Introduction to Python Programming

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Fortunately, an experienced programmer in any programming language (whatever it may be) can pick up Python very quickly. Indeed, it’s also easy for beginners to use and learn. So why are we being late?  Let’s get started.

Python is a dynamic, interpreted (bytecode-compiled) and very reliable, high-level programming language that allows you to achieve more in lesser lines of code. There are no type declarations of variables, parameters, functions, or methods in the source code. This makes the code very short and flexible, and you lose the compile-time type checking of the source code. Python tracks the types of all values at runtime and flag code that does not make sense as it runs.

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The programming model offered by Python allows you to carry out coding in various styles such as functional, procedural or object oriented. It offers a huge library, carries out memory management automatically and has a dynamic type of system. It can be installed on various operating systems.

An excellent way to see how Python code works is to run the Python interpreter and type code right into it. If you ever have a question like, “What happens if I ever add an int to a list?” Just typing it into the Python interpreter is a fast and likely the best way to see what happens.

Another great feature of Python is dynamic name resolution, which binds methods and variable name when the program is executed, it is an amazing feature and you will realize this when you start working on it.

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Here are some reasons why Python is preferred over other programming languages:

  • Python code is robust and easy to maintain. It is less prone to issues and is very easy to debug. There is no doubt that in today’s date it is one of the most powerful and easy to understand language.
  • Python is a flexible language. That is the main reason why it is being used to develop the web as well as desktop applications. It is also used for system administration and voice over IP.
  • The syntax used in Python programming is very simple, straight forward and easy to implement. For example, there is no need to define the type of variable; and it is automatically detected when the program is executed. This feature greatly reduces the number of syntax errors that a programmer makes.
  • Since Python is easier to understand and easy to implement, it allows you to develop an application in lesser time as compared to other languages. So, Python ultimately saves time.
  • Since it is an open source programming language, it is desirable to use this language to bring down the cost of a project.

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