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Future with Python

A successful professional is not the one who has his list of achievements, but it is the one who is consistently improving, evolving and adapting his skills. Think about the crisis faced by current software market. The need for a programming language that is up with latest enhancements in various technologies and supports other coding platforms like C, C++, Java which were present for decades.

Corporate leaders are expected to do more within the limits of time which makes trending developers outsmart without disturbing originality. Python aces its competitors in these aspects. Its extensive list of packages which can be cloned and edited supports individual experience. Offer a warm welcome to the experts from broad areas. If you are looking to join a fast-paced structure of programming without losing your years of expertise, then you are advancing in the right direction. Not every programming language has its resemblance close to English.

Python was awarded Programming Language Hall of Fame in the year 2010 continuing its saga. According to Tiobe Python took a step ahead moving from 5th to 4th place in 2018 with traditional Java, C, and C++ before it. Tiobe Index is used to understand the popularity of programming languages across the world. These ratings are taken from the most skilled engineers and also on the base of search results from renowned search engines.

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Easy coding

Python coding is smooth not only for the experts but also for the beginners. It is very compact, simple with not much of heavy syntax looks as if its compressed out of other lengthy programs with similar operational use. Due to its flexible nature, Python is a bit slow at times. Are you aware of the famous 20/80 rule, the same applies here as well? Ask any developer working on Python; he will tell you that learning 20% of Python coding will help you in implementing 80% of the process

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Python on Linux and Unix and Windows operating systems

  • Are you aware that most of computers, Laptops and server systems with Linux and Unix operating systems along with some of windows os come with a recent version of Python installed in them?
  • Python is used mostly for the Linux and Unix system admin tasks and is a great fit when compared to Ruby, Pearl, Bash, etc.
  • You can perform analysis of log files, genomic sequences and statistical analysis with increased speed in no time.
  • For a sysadmin work will pile up with more speed compared to un-pile.  If you used shell-scripting before, learning Python is a cakewalk.
  • Unlike Linux and Unix, most of the windows do not support the installation of Python, and you will need MSI packages(specially compiled for windows) updated for every release.

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Now let us look in detail who will benefit with a shift of career into Python and why?

IoT Systems

  1. Developers from a different coding domain are most familiar with the term IoT(Internet of Things). Its defined for the non-human interactive element in machine operation which includes micromechanical systems, artificially intelligent human transplants which requires automated monitoring.
  2. Its employed in several areas of IT, Data Security, Management, etc. Python is favored by most of IOT manufacturers as it handles data more efficiently.
  3. The clean and swift syntax of Python helps it to implement on small devices whose computational and executive power is limited.

Web development with Python


Many developers use PHP for building a website which is a tedious process. Python is more or less as a text editor appealing to the eye. The code taking hours of time to construct in PHP can get done in minutes with Python. The giant snake is capable of squeezing its program with its Django and Flask frameworks in hand with no compromise in its performance.

C++ and Java

If you have some previous experience in C++ and Java you must be familiar with their extensive applications ruling the technology, Python gives a warm welcome with its oops principles and similarity in class, methods, objects and implemented techniques like Polymorphism, Inheritance and abstraction concepts. Coding is most functional with no semicolons or more braces. The only change you can feel is the coding has improved and made comfortable for you. No need to memorize any syntax or long lines of code. Consider scripting for implementation of cybersecurity in Java. That definitely would consume more calendar days. 

Software build and testing

Once the code gets designed, it can be run several times on automated systems. This includes both build and test processes. Prime concern with Software build and testing is that it should run on different platforms without any restriction, error or interruption. Setting test environment, preparing test data and analyzing data is to be catered. Python has cutest, testlib, green, pytest and many others for this purpose. Roundup Issue tracker helps in detecting bugs and managing issues.

Data Science

  • It deals with more intelligent extraction of implied content in different forms from a given set of data. Data Science with its increasing demand stands out as a vital option of choice among many professionals with its collaboration with Python programming. The significant part of Data Science includes Research, Create, Develop and Separate. 
  • Why learn Python before entering Data Science when there are several other tools? An answer to this is quite simple. Data Science is a rapidly growing profession and needs a varied skill-set as analytics, stats, optimizing, data-analysis, data-visualization techniques.
  •  It can take a long time, or you can learn Python which includes all these.

There are many other areas which employ Python coding as their prime platform.

Little about its supporting libraries

Python is built in with the varied set of libraries. Mostly used amongst them are displayed in the table. These employed in widely with diverse nature of use. Few of them detailed below. 

LibraryApplication areas
ScrapyWeb scraping
BeautifulSoupHtml and XML parsing 
TwistedApp Development
NumpyAdvanced mathematical calculations
ScipyScientific algorithms and calculations
MatplotlibPlotting analytics and data science
noseTesting framework
SympyFor complex algebraic evaluation, complex numbers, etc.

Benefits of Python

Many companies were dealing with graphic and web designing applications, gaming, text and image processing, etc. employ Python.  It is software provided with open source license which makes it easy to download and run. It is more of fun to work on this software. Python adds convenience to the experts of other coding languages without deviating their base structure.


Frequency Asked Python Interview Questions

Shooting Pay scales with Innumerable opportunities

If you are a person obsessed with technology you would have witnessed growing support for Python in the list of programming languages from the companies and individual as well. A tiny bit from the bulking list of organizations adopting Python as their coding language include Youtube, Google, Facebook, Dropbox, etc. Names seem familiar, don't they?

Python developers are listed amongst the top five potential earners with trending salaries. With all the above factors in consideration, we have concluded Python programming to be the possible element with a salary range of $92,000 to $130,000. Now it is for you to decide if you want to step in this ride to the amount of package.

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