B2B and B2C businesses. This tool streamlines sales operations and improves customer relationships as well.

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On a final note, according to Statista, the annual revenue of Salesforce hit 31 billion USD in 2023. This figure shows that companies increasingly use Salesforce CRM for their sales growth. That’s why the demand for salesforce admin professionals is always on the rise. If you polish your hard skills, you can excel in the Salesforce admin career.

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If you have any suggestions, feel free to use the comment box below.

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