Toad Interview Questions And Answers

Toad, which has been in development for almost 20 years, is largely regarded as the best database tool available. Toad accelerates the learning, deployment, and maintenance of new and existing database platforms. This Toad Interview question and answer blog will offer you the most important questions asked in the majority of top organisations.

TOAD stands for Tools for Oracle Application Development, and it is a collection of business intelligence tools. TOAD is used with the Windows platform to conduct Oracle database-related queries and manage database performance. Toad can assist your company in saving money by increasing output and improving quality.

In this post, we have provided you with a list of frequently-asked interview questions and answers in the hope that they will help you achieve good results.

Our team curated Toad Interview Questions as follows:

Frequently Asked Toad Interview Questions

Toad Interview Questions and Answers For Freshers

1. What is Toad?

Ans: Toad is a database management system that handles relational and non-relational databases. It’s created by Quest software and used by database developers, administrators, and data analysts. It facilitates team collaboration while simplifying workflow, improving code quality, and reducing bugs. Toad is a future-proof solution that works with the most popular databases, including RDBMS and NoSQL.

2. What language is used in Toad?

Ans: TOAD is written in Delphi 7, a Windows version of Object Pascal. 

3. List the platforms supported by Toad

Ans: Toad supports the following platforms:

  • Oracle
  • SQL Server 
  • DB2
  • SAP
  • MySQL
  • Hadoop

4. What is the use of Toad for Oracle?

Ans: Toad for Oracle seems to be the only development tool that can help you streamline your workflow, decrease code errors, and increase code performance and quality while still allowing for team collaboration. You can automate administrative activities and maintain your databases proactively while focusing on performance and risk avoidance.

5. What are the advantages of using Toad?

Ans: Below listed are the few advantages of Toad:

  • Toad's connection manager allows users to connect natively to the wind's database, whether DBaaS or on-premise.
  • Toad allows users to browse the different database or schema objects and their characteristics that affect management.
  • An editor is a tool for creating and maintaining scripts and database code and debugging and source control integration.
  • Unit testing guarantees that code is properly tested before being delivered to the production environment.
  • SQL tuning and optimisation- aid developers in tuning and optimizing excuse statements and database code while relying on a dba.
  • DBAs can effectively tweak SQL in production thanks to sophisticated optimisation.

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6. List the major features of Toad

  • Toad makes the process of creating reports easier by creating reusable routines.
  • It connects to over 50 data sources, including files, relational and non-relational databases, cloud and on-premises databases, and NoSQL databases such as Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, Dynamo, and others.
  • It allows you to combine data from different sources into a single query.
  • You can employ the toad's automation processes to improve efficiency and reporting accuracy.
  • Toad may generate sophisticated queries against numerous data sources using the graphical interface, which speeds up the SQL development process.
  • You may exchange integrated data, business rules, queries, and workflows with Toad Intelligence Central.

7. How to enable debugging in Toad?

Ans: Proper database credentials are required for debugging (GRANT DEBUG CONNECT SESSION TO user). Then switch on the "Toggle build with Debug" option to allow debugging in your code.

8. How to Enable DBMS_OUTPUT in Toad for Oracle?

Ans: Follow these steps to activate the DBMS_OUTPUT in Toad.

  • Click View=>Toad Options in Toad. It brings up the Options menu.
  • Select the Execute/Compile option beneath the Editor note in the options box.
  • Then, on the DBMS OUTPUT poll, choose the checkbox for DBMS OUTPUT. Finally, press the Submit and OK buttons to save your changes.
  • If you execute a PL/SQL programme with a DBMS OUTPUT statement after following these instructions, you'll be able to see the result in the DBMS Output window.

9. What is a Toad Data Modeler?

Ans: The Toad Data Modeler can be used to swiftly implement precise data structure modifications across more than 20 platforms. You can use it to create logical and physical data models, compare and synchronize models, and create complex SQL/DDL searches, among other things. In-depth reporting, model modification, easy transfer, and data access via project folders are all included.

