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Oracle Exadata Course Overview

MindMjaix Oracle Exadata Training: Learn how to use RMAN with Database Machine, Exadata Cell Software Rescue Procedure, deploying Oracle Management Agent, creating Flash-Based Grid Disks and Smart Flash Log., etc. You will also get an exposure to industry based Real-time projects in various verticals.
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30 Hrs


Instructor-Guided Lessons and Activities

Learn key objectives through expert-led lectures, discussions, and exercises.

20 Sessions

Labs & Exercises

Hands-on practice on Tools

Practice new skills and dive deeper into the day’s key topics

15 Mins After Each Session

Doubts Clarifications

Q & A Session.

Wrap up the session with clarification on concepts and labs, if needed.

2 Sessions

Projects/Use-Cases Explanation

End to End Sample Project/Use-Case Explanation

Oracle Exadata Course Objectives

In our Mindmajix’s Oracle Exadata training, you will learn about:

  • Exadata storage server architecture and features
  • Exadata database machine configuration
  • Exadata storage Server administration
  • I/O resource management
  • Database performance optimization
  • Smart scan requirements
  • Exadata storage server statistics
  • Oracle Exadata consolidation options and recommendations
  • Monitoring the Exadata database machine platform 
  • Migrating databases to Exadata database machine
  • Backup and recovery
  • Exadata database machine maintenance tasks
  • More than 3,538 companies globally have incorporated Oracle Exadata in their deployments.
  • Oracle Exadata is one of the fast-growing technologies in the industry which leaps forward with long term job prospects.
  • Oracle Exadata professionals are getting paid with the best salary in the industry, with an average of 136,125 USD per annum.
  • Many global organizations are recruiting certified Oracle Exadata experts in various positions.

The job roles which get primarily benefited from learning Oracle Exadata are listed below:

  • Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Storage Administrator
  • Systems Administrator

As such, there are no prerequisites for learning Oracle Exadata. Anyone who is interested to build a career in this domain can join this training. 

After the successful completion of Oracle Exadata training at Mindmajix, you will be able to:

  • Get an overview of Oracle Exadata Database architecture and its key capabilities.
  • Monitor Oracle Exadata Database Machine Servers and Infiniband network effectively.
  • Manage and optimize Database Performance with Exadata.
  • Gain knowledge on various recommended approaches used for migrating to  Oracle Exadata Database Machine.
  • Perform backup and recovery of Database Machine Software.

Oracle Exadata Course Curriculum

Course Objectives
Audience and Prerequisites
Course Contents
Additional Resources
Introducing the Laboratory Environment

Introducing Database Machine
Introducing Exadata Storage Server
Exadata Storage Server Architecture: Overview
Exadata Storage Server Features: Overview
Database Machine Capacity
Exadata Storage Expansion Racks
InfiniBand Network
Database Machine Support: Overview

Database Machine Architecture: Overview
Database Machine Network Architecture
InfiniBand Network Architecture
X2-2 Full Rack Leaf Switch Topology
Spine and Leaf Topology
Scale Performance and Capacity
Database Machine Software Architecture: Overview
Disk Storage Entities and Relationships.

Classic Database I/O and SQL Processing Model
Exadata Smart Scan Model
Exadata Smart Storage Capabilities
Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression Data Organization
Exadata Smart Flash Cache Intelligent Caching
Storage Index with Partitions
Database File System
I/O Resource Management: Overview

Database Machine Implementation: Overview
General Configuration
Choosing the Right Protection Level
Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Configuration
Database Machine Hardware Installation: Overview
Configuring Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Overview
Selecting the Database Server Operating System
Deploying Solaris on the Database Servers

Exadata Storage Server Administration: Overview
Testing Storage Server Performance Using CALIBRATE
Configuring the Exadata Cell Server Software
Creating Flash-Based Grid Disks
Creating Smart Flash Log
Configuring ASM and Database Instances to Access Exadata Cells
Exadata Storage Security: Overview
Exadata Storage Security Implementation

I/O Resource Management: Overview
IORM Architecture
Getting Started with IORM
Enabling Intradatabase Resource Management
Setting Database I/O Utilization Limits
Interdatabase Plans and Database Roles
Using Database I/O Metrics
IORM and Exadata Storage Server Flash Memory

Optimizing Performance
Flash Memory Usage
Compression Usage
Index Usage
ASM Allocation Unit Size
Minimum Extent Size
Optimizing Database Performance with Exadata

Exadata Smart Scan: Overview
Smart Scan Requirements
Monitoring Smart Scan in SQL Execution Plans
Smart Scan Join Processing with Bloom Filters
Other Situations Affecting Smart Scan
Exadata Storage Server Statistics: Overview
Exadata Storage Server Wait Events: Overview
Using Smart Scan

Consolidation: Overview
Different Consolidation Types
Recommended Storage Configuration for Consolidation
Alternative Storage Configurations
Cluster Configuration Options
Isolating Management Roles
Schema Consolidation Recommendations
Maintenance Considerations

Migration Best Practices: Overview
Performing Capacity Planning
Database Machine Migration Considerations
Choosing the Right Migration Path
Logical Migration Approaches
Physical Migration Approaches
Post-Migration Best Practices
Migrating to Databases Machine Using Transportable

