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SAP BPC Is Used For

SAP BPC is part of the SAP EPM suite of tools and is designated as the tool to use for planning and financial consolidations along with many other applications. The main BPC functional tool designed is to perform legal financial consolidation between multiple entities and ownership structures. Forecasting, planning and budgeting is another area of focus in BPC. BPC can also be utilized in multiple other aspects including Tax Reporting, Management Reporting, and other types of Reporting.
Legal Financial Consolidation: This term is used to describe the process of providing a consolidated book of records for a company that is made up of multiple legal entities. In simpler words, Legal Financial Consolidation is the process to combine all of the financial data across multiple entities, subsidiaries, etc to get an overall picture of the financial performance of a company.
Please refer to the Introduction to legal Financial Consolidations section for more information.

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