10. What are the features of Data Modeler?

Ans: Some of the features of Data Modeler are given below:

  • Support for numerous databases
    Oracle, SAP, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2, Ingres, Microsoft Access, and other databases can all be connected natively and simultaneously.
  • Data modelling with few clicks
    Automatically create high-quality database structures or make updates to existing models, and give documentation across many platforms.
  • Modeling in both logical and physical
    Construct complicated logical and physical entity-relationship models, as well as reverse and forward engineer databases with ease.
  • In-depth Reporting 
    Produce thorough reports on existing database structures quickly and easily.
  • Adapting the model
    To personalize your models, add logical data to the diagrams.
  • Your database should be synchronized.
    ALTER script generation (Oracle and SQL Server) and model merging features help you synchronize a model with your existing database.
  • Migration 
    Structures can be easily moved across databases.

11. List some alternatives to Toad for Oracle


  • SQL Developer - A management tool for Oracle databases.      
  • phpMyAdmin - MySQL administration is managed with this free programme.        
  • Navicat Premium - An application for managing databases.         
  • DbVisualizer - Developers, DBAs, and analysts will find this database a helpful tool.             
  • Sequel Pro - A management system for SQL databases.            
  • DBeaver - An application for managing databases.            
  • dbForge Studio - For database management, administration, and development, a universal MySQL and MariaDB client. 
  • Robomongo - A MongoDB manager that is both native and cross-platform.               
  • Amazon Athena - A service that allows users to submit interactive queries.             
  • SQLyog - For MySQL GUI, this is a database management tool.

12. What is Toad Data Point?

Ans: Toad Data Point is a database query, data preparation, and reporting application that runs on various platforms. It connects to various data sources and works as a single tool for simple querying and reporting. It also provides ultimate flexibility and superb functionality, allowing you to choose the interface that best suits your needs. It connects to various data sources and offers a variety of methods for finding objects.

13. How do I open a package in Toad?


  • From the Toad menu, go to Database > Schema Browser.
  • The schema browser window will pop up, and from the drop-down box or the Tab, select Packages.
  • You'll see a collection of packages after that. Click Open with a right-click on the package you want to open.
  • From the shortcut menu, select Load in Editor >, then one of the alternatives below (Load Both, Load Spec Only, Load Body Only).
  • Depending on the selection, the package will be opened in the editor. It's also possible to make changes there.

14. How do I debug in Toad?

Ans: Follow the basic steps for debugging in Toad:

  1. In Toad Editor, open your Procedure.
  2. Put a debug point on the line you want to troubleshoot.
  3. Right-click the editor and select Execute->Execute PLSQL (Debugger).
  4. A window appears, in which you must first select the process from the left side, then pass parameters for that method, and then click Execute.
  5. Now you may begin debugging by going to Debug—>Step Over. Add Watch, and so forth.

15. How to Install Toad for SQL Server?

Ans: System Requirements to Install the TOAD, client and database requirements has to be taken care of.

  • Client requirements
    • Make sure the client machine meets the minimum hardware and software requirements before installing the TOAD. Some of the client's needs include: 
    • 2GHz processor; 
    • Some of the client's needs include: 
    • To execute the Toad software, you'll need a minimum of 104 MB of hard disc space, which varies based on the TOAD edition.
    • The operating system must be 32-bit or 64-bit Windows Vista® Service Pack 2 or Windows Server® 2008 Service Pack 2, for example. 
  • Server Requirements D
    • SQL Server 2005 (Service Pack 2 or later), SQL Server 2005 Express, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 Express etc.
    • SQL, Azure are examples of database servers.
  • User Requirements
    • Toad can only be installed by Windows Administrators and Power Users.
  • Install Toad
    • Step 1: Launch the TOAD installer. 
    • Step 2: Accept the license agreement. 
    • Step 3: Select the goods you want to install and then click Install.

Toad Interview Questions and Answers For Experienced

16. How do I Run a procedure in Toad?


  • For Oracle, open the Toad.
  • Make a database connection.
  • Select Schema Browser from the Database menu.
  • Select Procedures from the drop-down menu or tab in the Schema Browser.
  • There will be a list of procedures on the screen. After that, right-click on the Procedure you would like to run.
  • To perform the procedure, choose Execute Procedure from the shortcut menu.
  • As seen below, a window will appear.

