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Confluence Projects and Use Cases

Are you looking for ways to gain mastery of the confluence tool? No worries! Confluence Projects will help you the best. This blog covers the hand-picked confluence projects for all learners to boost their expertise in the Confluence. It's a good place to kick-start your learning journey on Confluence. By the end of the article, you will become familiar with various confluence projects, skills you will develop, and much more.

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If you want to stay ahead in the job market, you must be updated with the ever-changing tech-world landscape. The big question is – how can you be competent in your technical niche? The right answer is working on projects.

On that note, if your technical niche is Confluence, then working on Confluence projects is the best way to foster your hard skills on Confluence. This blog offers various confluence projects to improve your prowess on Confluence. Also, this blog contains the prerequisites to learn confluence projects, skills you will develop, and much more.

Let’s jump on board!

Table of Contents

What is Confluence?

Confluence is a robust Atlassian product that simplifies teamwork. It is the go-to choice for companies looking for the best project management tools. With Confluence, teams can collaborate, share, and organize their work in one place. Confluence offers dynamic pages with which teams can seamlessly create documents, projects, etc.

The big thing about Confluence is that it acts as a centralized hub. This is where teams work together to store data and organize projects – no matter their size. Confluence improves team coordination, simplifies decision-making, accelerates reaching goals, and much more.

Okay! Now, the question is – what are confluence projects, and why are they so crucial? Let’s unlock the answer in the following section.

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Why Confluence Projects?

According to a recent survey of Statista, Atlassian is a company with over 2.5 million active users. The company’s revenue is growing at a constant pace every year. At best, the company earned a revenue of over 3.5 billion USD in 2023.

The above figures showcase that a career in Confluence is lucrative and hopeful. Additionally, the opportunities for Confluence aspirants in the job market are endless. But the essential thing is that aspirants must have knife-sharp hands-on skills on the confluence tool.

Working on confluence projects is the best way to hone one’s hands-on experience. This blog includes crucial confluence projects that will help elevate your practical skills to high levels. You may ask now - Should I have any basic skills to learn confluence projects?

No worry! The coming section will answer your question.

Prerequisites For Confluence Projects

It is desirable to comply with the following prerequisites before diving into learning confluence projects.

  • Familiar with creating project plans in Confluence
  • Exposure to Java, Golang, Shell, and HTML languages
  • Knowledge of content management and databases
  • Exposure to confluence templates library
  • Basic understanding of file and page versioning system
  • Fundamental knowledge of application servers like Tomcat server
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills.

Once you are familiar with the above requirements, then learning confluence projects is not a great deal. Good! You may shoot up a question now – what skills will I gain by learning confluence projects? Let’s see the answer in the following section.

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What Skills You Will Develop With Confluence Projects?

You will acquire the following skills by working on confluence projects.

  • Expertise in creating projects in Confluence
  • Mastery in creating and managing pages in Confluence
  • Exposure to collaborating and enhancing pages in Confluence
  • Sound knowledge of creating status reports
  • Strong proficiency in creating timelines and visuals for projects
  • Excellent collaboration and project-building skills.

Sure! You will cultivate the above skills by practicing confluence projects. All right! Now it’s time to learn confluence projects. Let’s jump in!

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Best Confluence Projects For Practice

This section will take you through various amazing confluence projects. If you are a fresher, the projects will raise your skill set from ground to top. If you are an experienced learner, the projects will help to level up your skill set to the master level.

Confluence Project Ideas For Beginners

This section will take you through some basic-level confluence projects. The projects will help to establish a strong foundation on the confluence tool and equip you to work on the tool effortlessly. Let’s explore them!

1. Syncing Markdown Files with Confluence

The goal of this project is to sync Markdown files with confluence pages. Markdown is one of the popular markup languages. In this project, you will customize confluence page layouts using the HTML language. You will apply the ‘file globbing’ method to match files in subdirectories. So you can avoid running the markdown files multiple times.

By working on this project, you will become a master in Go programming. You will get familiar with many built-in templates and Macros of the Markdown language. If you have long block codes, you will learn to use the ‘Code Block Macro’ to break the files into pieces. This approach helps to paste the files on Confluence pages.


