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There are plenty of programming languages around us varying from the well established ones with roots very deep in many applications to the latest coding languages with multiple developing options for several structures and the mediocre similar to Python. Then why Python as a choice in the first place?

Let me introduce you to the top most factors defining the qualities of a perfect programming language. Hope you will definitely agree with me after having a glance through these. Happy reading!

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Ease of coding and implementation

Most of the developers prefer the code to be built easy and written with less syntax along with being utmost functional at the same time. Python serves all of these purposes. The coding style is more of general purpose language and is more readable, most interactive and is not restricted to any specific platform. 

Python can be used as both an interpreted language and as a compiled language. With Python you can run the scripts directly as well. It is more of fun to code in Python than others.

Whitespace is more meaningful in Python and are employed to quote placement and indentation of new lines of code. You should always start a new line only when you want to end your present line of code. No braces are needed to particularly specify start and end of code. Often a colon appears when starting a new block.

Being the most friendly, interpreted, interactive and object oriented Python is termed as the beginner’s language by large amount of developers using it. Python coding is very similar to coding languages like Java, C++ and supports many others.

h3 style="text-align: justify;">Popularity

According to the latest analysis from PYPL(Popularity of Programming Language) Python is rated the second most popular and preferred language in comparison with other coding languages. PYPL analysis can be considered as a good resource to make a choice in selecting the best coding language to study, use and implement. Python showed an improvement from 12.6% to 22.05% competing Java which is at top with its 22.62%.

An open source 

Being an open source Python can be downloaded and implemented and distributed for free across the globe. This helps the beginners and new developers in gaining access to the complete version of software and it also helps its users with supporting community which has a well documented list of answers to the queries of coders.

It also features a GPL( General Public License) which enables the coder to use the customizations without being added to the open source and thus will remain exclusive to the company.

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Python Library

Python  has an extensive set of standard libraries containing built-in modules which provides with standardized applications. Another added feature to this is that, these libraries can be cloned and edited according to the purpose. These customized libraries are then added to Python open source for the benefit of others using it. Thus list of libraries are continuously updated with many enhancements in their functionality which is very beneficial to its future implementations. 

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With Python you can add low level modules to the interpreter enabling the programmer to add or customize their tools in order to increase efficiency.

Used for scripting

Python can be used for scripting similar to Perl and can also be compiled to bytecode for developing applications on a large scale. It is mostly used for developing Html content on websites. This language has the mixed code environments combining various programming languages. This has inbuilt security API which uses programming approach like the context dependency injection in order to simplify API on all platforms.

Python’s Application Areas

Python has its list of diversified applications. Most of them include:

1. Data management systems and data analysis systems

Python has good list of packages(tools) to manage and analyze data in several forms. Python is capable of handle embulking data with limited resources. Some of these packages include Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Matplotlib and Ipython. They are much interactive and support data visualization methods. These high performance tools are often used for parallel computing.

2. Web and internet development

Used extensively for designing relative data markups of structured data  and includes modules to work with XML, HTML and SGML languages. different applications online. Python Django and Pyramid are extensively used for web and internet development.

3. Python cloud computing

Many websites enable Python code to upload and run from the website. Google App Engine is one among such. Data persistency is handled by this app engine. Picloud, StarCluster and Pythonanywhere are some among such apps. Some web browsers allow Python to run without any local installation. This process is achieved with few web services which allow submitting Python code to the back end system.

4. Testing and Cyber security

Many major software systems are tested extensively for their durability before releasing them into the market. There are several frameworks of Python like unittest, pytest, doctest  and nose to support the testing process. These are easy to use and support test organization with the help of test suites. 

Used in performing crypto and malware analysis. You can quickly locate viruses. Cyber security can be implemented in order to protect networks, computers and bulk data from unidentified sources.

5. Software development 

I am not talking about the terms good or bad coding but when you are putting your efforts to build the best, performance matters. Python is often used as a support language for software developers for controlling and managing the build quite smoothly when compared to others.

6. Business Applications

Used to build ERP and e-commerce systems. Odoo and Tryton are the management applications that are employed for this purpose. Both of these provide a complete business solution and are quite stable and secure. It is so simple yet solves

Other areas of its applications include imaging, audio and video, 3D CAD/CAM, internet, mobile, science, education, Graphical User Interface and machine learning and office applications.


Frequently asked Python Interview Questions & Answers


With all these points in mind I would like to conclude Python as the most reliable programming language with applications in far and wide areas. Not just me even the IEEE Spectrum rated Python as the best among the top 10 programming languages.

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