Advanced SAS Interview Questions

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Last modified: November 15th 2021


If you're looking for SAS Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research SAS has a market share of about 17.8%. So, You still have opportunity to move ahead in your career in SAS Programming. Mindmajix offers Advanced SAS Interview Questions 2018 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire dream career as SAS Programmer.

Advanced SAS Interview Questions 


Features SAS SPSS
User Interface Highly interactive UI Moderately interactive UI
Decision Making Works along with Enterprise Miner Possible to obtain answer tree
Data Management Advantageous than SPSS Supports Data Management
Documentation Huge set of technical documentation Lack of documentation

Q2) What is the use of Macros in SAS?

Q3) What different option in SAS Can be used to debug the Macro Program? 

Q4) What is the use of Mprint Option in Macros? 

Q5) What is Autocall Facility?

Q6) What other SAS features do you use for error trapping and data validation?

Q7) What is the application of Minoperator? Explain. 

Q8) In How many ways we can create Macro variables in the Global Symbol Table?

Q9) Define all ways to create Macro Variable? 

Q10) What is a method for assigning first.VAR and last.VAR to the BY group variable on unsorted data?

Q11) In How many ways we can create Macro variables in the Local Symbol Table?

Q12) What is the difference between Global and Local Symbol Table? 

Q13) What is the difference between Call Symputx and Call Symput?

Q14) Write the entire Syntax of Proc SQL? 

Q15) What is the difference between Keyword parameters and Positional parameters?

Q16) What is the use of Feedback Option? Where it can be applicable? 

Q17) What is the difference between %NRST and %STR Functions?

Q18) How would you create multiple observations from a single observation?

Q19) Do you know the application of Validate keyword in SQL? 

Q20) What is Symget?

Q21) Which Macro Functions are know as a Quoting function? 

Q22) How to resolve Multiple Ampersand Symbols?

Q23) What is the difference between functions and PROCs that calculate the same simple descriptivestatistics?

Q24) What is the difference between %STR and %NRSTR functions?

Q25) Write a program to delete all the User Defined Macro variables form the Global Symbol Table?

Q26) What is the use of %include? How we can see the source code in SAS? 

Q27) Explain the Syntax of proc SQL?

Q28) Using macro program how we can print all the dataset available in one SAS Library? 

Q29) What is the difference between Sub-queries and SQL Views?

Q30) How to delete the macro variable from global symbol table? How to delete all macro variable Automatically? 

Q31) What are some good SAS programming practices for processing very large data sets?

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Q32) What is the difference between Inner join and Outer joins? Explain with examples?

Q33) Specify the different types of joins in SQL? 

Q34) How processing is different in SQL joins and Data step Merge? 

Q35) How to vertically combine SAS Date Set by using Proc SQL and how it is different from Data Step Concatenation? 

Q36) Can we use arrays in Proc SQL? 

Q37) How to create a dataset using SQL Procedure? 

Q38) In How many ways we can create SAS Data set by using proc SQL?

Q39) How can you perform the Benchmarking in SAS Programm? What are the advantages? 

Q40) How to create Macro variables by Using Proc SQL?

Q41) How many different ways we can create a INDEX in SAS? 

Q42) How to save a program by using Data step?

Q43) Why is SAS considered self-documenting?

Q44) What are Hash Objects? Advantages of Hash Object. How to create Hash objects in SAS? 

Q45) What is the difference between Joins and Merging?

Q46) How to create a Dataset from user define format? 

Q47) What do the SAS log messages “numeric values have been converted to character” mean? What are the implications?

Q48) What is Benchmarking in SAS?

Q49) What is cntlin= option in format procedure? 

Q50) Explain Indexes? How many ways we can create Indexes?

Q51) Write the syntax to make permanent formats by using from a SAS datasets? 

Q52) Why is a STOP statement needed for the POINT= option on a SET statement?

Q53) Explain SAS Views? In How many ways we can Create SAS views?

Q54) What is the difference between SAS views and SAS datsets? 

Q55) How does SAS handle missing values in: assignment statements, functions, a merge, an update, sort order, formats, PROCs?

Q56) What is the difference between libraries,Catalogs and dictionaries in SAS? 


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