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Alteryx vs Informatica

The appropriate selection of ETL tools is almost required for successful ETL functioning. Only when we have the right tools like Alteryx and Informatica, we can move data across databases correctly. This blog help you choose between Alteryx Vs. Informatica, and determine which is the greatest fit for your company's needs.


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Data is stored in several places in most firms, from in-house databases to SaaS platforms. Companies get information from these sources into a data warehouse or data lake, and run analytics to obtain a complete view of finances and operations. However, they do not wish to construct and operate their data pipelines.

Data pipeline operations can be managed with the two unique tools, Alteryx and Informatica. When considering the point, Alteryx VS. Informatica, capabilities and contribution to data warehouse strategy differs.

Following Topics will be covered in this Blog

About Informatica

About Alteryx

Features Comparisons

About Informatica

Informatica is a data integration tool. It offers ETL, data masking, data quality, data replica, data virtualization, master data management, and more, among others. Data integration is handled through Informatica Powercenter. It can connect to a range of heterogeneous sources, retrieve data from them, and execute data processing.

About Alteryx

Alteryx is a self-service data analytics platform that allows users to explore, prepare, deploy, and share analyses. It organizes all of the information and makes it searchable and trackable. For governance, users will have more visibility. Users can include manual operations into analytic workflows by automating them. These analytical processes can be utilized as Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) procedures (ETL). Alteryx offers both code-free and code-based advanced modeling. It enables predictive, geographical, and statistical analytics in addition to data analytics.

Alteryx provides various products, such as

  • Alteryx Connect
  • Alteryx Designer
  • Alteryx Promote
  • Alteryx Server
  • Analytics HubAlteryx Intelligence Suite
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Features Comparisons

ParameterInformatica Alteryx
FocusData integration, ETLETL, transformations, data prep
Database replicationFull table,Incremental via change data captureFull table, Incremental via SELECT/ replication keys
SaaS sourcesMore than 80Fewer than 10
Customers' ability to add new data sourcesYesNo
Is it possible to connect to data warehouses? or data lakes?Yes/YesYes/Yes
Support SLAAvailableNo
Compliance, governance, and security certificationsHIPAA, SOC 2,SOC3, Privacy SheildNone
Data sharingYes, through Informatica cloud.No
Vendor lockin Annual Contracts
Developer toolsInformatica Developer Tool, REST API, Connector ToolkitREST API

Alteryx vs Informatica: Transformations

Alteryx and Informatica are the Innovation driving data transformation tools automating the processes and generating time and cost-efficiency.

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For the majority of its existence, Informatica has been an on-premises solution, with much of the product focusing on preload transformations, which is a critical function when delivering data to an on-premises data warehouse. Informatica comes with a transformation library and the ability to create new modifications using a proprietary transformation language.

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For in-database data cleansing, transformation, filtering, selection, and sorting, users can drag tool icons into the graphical workspace. Custom C++ and XML macro functions may also be written and integrated into the Alteryx interface by developers.

Alteryx vs Informatica: Connectors, Data Sources and Destinations 

Both the tools Alteryx and Informatica can handle a wide range of data sources and destinations.

Informatica offers Cloud Connectors for over 100 different applications and databases. Amazon Redshift is the only cloud data warehousing destination it supports. Greenplum, Pivotal's on-premises product, is also supported. Microsoft Azure SQL Data Lake is the only data lake destination it helps. Informatica Connector Toolkit allows developers to construct new connections.

Alteryx supports over 80 file formats, storage systems, databases, data warehouses, and data lakes.It focuses on data preparation and blending rather than providing a wide variety of connections to collect data from SaaS sources. Destinations include Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Snowflake, and more than 40 more file formats, databases, and on-premises data warehouses.

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Alteryx vs Informatica: Support, Documentation, and Training 

Because data integration technologies can be complicated, suppliers provide various options to assist their clients. Users frequently resort to online documentation as to their initial resource, and support staff can answer questions that aren't covered in the documents. Vendors of more advanced tools could also provide training.

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Informatica offers three different levels of assistance. During business hours, Basic Success is available. Priority 1 cases are supported by Premium Success 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For all circumstances, Signature Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The documentation is extensive. Informatica University is the company's training program.

Alteryx offers customer service through an online forum and an email ticketing system. The documentation is extensive. Digital training tools are available from both the firm and the community.

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Alteryx vs. Informatica: Cloud Connectors

The Informatica Cloud Connection for Amazon S3 is a native connector that allows users to create and deploy high-volume data integrations to Amazon S3 instances from any cloud or on-premise source.

The Advanced Cloud Data Integration. Informatica's CDI enables high-performance, scalable analytics with advanced transformations, enterprise-grade asset management, and complex data integration features, including bulk ingestion, intelligent pushdown optimization, and advanced workload orchestrations.

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Whereas Cloud-based analytics promises a future fueled by tremendous innovations and the potential to harness current frameworks to create new and better experiences for Alteryx customers. 

Alteryx Connect transforms how companies find, administer, and cooperate with their data and analytic assets. Everyone can rapidly locate, manage, analyze, and communicate across departments and the company, thanks to a rich data catalog integrated with smart analytics.

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Every organization's needs will be distinct in some manner. The company's demands always determine the proper tool for an organization. It also relies on the data sources you intend to employ. So, between Alteryx vs Informatica, check which one offers connections for the data sources you want and the best for for your needs. After that, check the pricing range of Alteryx and Informatica according to organizational requirements. You may not get all your essentials with a single tool. However, it would be best to choose which features are most important and determine whether the tool meets those requirements.


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