A real- time scenario will give you clear picture on how, why, where and what the technology implications works.

Let us take a financial services that deals with health insurance. This company has 24,000 employees across world. It has got 6 branches in India, 2 in China, 1 each in Thailand, Germany, UK, Columbia, Dubai and California of USA. Every country has its own auditing rules and regulations. Payrolls, employee work time, benefits, holiday and other. The marketing, sales and strategies would be different for different countries. Such a big company need one such tool that handles big data, and drives the data to make internal and Government Audits easy.

There are many BI tools available in the market which can provide a solution for the above company. But, they need one such tool which can show them end-to-end lineage of data.

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1.What is lineage of data?

Ans: It means, showing such information about the data through which one can track the complete data movement and transformations like where is the origin of the data, Where does it transformed, What happens next kind of information.

2.What is the usage of knowing this Data lineage?


1. Tracks all the changes made
2. History of transformations and rules applied on the data can be viewed by data scientist and analysts.

3.How is Data Lineage relates to Informatica Metadata Manager?

Ans: Collaborating with Hortonworks, Informatica has extended the metadata management capabilities so that end users can now able to see end-to-end data lineage map visually and the data is loaded into HDP. 

4.Who is Hortonworks and What is HDP?

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Ans: Hortonworks is a company that provides enterprise-ready open platforms and modern applications relying on BIG DATA.
HORTON W0RKS DATA PLATFORM (HDP®) is a secure, enterprise-ready open source Apache on Hadoop. It is based on a centralized architecture supported by YARN  that allocates data resources from various applications. 

HDP ensures data is consistently administered and governed across data engines so that one can monitor one’s data. The data is highly secured.

5.What are the real-time applications using Informatica Metadata Manager?

Ans: Magellan Health - a healthcare company focuses on behavioral health with a revenue of US$3.760 Billion based out of USA uses Informatica MetaData Manager and Informatica PowerCenter for their Data Management.

6.What are the features of Informatica Metadata Manager?


1. Business functional, technical, and operational data can be managed, viewed visually giving data lineage. 
2. Connectors to scan to index metadata from the database. 
3. Semantic search option is available to browse different data catalogs
4. End-to-end detailed data lineage can be summarized, stored and recorded.
5. Provide highly impactful data analysis on each business operations to make strategic, internal auditing and Government Auditing decisions easy.
6. Clear and concise visibility of data objects, rules implied , transformations made , and reference data to the metadata are provided.
7. Data domain and their relationship can be discovered showing accurate results.

7.What are the Data Management applications provided by Informatica Metadata Manager?

Ans: It provides a variety of data management applications like:

>> Informatica PowerCenter: Delivers data integration with the support of data management and security concepts like data warehousing, data migration, master data management, data governance
>> Informatica Data Quality:  Makes and provides all the organization's worksheets clean, trusted data to meet the business objectives and requirements.
>> Informatica Intelligent Data Lake: A self-service data preparation on collaboration with data governance for Hadoop-based big data maintained by an enterprise
>> Informatica Enterprise Informatica Catalog:  The functionalities for and enterprises to manage and maximize the value of their data asset associated to individual organizations or collective enterprise.
>> Informatica Secure@Source: Enables security analysts to discover, classify sensitive data across the enterprise.along with organizational operations.

8.How does Informatica Metadata Manager Works?

Ans: In simple terms, 

>> Data is collected from various data sources.
>> Send to integrated systems that define, designs , source repository, meta-models details of the metadata.
>> Then the Metadata Manager Warehouse defines the reporting schema, user profiles, and reports on metadata.
>> The Metadata  Manager Server takes info from a warehouse to search, view, and configure source repository metadata and run reports.
>> Application Server transmits the data to web browser efficiently.

Metadata Manager Architecture

Metadata Manager Architecture


Repository Service deals with the way the data and its objects are decoupled such that they store data/objects from the rest of the application defining certain services or rules or protocols that are required to operate your application.

PowerCenter Repository:

They allow metadata to access repositories created in the above repository service.

Customer Metadata Configurator creates connectors to connect metadata with the network. In short, it defines rules for data lineage. 

Meta Manager Console setup, configure and run those connectors that store the source repository metadata into metadata manager warehouse.

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