What Is SAP BPC 10.0?

SAP BPC 10.0

BPC stands for Business Planning and Consolidations. It is also known as BoPC, Business Objects Planning, and Consolidations. We will refer to BPC for the rest of the book. SAP BPC 10.0 NW is the latest version of BPC offered by SAP. New features and user interface has changed dramatically since version 7.5 to better enhance usability.

The underlying history of BPC 10.0 can be found from 2 different sources. BPC 10.0 can mainly find its roots in the OutlookSoft system which SAP AG acquired in 2007. However, we can also see a lot of functionality that has been adapted from the legacy SAP consolidation tool SAP BCS. The mix of functionalities of those 2 software platforms and additional improvements is what makes the latest BPC version 10.0 what it is.

BPC 10.0 works in conjunction of multiple other programs. BPC leverages the Microsoft Office platform to deliver many of the reporting and many of the front end user functionalities. Internet browsers are also utilized for performing tasks, reporting and other analytics. There also a Admin module for administrators and developers to maintain the system and setup new configuration.

Note: SAP BPC 10.0 should be used in conjunction with Microsoft Office 2007 or newer. BPC 10.0 should not be used with the Microsoft Office 2003 suite (i.e. MS Excel 2003).

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