Microsoft Power BI vs Alteryx

Today, companies decision-making skills have improved as a result of business intelligence, allowing them to make the best future decisions. Microsoft Power BI and Alteryx are two popular BI tools. This blog compares the differences between these two tools, PowerBI vs Alteryx, to help you determine which is better.

Microsoft Power Bi is an easy-to-use tool that successfully represents data in graphical and analytical formats. Alteryx is a versatile tool that integrates data preparation, geospatial analytics, and data science. Alteryx Data is a simple-to-use for processing and preparing data at breakneck speed, with the ability to see data changes at every stage. 

These two are now the most widely used data visualization and analytics tools. As a result, the focus of this comparison post will be on these two options for arming you and your team with the knowledge they need to take advantage of data gathering, analysis, and visualization.

Table of Content - Microsoft Power BI vs Alteryx

What is Alteryx?

Alteryx is a powerful business intelligence tool. It comprises three key components: a gallery, a server, and a designer. It gathers data from a variety of sources and generates reports from it. It also provides a high amount of personalization, modification, and file sharing between several users.

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What is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a set of tools and services for individuals and teams, including business intelligence (BI), reporting, and data visualization. Power BI is distinguished by its simplified authoring and distribution capabilities and connection with other Microsoft products and services.
Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence tool from Microsoft. This platform focuses on offering data visualization tools for you and your team to personalize and tweak to help you target and analyze the required information. It was initially only available as an update, but it has since matured into a platform that can be used independently.

Microsoft Power BI vs. Alteryx: Product Overview

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics toolkit that enables companies to analyze data and publish findings in an organized manner. This tool converts corporate data into visually beautiful and easy-to-understand graphics, making data collection, organization, and practical solutions a breeze. The technology can keep you updated and alert you when new trends emerge. The software helps keep track of your business and get answers quickly.

Initially, Microsoft Power BI was intended to supplement the Microsoft environment, but it has since evolved into a full-fledged tool that leads the industry in self-service BI. The application has shown to be a dependable business intelligence platform with a significant user base and a well-developed support ecosystem. Microsoft is also expanding its interfaces, including a MailChimp database, to expand its potential. As a result, you may utilize this application to increase the quality of your campaigns and query your SQL databases and Spark data sources directly with this app.  We discuss Microsoft Power BI's benefits, price, and other features.

Power BI Overview

Alteryx offers more than 80 natively linked data sources, ranging from Amazon to Oracle to Salesforce, making it ideal for analysts, data scientists, developers, and business domain experts looking for a self-service solution. Analysts can use the information gleaned from these sources to make well-informed business decisions, and they can even share it with a large number of internal or external users. The Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) PlatformTM combines analytics, data science, and business process automation in a user-friendly, well-integrated package that runs in the cloud and on-premises.

Alteryx Overview

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Microsoft Power BI vs. Alteryx: Features 

Microsoft Power BI has the following Main features:

  • Ad hoc analysis
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Author-rich interactive reports with Power BI Desktop
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Datasets
  • Full suite of BI tools for data visualization and reporting
  • Help and feedback buttons
  • Navigation pan
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Q&A question box
  • Reports
  • Trend indicators
  • View rich graphical visualizations from complex BI data                                                                 

Main features of Alteryx:

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Connectors
  • Data enrichment and insights
  • Data Joining
  • Data Mining
  • Data Profiling
  • Data science and decisions
  • Data Source Connectors
  • Data Source Integrations
  • Ease of Integrations
  • ETL Capability
  • ETL Scheduler
  • In-memory data model
  • Machine Learning
  • ML Algorithm Library
  • Mobile Reporting
  • No-Code Sandbox
  • Publish to PDF
  • Self Service Analytics
  • Self-Service Data Preparation
  • Self-service Analytics
  • Visual Workflow Management

Analytical Tools

In Microsoft Power BI, there are three levels of analytic tools. To begin, this program assists you and your team review gigabytes of data with sophisticated tools that have been upgraded with AI capabilities. Users can access self-service and entrepreneurship analytics and data lakes using Microsoft Azure. Data security, which includes sensitivity categorization and data loss protection in Microsoft Power BI, is the next layer of analytic capabilities. These features aid data protection and procedural compliance. The last layer focuses on expressing your findings using visually attractive data visualizations to help you and your stakeholders understand what you've learned and discovered.

Alteryx, on the other hand, provides analytics adaptability. This indicates how this platform aims to provide various analytical tools to enable you to analyze and visualize your data and validate its quality. Alteryx, for example, offers descriptive and prescriptive analytics. Alteryx, like Microsoft Power BI, provides a self-service data analytics platform. Finally, this technology offers location intelligence, which enables spatial analytics. As a result, Microsoft Power BI and Alteryx are similar analytical tools.