Bulk Data Loading Using Oracle DBFS: Overview
Preparing the Data Files
Staging the Data Files
Configuring the Staging Area
Configuring the Target Database
Loading the Target Database
Bulk Data Loading Using Oracle DBFS

Monitoring Technologies and Standards
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)
Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM)
Exadata Storage Server Metrics
Thresholds and Alerts
Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR)
Enterprise Manager Grid Control
Enterprise Manager Database Control

Enterprise Manager Grid Control Architecture: Overview
Grid Control Monitoring Architecture for Exadata Database Machine
Configuring Grid Control to Monitor Exadata Database Machine
Deploying the Oracle Management Agent
Configuring ASM and Oracle Database Targets
Deployment Overview for System Monitoring Plug-ins
Recommended Plug-in Deployment Strategy

Exadata Metrics and Alerts Architecture
Monitoring Exadata Storage Server with Metrics
Monitoring Exadata Storage Server with Alerts
Monitoring Exadata with Active Requests
Monitoring Exadata Storage Server with Grid Control: Overview
Monitoring Hardware Failure and Sensor State
Monitoring Exadata Storage Server Availability
Comparing Metrics Across Multiple Storage Servers

Monitoring Database Servers: Overview
Monitoring Hardware
Monitoring the Operating System
Monitoring Oracle Grid Infrastructure
Monitoring Oracle Database
Monitoring Oracle Management Agent

InfiniBand Network Monitoring: Overview
Manually Monitoring the InfiniBand Switches
Monitoring the InfiniBand Switches with Grid Control
Monitoring the InfiniBand Switch Ports
Monitoring the InfiniBand Ports on Database Machine Servers
Monitoring the InfiniBand Fabric: Subnet Manager Master Location
Monitoring the InfiniBand Fabric: Network Topology and Link Status

Monitoring the Cisco Catalyst Ethernet Switch
Monitoring the Sun Power Distribution Units
Monitoring the Avocent MergePoint Unity KVM Switch

Exachk: Overview
Running Exachk
Exachk Output
DiagTools: Overview
Using ADRCI on Exadata Storage Servers
Imageinfo: Overview
Imagehistory: Overview
OSWatcher: Overview

Using RMAN with Database Machine
General Recommendations for RMAN
Disk-Based Backup Strategy
Disk-Based Backup Recommendations
Tape-Based Backup Strategy
Tape-Based Backup Architecture
Connecting the Media Server Using Ethernet
Backup and Recovery of Database Machine Software

Database Machine Maintenance: Overview
Powering Database Machine Off and On
Safely Shutting Down a Single Exadata Storage Server
Replacing a Damaged Physical Disk
Replacing a Damaged Flash Card
Moving All Disks from One Cell to Another
Using the Exadata Cell Software Rescue Procedure

Mindmajix offers advanced Oracle Exadata interview questions and answers along with Oracle Exadata resume samples. Take a free sample practice test before appearing in the certification to improve your chances of scoring high.

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Oracle Exadata Certification !

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be awarded a Certificate from Mindmajix for Oracle Exadata Training.

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  • Oracle Exadata Certification assesses the candidate’s capability and proficiency in working this domain.
  • Earning an Oracle Exadata certification will demonstrate your skills and increase your chances of getting a job in this area.
  • Many corporates mostly prefer certified Exadata professionals compared to non-certified peers.
  • Oracle Exadata certification bridges the gap between the demand and supply of the quality Oracle Exadata professionals to the IT industry.

The major certifications available for Oracle Exadata are listed below:

Certification Exam Cost Price
Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Exadata X5 Administrator $ 245
Oracle Exadata Database Machine 2014 Certified Implementation Specialist $ 245
Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Cloud Service 2017 Certified Implementation Specialist $ 245
Our Oracle Exadata course covers all the topics that are required to clear Oracle Exadata certification. Trainer will share Oracle Exadata certification guide, Oracle Exadata certification sample questions, Oracle Exadata certification practice questions, Oracle Exadata certification dumps.

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Yes, we accept payments in two installments.

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More About Oracle Exadata Online Training

The must-have skills for professionals certified in Oracle Exadata are listed below:

  • Must have strong knowledge in SQL/DB tuning and troubleshooting skills.
  • Should have strong knowledge in backup and recovery considerations.
  • Oracle database operations.  
  • Should have strong knowledge on shell/Perl scripting. 
  • Oracle Exadata is one of the booming technologies in the industry which has numerous opportunities with excellent career scope.
  • According to a recent survey, Oracle Exadata is considered to be one of the highest paying sectors in the job market with enormous job opportunities.
  • Pursuing a career in this technology will help you to acquire better-paid jobs in the industry.

The following are the career paths available for professionals certified in Oracle Exadata:

  • Oracle Exadata
  • Oracle Exadata DBA
  • Oracle Database Engineer
  • Oracle Database Administrator
  • Exadata Operations
  • Oracle DBA Consultant

The companies constantly recruiting Oracle Exadata professionals are listed below:

  • Oracle 
  • Accenture 
  • Capgemini 
  • CSC 
  • Symphony 
  • HCL
  • CGI
  • Amazon
  • Virtusa
  • Employment for Oracle Exadata is estimated to increase by 16% within the next 3 years, which is considerably higher than in other areas--Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
  • The market demand for certified Oracle Exadata experts is skyrocketing.
  • On average, a certified Oracle Exadata professional’s salary stands at 136,125 USD per annum.

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