Install Python on Windows and Linux

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Install python on windows and linux

 When it comes to programming there are several high level languages available for the job. Although every programming language has  a massive fan following, there is something special about Python. It is very easy to understand and follow that is has become the first choice for many developers.

In order to get a copy for your system, go to HTTPS://WWW.PYTHON.ORG/ .

Python on windows and linux

Go to down load link:


This is a production release please report any bugs you encounter

we can currently support these formats for download

windows X3G NSI restaller (2.78)

  • windows X3G NSI program data base (2.78)
  • windows X3G NSI program installer (2.78) [1]
  • windows X3G NSI program data base (2.78) [1]
  • windows help file
  • Mac OS x 64-bit/32.bit x 96.6 1386 installer (2.78) Mac OS x 10.6 and later 2 you may need an update tc intall to run OLE or use twinter see note 2 for instructions
  • Mac OS x 32-bit x 1386 installer (2.78) Mac OS x 10.3 and later [2] sig
  • Mac OS x 32-bit x 1386 installer (2.78) Mac OS x 10.3 deprecated see below[2] sig
  • XZ compressed source tar ball (2.78) sig
  • GZ source tar ball (2.78) sig

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Select the version right for your system.

Operating system How to
Windows When you execute the installer you will be presented with options, for most you will have to agree to default choices
OSX Double click the installer and follow the instructions. You have to just stick to default settings
Linux If you are having linux operating systems then check if it has ‘idle’. If yes, then your system already has python installed.

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