Run Procedure in Toad

  • Set the parameter value in the arguments section or just below in the code section. For example, instead of NULL, specify a numerical value for the field P EMPNO.
  • Then click OK to finish. Alternatively, you can copy the code from the Code part of the window, paste it into the SQL editor, and run it.
  • Here's an example of running the process copied from the above window in Toad SQL editor. The output can also be seen with the SET SERVER OUTPUT ON command.

PL/SQL procedure completed.

17. How do I edit a procedure in Toad?

Ans: Follow the below steps to edit a procedure:

  • Select Database > Schema Browser from the Toad menu.
  • Choose a procedure from the drop-down menu or the Tab (if Schema Browser is configured as Tab).
  • The current user's procedure list will then be presented. Then right-click on a stored procedure to activate it.
  • Select the Load in Editor option from the shortcut menu.
  • The selected saved procedure will open in the editor, where you can make modifications and then compile the procedure in Toad by pressing F8 or F9.

18. Does Toad work with SQL Server?

Ans: Toad for SQL Server provides comprehensive automation, transparent processes, and built-in knowledge to help you increase productivity while lowering risk. This complete toolkit complements Microsoft products by addressing core SQL Server issues, allowing you to manage several databases more effectively.

19. Is Toad a testing tool?

Ans: Yes, Toad is a Testing tool. Toad was initially intended to be a "Tool for Oracle Application Developers," but it has evolved. Most databases, including MySQL, SQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, and others, can be accessed with this multi-purpose application.

20. What is a Toad client?

Ans: Toad by Quest is a database management tool used by database developers, administrators, and data analysts to streamline workflows, build defect-free code, automate frequent or repetitive activities, and reduce risk.

21. Is Toad an ETL tool?

Ans: Toad is primarily a PL/SQL development tool with DBA administration tools. ETL and data storage aren't considered in their design. You may find the SQL Loader Wizard by heading to Database | Import | SQL*Loader Wizard. You can use it to load data, but the tool's capabilities may be limited beyond that.

22. Which is better, Toad or SQL Developer?

Ans: Toad has a more robust code template with over 40 layouts, while SQL Developer has formats; their code examples are both in the SQL Editor Code Template area and have good code templates in its snippets panel; there aren't many of them.

23. Does Toad use Java?

Ans: Toad Edge requires a 64-bit Java Development Kit (JDK) installation to effectively complete construction processes, whereas 32-bit Java is typically used by default.

24. What is Toad edge?

Ans: Toad EdgeTM is a database management programme that makes it simple to execute database administration chores. Connect to your MySQL database, Inspect, examine, and change database structure, objects, and properties using Toad EdgeTM.

25. What is toad DB2?

Ans: Toad for IBM DB2 is a comprehensive DBA package for sophisticated DB2 management, performance, and change management. It also offers a single, standard DB2 toolkit for DB2 LUW and DB2 z/OS management. Toad for IBM DB2 allows you to spend more time on innovation by simplifying database maintenance.

26. Can Toad be used for MySQL?

Ans: It's a small, dependable desktop toolkit for open source database creation and administration. Toad makes learning new database platforms like MySQL and PostgreSQL easier.

27. Is Toad an IDE?

Ans: All of the developers at my company use Toad for Oracle. It is a solid IDE for database developers, and only a few DBAs in our firm would consider developing on an Oracle database without Toad.

28. What is toad automation?

Ans: The Automation Designer is a person who creates automated processes. This is the designer for toad Automation scripts. A basic automation script has settings, a database action, and, in most cases, an email notification, which is used to ensure performance and distribute reports. 

29. What SQL does toad use?

Ans: TOAD for Oracle, SQL Server, and other database client programmes are just that. They use the database back-engine, which means the SQL is identical to PL/SQL or SQL Server Management Studio for SQL Server. On the other hand, TOAD clients are significantly superior to Oracle or Microsoft's native client applications. They come with a robust set of tools and capabilities that will simplify your DBA experience, especially for SQL.

30. Define Toad for SAP solutions.

Ans: SAP Solutions eliminates repetitive and monotonous tasks and SQL optimisation, allowing you to focus on more critical projects. Simple query generators and SQL programmers are available, as are data modelling capabilities, comprehensive SAP database optimisation, maintenance and modification management software, and more. SAP programmes, including SAP ASE, SAP HANA, SAP IQ, and SAP SQL Anywhere, are all compatible with Toad for SAP Solutions.

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