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Have no idea about Alteryx? Then, follow along. This blog will talk about what Alteryx is along with its features. By going through this blog you will be able to perform hands-on installation of Alteryx on your system. Not limited to this, you will also learn what Alteryx is and its various features. By the end of this blog you will get a clear idea about Alteryx in greater detail.

Working with large and complex datasets can be exhausting. These data decisions are the foundation of your company and can make or kill it. Managing and delivering effective results is difficult because the data is chaotic and scattered. This is when Alteryx enters the picture. Alteryx makes it easier to analyze and transform your data into strategic advantages.

Alteryx helps you to automatically organize and analyze your data without the need of complex coding. This guide will help you understand Alteryx and how to install it on your Windows system. Alteryx makes your workflow easy and helps you make your data problems disappear.

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Some of the system prerequisites to install Alteryx are given below. Make sure that these requirements are present before the installation process.

  • Windows 7 or later operating system
  • Quad-core x64 compatible processor 
  • 8 GB or higher RAM  (recommended)
  • 2 GB of available hard-disk space for installation

What is Alteryx?

Alteryx is a complete data analytics platform that enables users to prep, analyze, and blend data using a drag-and-drop user interface. Drag and drop refers to directly dragging any tool or dataset onto your workspace. A user can use a massive amount of data in Alteryx, and it has over 70 distinct types of required data connectors or tools and various APIs.

Alteryx assists you in repairing and cleaning the data so that it fits together nicely. It assists you in organizing and arranging all of the data so you can work with it effortlessly. Alteryx is a data wizard who solves puzzles. It assists you in making sense of messy data and turning it into essential insights without requiring you to be a computer expert.

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Features of Alteryx

  • Alteryx provides tools for removing duplicates, missing values, and correcting data types. Users can combine data from diverse sources into a unified dataset.
  • Users can blend data from multiple sources and perform joins and unions to create a comprehensive dataset for analysis.
  • Alteryx offers a variety of statistical and predictive modeling tools that enable users to accomplish tasks such as regression analysis, clustering, and time series forecasting.
  • Alteryx contains spatial, predictive, time series, and optimization analysis tools. Analysts frequently need an understanding of Python or R to advance their analytical practice. However, it makes this power readily available. 
  • It has an excellent feature of an online community, where users can share their resources and methods, and share tips to learn from each other.

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How to Install Alteryx

Step 1: To install Alteryx on your system go to the official website of Alteryx and select products. Under the Product section click on Cloud Connect Products and select Designer option.


Step 2: If you already have an active subscription then login using the credential, otherwise after selecting the designer option, click on Start Free Trial as shown below:


Step 3: A popup will appear and make you select between two options: desktop or cloud. Select the ‘Desktop Trial’ as shown below:


Step 4: After selecting the Desktop Trial, create your account and fill all the required boxes with the relevant information. After Submitting the form it will be automatically downloaded.



Step 5: An installation wizard will pop up to complete the installation process. Click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed.


Step 6: To accept the license agreement select the checkbox and click on ‘Next’.


Step 7: Now choose the location on the storage drive where you want to set up your Alteryx and click on the ‘Next’ button. (It is recommended to keep default settings)


Step 8: Click on the Install button. Now Alteryx installation will start. It will take some time to complete the installation process. After the process is completed, Click on the ‘Finish’ button.




Step 9: Once the installation is completed, Your Alteryx homepage will look like as shown below:


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Alteryx Installation FAQs:

1. How does Alteryx installer work?

Alteryx installer is a software application that facilitates the Alteryx installation procedure. The revised installer recognizes your operating system language and installs Alteryx products in that language. Otherwise, it installs the English version. It walks users through a sequence of steps to finish the installation procedure.

2. What system requirements do I need to install Alteryx?

Some of the system prerequisites to install Alteryx are:

  • Windows 7 or later operating system
  • Quad-core x64 compatible processor 
  • 8 GB or higher RAM  (recommended)

3. How do I access the Alteryx licensing system?

Ascertain that the machine can connect to the web domain, which the Alteryx licensing system utilizes. The file share has read and write permissions. Tools for Prediction Install Predictive Tools to run workflows that use Predictive Tools on Server.

4. How do I install and run Alteryx server?

Check the Server System Requirements in order to install and run the Server. Ascertain that the machine can connect to the web domain, which the Alteryx licensing system utilizes. Physical access to the server hardware or administrative access to the host server's operating system.

5. Does Alteryx use Excel?

Alteryx has built in drivers to read and write in MS Excel, Hence it supports use of MS Excel.

6. Does Alteryx use SQL?

In Alteryx, users have privilege to use SQL databases or extract databases and even can connect with servers to get data.

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Alteryx serves industries such as finance, healthcare, marketing, retail, and others where data analysis and preparation are critical for strategic decisions. Installing Alteryx brings up a world of data analytics, blending, and visualization options. You can assure a smooth and successful installation by following the procedures indicated in this guide. After installing and activating Alteryx Designer, you'll be ready to plunge into advanced data analytics and streamline your operations. In this way we have completed the Alteryx installation and learned more about uses of Alteryx and its features.

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