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Why You Should Learn Java Programming

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Gone are those days when only limited numbers of programming languages were available. Of course, there are several platforms that experts have developed in the present time. However, one fact that couldn’t be denied about programming is Java is still the number one preference for a very large number of young and experienced professionals across the globe. In fact, many have found it one of the finest programming languages despite being a lot of competition in the technology. Of course, you have heard about Java if you are from a programming background. It’s for two decades and it’s a long time for any programming language to stay in demand. Java has actually gone powerful with each passing day and has become one of the finest options in the present time. You might be wondering to know why learning Java at the present time is so important. Well, here are the Top 10 reasons why You Should Learn Java programming.

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10. Wide support availability

Java is one of the languages where which doesn’t give programmers any reason to worry in case they stuck on a project

  • Due to its longtime availability, programmers can expect the availability of wide support.
  • Those who often stuck at a project due to bugs, errors, compatibility issues, and other problems have no reason to worry
  • There are a very large number of experienced and dedicated professionals across the globe who can be approached for finding the perfect solution to anything that goes wrong
  • Java has actually grown exponentially and a lot of new features have been added to it with time to make it one of the finest platforms that are free from any compatibility issues.
  • There are a lot of resources available online when it comes to learning Java

Wonderful community support

9. Millions Of jobs are available

Those with good knowledge of Java need not worry about anything when it comes to getting the most secure and reputed jobs

  • The fact is a huge spectrum of app development is based on Java and apps are largely demanded in the present time. This has created a lot of jobs for those who have experience in this programming language
  • Many leading IT organizations also hire Java experts on a large scale to maintain consistency in their arena
  • Java has a large installed base and thus it will continue to create new jobs in the future too

8. Keep calm, it’s easy

Whether it’s working with Java or learning it, both are easy and users can simply stay calm. There are certain factors actually that contribute to making it a simple yet powerful language

  • The fact couldn’t be denied that Java is not a highly complex language that needs a lot of time for someone to be an expert in it
  • There are many features and additional approaches that can simply be opted for to eliminate the key issues from any task based on this programming language
  • There are various modules and a wide support that assures learners and users can easily keep up the pace in no time without compromising with anything
  • For aiding yourself, there are a number of paid and free options available on the World Wide Web to enable you to gain knowledge on Java

7. Java is Object Oriented Programming Language and is Open Source

This is one of the leading reasons to learn Java at the present time. Many experts are able to derive results in the challenging environment because of this reason only

  • The object-oriented Programming concept makes sure that users face no problems at all while handling minor or major tasks based on this language
  • Users need not pay any amount when it comes to writing an application on Java
  • The flexible, extensible, and system-modular concepts of Java make it one of the best programming languages
  • It largely promotes the Object-Oriented design 
  • The Open Source nature of Java makes it easy for users to modify the projects as per their needs and preference
  • The open-source approach also makes it independent of the Operating System Environments

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Basics of OOPS

6. Java is rich in API

  • This is another cheerful reason why one would learn Java
  • Java open source ecosystem supports a diverse array of tools which makes it simply the best and ensures no issues related to compatibility
  • A wide set of procedures and functions allow users to make sure success in almost every project they handle
  • A huge level of debugging can be assured by the users anytime they want
  • Also, Java has been equipped with several powerful tools such as Eclipse and Netbeans to make it easy for programmers to have a favorable fortune in the best possible manner


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5. Usage in real-world applications

Java is one such programming language that has usage in real-world applications and up to a great extent. The practical applications are still blooming at a very fast rate

  • Websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Amazon have sections that are based on this amazing programming language
  • When it comes to enterprise application development, Java has a wide scope and a lot of applications
  • The excellent roadmap of Java makes it one of the best available options to consider for learning

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4. Java is secure and a true performer

Users need not worry about security and performance when it comes to a building project with this programming language

  • The fact is Java has seen significant improvements in the security and performance domain in the last few years
  • Even if the projects are complex and need a lot of security, Java can simply be trusted and users need not worry about compromising the security

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3. Java is everywhere

According to experts, Java will be available on more than 3.5 billion devices across the globe in the next two years

  • Java creates strong and flexible programs that let you work almost anywhere you want
  • It has applications in IOT, Cloud, Television, set of boxes, POS, and in other domains
  • The vast availability of Java simply let users keep up the pace when it comes to building career in this domain
  • Experts have worked hard in making Java available everywhere and this clearly indicates that learners can easily grab the best available jobs anywhere they want across the globe

2. Learning Java makes you a professional with recognized skills

Java skills are considered the best skills in the world and this is one of the leading reasons why so many youngsters are showing interest in it.

  • There are many certification and diploma programs that are available simply and learners are always free to proceed with them. It only needs them to have a basic background in the programming language
  • After having professional recognition of your skills in Java, you can always make sure of respected and well-paid jobs in IT.
  • Also, Java trends are forever and will stay for a long time period
  • Learners can have the opportunity to gain knowledge of this programming language through some of the best and most well-recognized universities across the globe 
  • Java certifications are respected and appreciated all over the world

1. Java is Platform independent and has wide libraries

It is true that libraries in a programming language are important and useful. More libraries mean more reliability and efficiency 

  • The platform-independent approach makes Java a programming language that anyone can proceed with without worrying about anything
  • You just need to write once and can run it anywhere because of no other reason than this
  • Libraries make sure that users can make a lot of tasks easier and can simply come out with the projects that are best in every aspect
  • There are several other indirect benefits that libraries in Java assure for the users and learners
  • Users need not spend time modifying their projects when it comes to running applications on another OS than the one on which they were built

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So this is all about the top 10 reasons why you should learn Java Programming in the current scenario. When it comes to learning this Object-Oriented Programming, anyone can have a lot of options available. There are many certifications that are well-recognized and the learning cost is too low. However, experts can always make sure of a bright future in the time to come.


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