Top 10 Features of Salesforce Lightning

Introduction to Salesforce :

Salesforce is one of the best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms available around the globe. The company has had a long journey to reaching up to these heights. Moreover, it is still improvising itself continuously as per the needs of this technocentric world. There are numerous Salesforce features and integrations introduced by the giant IT firm that can boost up the statistics of your sales, services, marketing, and many other departments. However, they need professionals (i.e. salesforce developers) for the integration, as there is coding involved in it.

In the year 2015, the company introduced an evolution in its product and named it ‘Lightning’. Keeping the requirements of salesforce enthusiasts from a non-coding background in mind, the company introduced a new component-based framework called Lightning. It comes with the Lightning Component Framework along with some exciting tools. It simply makes building a responsive application a lot easier for any device you desire.

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What is Lightning?

In common words, lighting is a quick splash of energy that emerges during a thunderstorm. In Salesforce, lightning simply means you can do every integration very quickly. Lightning components in Salesforce provide you with a client-server framework that can accelerate development as well as application performance. Moreover, it is ideal to work with the Salesforce Mobile Application.

With the help of Lightning Application Builder, applications can be made without coding and quicker than ever before. All the credit goes to the custom-built Lightning components. Here we are showcasing top CRM features that can enlighten your working experience in an all-new way. Kindly take a look at the following salesforce lightning features list given below:

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Salesforce Lightning Features

Salesforce Lightning will enable you to experience a completely evolved way of handling your business. Here, we are showcasing a list of salesforce lightning features and benefits, by which you can get in-depth knowledge on this evolved platform.

1. Packed With Latest Technology

Salesforce Lightning is packed up with the most recent technological advancements that can help you in improvising your customer as well as interdepartmental relations. It provides you the facility to use the potential of the cloud for almost everything you do on this platform. Apart from this, salesforce releases three definite lightning updates every year and you will also get it automatically.

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2. Faster Selling

Users will get around 55 new Sales Cloud pages coupled with 150 additional features in the new Salesforce Lightning platform. It is unsurprisingly not feasible to write all the features down here. However, we have come up with these five features that are proving to be the most helpful and desired for the representatives working on these platforms along with the ones working behind the desk.

  • Opportunity Kanban: It helps you in visualizing all of your records at once by which you will be able to monitor your work more effectively and can simply plan according to it.
  • Quarterly Performance Chart: As its name represents, it provides you with a performance chart of your work quarterly, that can be helpful in tracking down your growth.
  • Assistant: The new Assistant in Salesforce Lightning helps you getting aware with every latest update over the course of the day.
  • Opportunity Workspace: You can simply coordinate your team’s work by using this. It offers best practices, strategy & guidance for personalized workspace configuration.
  • Custom Dashboards: You can easily customize your dashboard according to your requirements in the new Salesforce Lightning.

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3. Lightning Voice

Lightning Voice for Salesforce is the most highlighting feature of this improved platform. It provides a great advantage for business people by associating them with clients. With the help of it, you will be able to make voice calls directly via Sales Cloud itself. This means that no matter where you are using the virtues of Salesforce, you are always free to make as well as receive calls if you have your cell phone included in it. Apart from this, the best thing about this feature is you can also take notes and log calls while making or receiving a call.

4. Steelbrick Feature

Steelbrick is one more fabulous feature embedded in Salesforce, which is entirely constructed only on the Lightning infrastructure. Its CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) enable the Sales Cloud to do all the tasks for trading deals in the business structure. With the help of this, the Salesforce representative can easily create proposals and contracts for brands without any hustle. Moreover, they can also get rebate approvals and can even gather signatures without signing out of their CRM.

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5. Outlook Alliance

Nothing could be better than the world’s #1 CRM and world’s foremost productivity suite working together. The alliance of Salesforce with Microsoft has taken business management to a whole new level. Currently, you are completely able to sign in your Lightning platform by using your Outlook account, which means no more hopping between different programs. Furthermore, the cloud-based Lightning Synchronization also keeps your logbooks and contacts up to date across your Office 365 suite, your Salesforce and all of your other Microsoft Exchange accounts.

6. CRM on thumbs

Here, we are talking about the Salesforce1 Mobile Application, which is completely based on the Lightning Platform. The development of this platform came in sight just to redesign the Lightning’s desktop dashboard experience. All the customizations made on the platform will immediately be available on your cell phone by using the Salesforce1 Mobile Application.

7. Lightning Application Builder

This is undeniably the best part of this entire Lightning Platform evolution. The new Salesforce Lightning Application Builder allows you to build applications without touching the coding part. This simply means that you don’t need to be a hardcore coder to build applications on the Lightning platform, you just have to make a few clicks at right places and it's done.  

With the help of this Salesforce Lightning feature, anyone in the team can customize the pages and can relocate the Lightning Components to pin up the applications. Basically, there are three sorts of segments in the Lightning App Builder, which are mentioned below:

  • Components from Lightning Exchange (i.e. Built by different Salesforce partners).
  • Pre-Built Components from Salesforce Org.
  • Its custom components.