2. Docker Atlassian Confluence

This project aims to construct an Atlassian confluence instance wrapped in a Docker image. You will configure the confluence instance using many environment variables. In this project, you will learn to start a database server as well as start and configure Confluence.

Practicing this project will familiarize you with Ruby, Shell, and Dockerfile languages. It is easy to configure CircleCI and TravisCI to build the Dockerfile through this project. Besides, you will gain exposure to run acceptance tests on the Atlassian Confluence image. The tests help to ensure whether the image is working as intended.


3. Confluence Publisher

This project aims to convert AsciiDoc files using the Docker image and Maven plugin. In this project, you will convert Asciicode HTML code to XHTML code compatible with Confluence. Know that the confluence publisher follows the ‘Docs-as-code’ approach.

Completing this project will teach you to work with Java and Ruby languages. You will be exposed to various AsciiDoc features such as pages, tables, images, sections, and attachments by doing this project.


4. Confluence Dumper

This project's goal is to design a tool that supports exporting Confluence spaces. In this project, you will install dependencies and copy Confluence settings to configure Confluence dumper.

Practicing this project will familiarize you with Python and HTML programming languages. It is possible to design Confluence pages and use Shell startup files by doing this project. Besides, you will learn to configure virtualenvwrapper, which is a set of extensions.

Well! You have gone through the beginner-friendly Confluence projects. You have got some exposure to Confluence pages and spaces, Docker images, maven plugin, etc., by practicing the projects.

Next, we will dive into the section that will introduce you to some advanced Confluence projects.


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Confluence Project Ideas For Intermediate-Level Learners

This section packs the key Confluence projects that will enhance your Confluence knowledge to the expertise level. Let’s unpack!

5. Exploiting Vulnerability in Confluence

This project aims to design a script to exploit the CVE 2023-22515 vulnerability in Confluence. The script supports preventing unauthorized access to the confluence server. Not only that, but it also helps prevent access to Confluence data center instances. The script works in two modes: normal and mass.

By practicing this project, you will be familiar with Python programming. You will learn to leverage requests Python package, Fire Python library, and the alive-progress Python progress bar. You will learn to exploit the Confluence vulnerability using a single target URL in the normal mode. It is also possible to exploit the vulnerability using a list of target URLs in the mass mode through this project.


6. Converting Jupyter Notebooks

This project aims to convert Jupyter Notebooks to Atlassian Confluence pages using nbconvert. Here, nbconvert is the tool that converts Jupyter Notebooks to other formats using Jinja templates. In this project, you will convert cell inputs and outputs into Confluence storage format.

By completing this project, you will get exposure to Smarty, Jupyter Notebooks, and Makefile languages. It is possible to learn to attach images like matplotlib PNG to confluence pages through this project. Moreover, you will learn to maintain the page-image association in the version history.


7. Confluence API

The project goal is to create a powerful browser module with which you can interact with the confluence API easily. In this project, you will employ different types of authentications, such as basic authentication, JWT, OAuth 2.0, and personal access tokens. They help to gain access to the Confluence API.

By working on this project, you will get strong exposure to Typescript language. You will learn to decrease webpack bundle size through this project. Besides, it is easy to get familiar with using the apiPrefix config parameter to specify the prefix for the API by doing this project.

8. Confluence Cookbook

This project aims to develop a repository for the Confluence cookbook. You will configure an instance of Atlassian Confluence. You will implement Ubuntu and RHEL operating systems in this project. Moreover, you will use various Cookbooks such as Java, apache2, ark, MySQL, etc.

You will become proficient in Ruby and HTML programming by practicing this project. It is easy to configure a bundled JRE automatically using the Confluence Linux installer doing this project. Using the data bag, you will learn to store sensitive data like database credentials and passwords.

Excellent! You have learned the crucial Confluence projects in this section. You must have gained expertise in APIs, authentications, Jinja templates, and more.


What next? Coming up is the section where you will learn some mission-critical Confluence projects.

Confluence Projects For Advanced Learners

This section will take you through advanced confluence projects that will transform you into a master of Confluence tools. Let’s have a look ahead!