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Data Visualization

Data visualization tools make it easier for you and your team to process the data you get from analytics. Both systems come with a variety of tools.  Microsoft Power BI stands out in this category because it allows you to turn data into visually beautiful and instructive graphics that break down the information into manageable chunks. You can then utilize these images to exchange data across global data centers without worrying about breaking any compliance or regulation rules.

Furthermore, Power BI includes visual signals for every step of the data analytics and visualization process, making it easier for you and your team to navigate the platform.

Because of its robust data visualization tools, Alteryx remains on a level with Microsoft Power BI. You can use inline and embedded data visualization tools on this platform to help you see your data as you're analyzing it. This technique ensures that you and your team have access to the visualizations at all stages of the analysis. The information can subsequently be presented in various ways, including standard and spatial data modeling. Alteryx, like Power BI, allows you to modify and share these visuals to save time and effort for you and your team while also reducing the risk of data contamination.

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Security Features

Security features are the final and possibly most crucial characteristic to look for in a successful data-based platform. In this category, Microsoft Power BI has a lot of options. Sensitivity labels can better safeguard any type of data classed as such. Through the company's Information Protection, you and your team can also set governance policies.

Furthermore, Power BI's Microsoft Cloud App Security services give enhanced privacy, regulatory, and exposure control.

Your and your team's data security is equally essential to Alteryx. You may leverage any of your existing security features, such as LDAP and Single Sign-On, to integrate them. If you have any issues with Alteryx's platform, Alteryx also offers free IT assistance and customer care. Finally, you may use their approval asset management to improve the personal, team or department security.

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Microsoft Power BI vs. Alteryx: Integrations

Integrations are critical for data-based software since they determine how you may access and combine your data within the platform you select. Microsoft Power BI focuses on Excel interaction, allowing you to automate data refresh, use, share workbooks, and expand your data visualization possibilities. Power BI now connects to all Azure services, including SQL Servers, Data Warehouses, and Databases.

Additionally, this platform works with various SQL systems, including MySQL and SQL Sentry. Salesforce and Github are also included in the list if you and your team require further integrations.

Despite the huge list of integrations offered by Microsoft Power BI, Alteryx refuses to lag. Alteryx response by providing over 200 integrations with various solutions and technology providers. Tableau, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Amazon are just a few of the numerous companies on this long list. This platform also includes R statistics and predictive language, which may be extremely valuable for data analysts. Whatever your analytical and visualization needs, Hadoop and NoSQL database connectors are also available. Finally, Alteryx's SAP Analytics connection gives you and your team access to blending tools that let you embed and combine any data you have.

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Microsoft Power BI vs. Alteryx: Pricing

The Power BI Pro plan costs $9.99 per month per user, and it gives you and your team access to self-service analytics, as well as publishing and sharing options. These functionalities are accessible via Microsoft's cloud, which the company wholly manages. The Power BI Premium subscription, on the other hand, costs $4,995 a month and gives you and your team access to enterprise-grade analytics, deployment choices, and dedicated cloud computing and storage resources.

Alteryx Designer, Alteryx Server, and Alteryx Analytics Hub are the three pricing options available. Alteryx Designed is a $5,195 per year package that gives you the opportunity to use many of the platform's analytical and visualization features. You can additionally opt for the following extra features:

  • $11,700 per year per user for Location Insights
  • $33,800 per user, per year for Business Insights
  • $2,300 per user, each year Intelligence Suite

Annually, the Alteryx Server Plan costs $78,975. This plan is the platform's on-premise solution, offering enterprise scalability and analytic oversight. The Alteryx Analytics Hub plan is $72,000 a year and includes, among other things, automation intelligence, auditing and diagnostics, and a uniform data asset interface. If you require any more features, you must contact the seller for a more detailed price quote.

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Microsoft Power BI vs. Alteryx: Building Business Strategies

Given the high costs of both options, you and your team will need to make a well-informed choice. Both Microsoft Power BI and Alteryx provide a free trial, allowing you to get a feel for what both systems have to offer before making a final selection. Consider these platforms as a means of assisting you in developing more efficient and productive business strategies. Examine all of the features they have and choose the ones that will help you and your team. It's a time-consuming process, but it's also a sound investment in the long run.


As said above, each tool has a unique purpose. However, it may alter depending on the organization using these technologies. We hope this blog has provided you with right information on Microsoft Power Bi and Alteryx, as well as their capabilities. Pick the finest of these two and receive the benefits.

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