8. AppExchange

Currently, there are a total number of 157 Lightning-ready third-party applications available in the Salesforce’s AppExchange platform. All of those applications are duly pre-reviewed and pre-integrated to work fluently on the Salesforce platform. With the help of these Lightning-compatible applications, you can experience the most consistent client encounter as you shift your organization towards the Lightning interface. All you need to do is search the applications with ‘Lightning Ready’ symbol on AppExchange and get along with it as per your requirements.

9. Lightning Snap-Ins

Developed by using the Lightning components, Snap-Ins is one of the most helpful features from the Cloud Lightning Service. It allows companies to coordinate their client support directly into the pages and applications. Snap-Ins make it very easy to reach out the clients right where they are and help them in every possible way.

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10. Lightning Customer Community

Concerning the historical backdrop of Community Cloud, the Lightning Customer Community is the highest feature-packed released by Salesforce. It works for empowering organizations to engage intelligently as well as rapidly with their clients. Moreover, it comes with a new UX that promises to provide you with a completely new level of personalization. The Lightning Customer Community now comes along with a lot of new engagement opportunities, which can simply assist your business in attaining an unparalleled client experience. Apart from this, it also provides different built-in solutions to frequent grievances or business.

So, these are top 10 Salesforce Lightning Features and benefits that are attracting the users like a magnet. Salesforce is the best CRM available in the market and the credit simply goes to its true potential of Cloud Computing. Additional CRM features worth noting can simply be seen in the rest of the article.

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Additional Enhancements Worth Noting

Apart from the above-given salesforce lightning features, there are many more advancements made by the company to make Salesforce the best CRM of all time. Here is the list of all the new improvements and features carved by the company in its Salesforce Classic platform to make it Lightning fast. Kindly take a look at the below-given table to know formal the new Salesforce Features in each and every section of Lightning platform.

SegmentNew Features (Enhancements)
Salesforce DataDoesn’t come with additional Sales and Service objects
HomePerformance Chart
Key Deals
Accounts and ContactsNews
Activity Timeline
Account Logos
Automated Account Fields
“Reference” page layout
CampaignsCampaign member status charts
LeadsWorkspace Page Layout
Activity Timeline
HomePerformance Chart
Key Deals
Key Deals
OpportunitiesWorkspace Page Layout
Activity Timeline
Visual view of opportunities (Kanban)
Absence of similar opportunities
Absence of big deal alerts
Salesforce EinsteinEinstein Opportunity Insights (Sales)
Einstein Account Insights (Sales)
Einstein Automated Contacts (Sales)
Einstein Bots (Service)
Collaborative ForecastsProduct and schedule date forecasts
Territory forecasts
Forecast sharing
Users will be able to choose the product families to forecast on the order they appear in.
It forecasts grid organized first by period, product family, and then user to show product family forecast totals
It forecasts grid expansion remains the same during each session
Timestamp showing refresh time and date
All-zero rows hidden for all forecast types
You can adjust your own product family forecasts
Lacks opportunity split details in the opportunities list
Customer ServiceEinstein Bots
Lightning flow for service
Live Message

Service setup flows for:

  • Communities
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Knowledge
  • Email-to-case
  • Help Center
  • Omni-channel
  • Live Message
  • Live Agent
Lack Solutions
ReportsEnhanced report charts
Hide totals subgroups from report view
Interactive filters when viewing reports
It lacks Product standard filter for the Opportunities with Contact Roles and Products report type in the Report Builder
It lacks Product standard filter for the Opportunities with Contact Roles and Products report type in the Report Builder
It lacks Stacked summaries in the Matrix report format
It lacks Pie charts
No follow reports
No report notifications
No historical trend reporting
No conditional formatting
DashboardsDisplay more than 3 columns
No visual components
List ViewsCharts
Create filters on the fly
Search for a list view on the fly
View records visually (Kanban)
Other Features and ProductsCustom organization brand images and colors
Custom branding of Salesforce applications
Activities- related composer windows
No customizable forecasting
No partner portals

These are the additional features offered by the Salesforce in its new Lightning platform. All of these features or facilities ware only available for Salesforce Lightning, so if you are using its Classic version you will not be able to experience any of them. You can take a glance at it and check it out yourself if you wanna go for it or stay integrated with the Salesforce Classic platform.

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Wrapping things up, we can say that Salesforce got electrified with the strike of Lightning on it. We can easily see that the new Salesforce Lightning gives you a lot more features and facilities as compared to the older Salesforce Classic. So, if you want to experience a rapid growth in your business along with the taste of latest technology, you can simply switch to the Lightning platform. We have elaborated all the features associated with the Salesforce Lightning in the above given article. So, now, it's completely up to your choice if you want to sign-up or migrate to Salesforce Lightning or wanna stay Classic with the previous version of it.

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