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  • Introduction to SQL Developer
  • PL/SQL Overview
  • Benefits of PL/SQL Subprograms
  • Overview of the Types of PL/SQL blocks
  • Create a Simple Anonymous Block
  • Generate Output from a PL/SQL Block
  • List the different Types of Identifiers in a PL/SQL subprogram
  • Usage of the Declarative Section to define Identifiers
  • Use variables to store data
  • Identify Scalar Data Types
  • The %TYPE Attribute
  • What are the Bind Variables?
  • Sequences in PL/SQL Expressions
  • Describe Basic PL/SQL Block Syntax Guidelines
  • Comment Code
  • Deployment of SQL Functions in PL/SQL
  • How to convert Data Types?
  • Nested Blocks
  • Identify the Operators in PL/SQL
  • Invoke SELECT Statements in PL/SQL to Retrieve data
  • Data Manipulation in the Server Using PL/SQL
  • SQL Cursor concept
  • Usage of SQL Cursor Attributes to Obtain Feedback on DML
  • Save and Discard Transactions
  • Conditional processing Using IF Statements
  • Conditional processing Using CASE Statements
  • Use simple Loop Statement
  • Use While Loop Statement
  • Use For Loop Statement
  • Describe the Continue Statement


  • Use PL/SQL Records
  • The %ROWTYPE Attribute
  • Insert and Update with PL/SQL Records
  • Associative Arrays (INDEX BY Tables)
  • Examine INDEX BY Table Methods
  • Use INDEX BY Table of Records
  • What are Explicit Cursors?
  • Declare the Cursor
  • Open the Cursor
  • Fetch data from the Cursor
  • Close the Cursor
  • Cursor FOR loop
  • Explicit Cursor Attributes
  • FOR UPDATE Clause and WHERE CURRENT Clause
+ 19 more lessons


  • To test your knowledge on Oracle PL SQL Training, you will be required to work on two industry-based projects that discuss significant real-time use cases. This will also ensure hands-on expertise in Oracle PL SQL Training concepts.
  • These projects are completely in-line with the modules mentioned in the curriculum.

Industry: General

Problem Statement: How to manipulate data using DML transactions?

Description: Use PL SQL to implement DML transactions on a database. Through this project, you’ll learn about data manipulation language (DML) and triggers used while executing operations. You’ll work with various DML operations like Insert, update, delete, and select which when fired on a table or view.


  • Data manipulation
  • Various DML transactions
  • Deploy triggers for various business applications
  • Test DML triggers


Domain: Healthcare

Problem statement: How to use Oracle PL SQL to prepare detailed patients health report based on disparate datasets?

Description: Create tables and columns based on various entities and learn to write SQL queries for data extraction. Also, you’ll prepare patient’s health-related detailed reports, medications taken based on adverse conditions, and more.

Project highlights: 

  • Write a few functions and procedures to process data.
  • Deploy PL/SQL functions & Packages.


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    After completion of this course, you'll gain knowledge on all the major core concepts, and they are listed below:

    • Designing, building and managing database applications
    • Exception Handling
    • Stored procedures and triggers
    • Data security
    • Packages
    • DDL, DML SQL command languages 
    • Performance and integrity
    • SQL is used across all databases and is useful and necessary in every project that needs to store data.
    • The demand for Oracle PL/SQL qualified candidates is significantly increasing. 
    • The average annual income of an SQL Developer is $85,599 USD.
    • Software Developers
    • Database Administrators
    • SQL and Analytics Professionals
    • BI and Data Warehousing Professionals

    There are no prerequisites for learning this course. However, some fundamental knowledge of DBMS will be beneficial.

    The skills that the candidate will learn after completion of this training course are as follows:

    • Understand Databases & Relationships.
    • Create PL/SQL blocks, procedures, and functions.
    • Understand and use nested program blocks.
    • Implement system event triggers.
    • Create and maintain packages, and database triggers.
    • Use dynamic SQL to execute SQL.

    Oracle PL SQL Certification

    Our Oracle PL SQL course covers all the topics that are required to clear Oracle PL SQL certification. Trainer will share Oracle PL SQL certification guide, Oracle PL SQL certification sample questions, Oracle PL SQL certification practice questions.

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    Yes, we accept payments in two installments.

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