Java Spring MVC Vs Node JS

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Spring Vs Node JS

Details Spring Framework node.js
Creation Date Sep-02 2009
Release Date Apr-97 Sep-17
Modules/Extensions/Plugins 10 000 9 001
Design pattern Dependency injection Model-View-Controller Domain Driven Design Actors Model-View-Controller model-view-presenter
Difficulty level Intermediate Advanced Master Advanced
Browser support All of them All of them
Cloud platform support OpenShift Heroku Amazon EC2 AppHarbor CloudBee DigitalOcean Cloud Foundry Google App Engine Amazon EC2 CleverCloud Cloud 9 dotCloud DigitalOcean Google App Engine Heroku OpenShift Windows Azure
Documentation API Documentation Forum Tutorials PDF eBook API Documentation
Sync file manager Good Basic
Archive No Conditional
Operating system server JVM Compatible Android iOS Cross-platform
Operating system JVM Compatible Cross-platform
Programming paradigm Aspect-oriented programming Object-oriented Functional Event-driven Object-oriented Functional Concurrency Oriented Pub/Sub
Community Driven Excellent Excellent
Category Web application framework Framework Web application framework
Framework Spring geddyjs ExpressJs Meteor sails.js partial.js - web application framework for node.js Mojito Angular
Supported VCS Subversion Git CVS Git Subversion Mercurial github bitbucket Stash Team Foundation Server
Template language JSTL HTML5 Velocity Velocity Thymeleaf Custom Apache Tiles Jade blade Mustache Handlebars JS STL Swig Twig
Frontend JavaScript JavaScript
Native driver Java JavaScript
Influences C++ JavaScript
Backend Java (any JVM scripting language) JavaScript CoffeeScript
Programming language Java (any JVM scripting language) JavaScript/Node.js
Development principles Convention over configuration Don't repeat yourself Test-driven development Domain Driven Design KISS Test-driven development
License Apache License GPLv2 MIT License
Client/Server code reuse Model-View-Controller Web services Template language Model-View-Controller JSON API Template language
Data storage Kyoto Cabinet MongoDB File System local Relational DB
Database Microsoft SQL Server 2005 MySQL PostgreSQL Oracle cassandra IBM DB2 JDBC Compatible MongoDB Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Teradata Apache GemFire Neo4J Enterprise Titan Apache Jackrabbit MongoDB MySQL Redis PostgreSQL
Website www. spring. io nodejs. org
Database model Document-oriented Graph-oriented Multidimensional NoSQL Object-oriented Object-relational XML Database NoSQL Relational Graph-oriented Document-oriented JSON Database
Tag MVC OOP. Prototypal object model.
Scripting language support Groovy JavaScript Scala Java (any JVM scripting language) Ruby CoffeeScript TypeScript
E-Mail protocols SMTP Electronic Pony Express POP3 IMAP SMTP IMAP
Target audience Enterprise Web Development Web Development Cloud computing

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