Informatica PowerCenter

Informatica PowerCenter

What is Informatica?

Informatica is a software development company based out of California.

What does Informatica do?

It extracts data from different data sources, transforms through different intermediate systems, and then loads on a target system. 

To explain this, let’s assume SAP and Oracle applications. 

A company says “XYZ” is using SAP Application for its business transactions and process. A company says “abc” is using Oracle for the same.  Company “ XYZ” owned company “abc”. 

Now, all the business tractions, information, raw data from all the departments has to be transformed to company “XYZ”. 

Among the many different departments, we will consider the HR Department for our better understanding.  If there are 2500 lacs employees associated with company “abc” are to transfer their accounts right from their Emp ID to bank accounts with company “XYZ”, Informatica has got such a Data Extraction tool that extracts all the employee info from company “abc” transforms into a common database with common protocols set to transfer and then loads on company”XYZ” server.

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What is Informatica PowerCenter?

It is one of the Enterprise Data Integration tools by Informatica Corporation. It follows the same process of ETL (Extract, Transfer Load ) but has in-build concepts of data validation, data cleaning while extracting the data, transferring data by modifying as per the business query and while loading they are assigned with dimensional keys to load on data warehouse or operational data store (ODS).

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What are the features of Informatica PowerCenter?

Its unique components serve its best features. Some of the elements are:

1. Informatica domain serves as the primary unit for all the management and administration needs.
2. PowerCenter repository which resides in a relational database. They are the tables that contain the instructions to extract, transform, and load data.
3. Informatica Administrator is a web application that is used to administer the domain and information security.
4. Domain configuration stores the configured information for the domain.
5. PowerCenter Repository Service through which you can retrieve, insert and update metadata into database tables.
6. PowerCenter Integration Service makes you read and manage integration workflows so that you can create more than one integration as per the business need.
7. Extracts data from sources and loads data to targets.
8. Web Services Hub is a gateway that exposes all the primary functionality of the product to external clients through web services.
9. SAP BW Service helps in extracting the data from different sources and loads it to SAP NetWeaver BI.
10. PowerCenter Client consists of the tools to manage the repository- the receiver. It helps in designing the mappings, the mapplets, and the sessions to load the data.

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What are the benefits of Informatica PowerCenter?

1. Powerful Integration methods with messaging systems.
2. Got many built-in support functions that rapidly create the most scalable and secure data.
3. Has advanced capabilities that can generate and parse complex XML
4. Dynamic partitioning for a high-performing system with a highly scalable concurrent data processing system.
5. It has got a cost-effective single, flexible, and optimized environment to process all data integration activities.
6. Improves business agility by providing on-time secure and accurate data.
7. Data is reliable such that your data is secure even in a disaster.
8. Continuously capture the changes made on data so that one can track when, where, how, and by whom the changes are made.

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