9. Atlassian Connect Core

The goal of the project is to create an add-on for Confluence. In this project, you will install dependency through composer. During installation, you will register route middleware and set the authentication driver. Also, you will set the model class and register the subscriber.

By completing this project, you will get expertise in PHP and Blade languages. This project will teach you to use default routes, API requests, descriptors, webhooks, etc.


10. Confluence Backup

The project aims to create and upload a confluence cloud instance to an Amazon S3 bucket. In this project, you will implement full backup automation. You will develop backups in MySQL databases as well.

By learning this project, you will get exposure to Shell, Python, and Batchfile programming. By doing this project, it is possible to learn how to create a scheduled task on Windows manually. You will also learn to work with the cron job scheduler on the Linux operating system.

11. Alfred Confluence Workflow

This project aims to build an Alfred workflow to search confluence content effectively. In this project, you will open, search, and edit confluence content. You will work with the Confluence cloud and data server.

By working on this project, you will gain mastery in Python programming. You will get exposure to workflow user configuration tools in Alfred5 to perform user-friendly configurations. Moreover, you will learn to search multiple confluence systems through this project.


12. Enterprise Public Viewer

This project aims to build an enterprise public viewer for confluence pages. This viewer uses the REST API to access confluence pages and its content. The important thing is that this tool provides read-only access.

By practicing this project, you will become proficient in JavaScript, SCSS, Dockerfile, typescript, CSS, and Makefile. You will learn to format the page content with configurable CSS stylesheets, images, web statistics, etc. You will get proficiency with nest.js, reveal.js, cheerio, highlight.js, and more.

Celebrate! You can unleash the potential in a real-time environment now. By working on these projects, you have gained significant exposure to confluence tools, spaces, pages, file sync and sharing, backups, authentication, and more.

The more you practice, the more your skills shine. On that note, the coming section provides several real-time confluence project ideas to enrich your knowledge of Confluence.

Real-Time Top Confluence Project Ideas

Below is the list of confluence project ideas that will boost your confluence skills to the next level.

  1. Onlyoffice Confluence
  2. Unofficial Atlassian confluence companion app
  3. Congruence
  4. Manage content in the confluence cloud
  5. Enterprise public viewer
  6. Secret scanner for Confluence
  7. Vscode confluence markup
  8. Black Friday-confluence
  9. Doktor-plugin
  10. Atlassian-jamstack-app

Sure! Working on these Confluence projects will help you climb up your career ladder consistently.

Overall Summary:

  • Confluence is the project management tool with which teams can collaborate in a single place.
  • Confluence simplifies file sharing, achieving goals, organizing tasks, and more.
  • Confluence is the centralized hub where teams can easily store and access data.
  • Working on Confluence projects helps you tackle real-time workplace challenges and excel in your career.
  • You will learn to create pages, spaces, and projects in Confluence effortlessly by practicing Confluence projects.

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Confluence Projects FAQs

1. Is Confluence easy to learn?

Yes, learning confluence is an effortless journey. Only sheer focus and determination are required to learn Confluence. In MindMajix, our expert trainers simplify your learning journey.

2. Is learning Confluence worthwhile?

No doubt learning confluence is worthwhile. Companies widely use Confluence to manage their projects and encourage team collaboration. So, the demand for confluence professionals is rising all the time.

3. What does Confluence do?

Confluence simplifies file sharing, managing projects, scheduling tasks, and more. It supports quick and accurate decision-making. On top of all that, it unites teams on a single track to reach goals as quickly as possible.

4. Does Confluence support automation?

Of course! Confluence supports automation. The enterprises and cloud versions support automation entirely.

5. Is Confluence an agile tool?

In a way, Confluence is an agile tool. Confluence provides improved communication between development teams and non-technical teams. It accelerates product development and deployment dramatically.


It’s time to wrap! The confluence projects this blog addresses will help elevate your expertise in confluence tools. However, if you go through professional training, it will be a big plus. MindMajix is the leading eLearning provider that offers industry-designed Confluence Certification Training for all learners. So don’t miss the chance to go through various real-time confluence projects and the latest industry use cases in the training. The training lets you fine-tune your confluence skills and land your dream job.

Feel free to contact our team using the comment box below if you have any questions.

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