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Agile Coach Interview Questions

Are you looking to find a way that will help you crack an Agile Interview? If yes, then preparation is the key. Mater the top Agile Coach Interview question with our comprehensive guide and level up your interview game.

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Today, Agile is one of the most widely used software development methodologies, with almost every tech business employing it. As a result, enterprises look for qualified Agile Coach candidates to help them achieve their goals. Add dynamism to Software development with Agile. 

MindMajix expert senior team have prepared Agile Coach Interview questions and answers blog.

Agile as an Asset:

1. Agile project management is a method that focuses on taking small, iterative actions to complete tasks. 

2. Agile software development process, when properly implemented, allows teams to enhance the quality of their software with each release drastically. 

3. Sprints are brief, time-boxed iterations that make up the Agile process. Each sprint yields a usable product.

4. Concentrating on various parts of the field might help you ace any interview quickly. 

Examine the Agile coach interview questions and answers to ensure that you can effectively demonstrate your abilities throughout the interview.

We have categorized Agile coach interview questions - 2023 (Updated) into two levels they are:

For Freshers

For Experienced

Agile Coach FAQs

Most Commonly Asked Agile Coach Interview Questions

1. What is a burn down chart?

2. Explain the standard principles of Agile Methodology?

3. What are Cross-functional team challenges?

4. How does refactoring work in the project by using Agile?

5. Explain the advantages of fixed sprint length?

6. What is fail-fast in Agile?

7. What do you think about burn-up charts?

8. What is project backlog?

9. Explain Spike?

10. What is the meaning of the Agile Manifesto?

Now go through some Agile Coach Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers:

1. What is your opinion on agile? Is it different from other software development methodology?

Ans: Yes, it is different from other methodologies. Agile is faster and more accessible. Apart from any old methodologies, it takes less time, even with more features. We can quickly delete a small part of our programming code by using Agile.

2. Explain spring in Agile?

Ans: The agile coach will do the project plan, while an agile coach will divide the whole project into different parts with a team. Each of these parts is called a sprint. Each sprint will have a time deadline, and agile methodology will follow up this deadline.

3. If the project requirements will change during the development, how will you manage them?

Ans: It is a very common request that will be coming from the client's end. Through Agile methodology, you can easily manage these changes. You can also make a checklist that the client will verify. Without compilation of the present sprint, the team should not move to the next sprint.

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4. What are the different types of manifestations in the agile process?

Ans: There are four types of manifestation in the agile process:

  • By tool individual interaction
  • Documentation software
  • Customer collaboration system
  • Project plan changeable with the following plan

5. Explain why the Agile Method is iterative?

Ans: It is one of the main features of agile methodology. If you use iterative in repeated cycles, then the response changes at the end of every iteration planning session. It can be implemented to deliver an excellent organized and high-quality project to the customer.

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6. What is a burn down chart?

Ans: After the end of each sprint, there will be burn down charts that explain the team's progress. This will define the pending task of each sprint.

7. What do you know about retrospectives?

Ans: After every iteration, the team meeting will be held. This meeting is called retrospectives. This is one of the aspects view through which agile coach can see the team progress and review further improvements. In this phase, the team will discuss technical and internal processes also.

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8. What is the minimum velocity of a sprint in the project?

Ans: To determine the progress speed in the last sprint, you can use velocity. First, it helps to complete the backlogs. Generally, backlogs come from changes in requirements. They will try these changes and will complete them within the same sprint.

9. Explain the standard principles of Agile Methodology?

Ans: There are a few vital principles in agile methodology:

  • Satisfying the client
  • Adapting to requirements
  • Quick development
  • Team trust
  • Team motivation

10. How do you like to manage iteration overlaps?

Ans: A multifunctional team can manage the iteration over-lops. They will be more motivated, and teamwork will be faster. Most of the team members will hold expertise as per agile principles. The team members are also capable enough to do different processes equally.

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11. Tell me the different responsibilities of team members working on Agile?

Ans: Efficient team members create task lists, conduct retrospectives, and keep the tracker updated on project progress. They should deliver the project within every sprint end time.

12. Why should the IT industry adopt this Agile Methodology?

Ans: Agile is the best methodology among traditional approaches. It has a self-management feature which increases the productivity of the team. It also helps to minimize code waste. Your valuable client can also engage in the project process by using agile methods. This brings customer satisfaction as the customer can see the progress in real-time. It also reduces the risk of code loss.

13. Write down the difference between Agile and Scrum?

Agile Scrum
It has a set of values and participles.Scrum is a framework to apply all principles of agile.
It was written in 2001.It was written in 1995.
It is only a faster methodology.There are other frameworks like Extreme programming, Large scale scrum etc.

14. Write down the challenges you face while transitioning to Agile?

Ans: The top five challenges you will face:

  • Agile knowledge locks up
  • Cross-functional team
  • Self-organization
  • Ownership
  • Lack of agile coaches

15. Can you tell me what do you know about Agile knowledge lock up?

Ans: Sometimes the team members get shucked due to the lack of knowledge and unable to avail of agile benefits.

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16. What are Cross-functional team challenges?

Ans: See, in project development, one mixed skilled team member will work together. So these team members should know cross functions. But sometimes, team members will not be familiar with cross-functional activities. They need to be allowed to work on a single function. Team members should share knowledge between them to be on a similar platform.

17. What is the self-organization challenge you will face in a project using Agile?

Ans: One self-organization will face lots of challenges to skill up their resources due to fund lagging or infrastructure issues. In addition, IT is challenging for them to control the team members.

18. What will be the solution in case of lack of Agile Coach itself?

Ans: If the team faces a problem due to less support from the agile coach, the agile coach has to replace one skilled and experienced agile coach. The present agile coach should transfer all the knowledge to the new agile coach.

19. How will new recruited Agile Coach build up the trust factor with the existing team members?

Ans: The new agile coach will do retrospectives with the existing team members. First, the agile coach will retrospectively learn about the project from the existing team members. Then the agile coach will look into different sprints. The team members will firstly complete the pending sprint with the help of a new agile coach. Gradually team members will be well-tuned with a new agile coach and motivated to work faster in the running project.

20. How does refactoring work in the project by using Agile?

Ans: Suppose you want to modify the existing project's code; you need to use refactoring. It can be done easily without internal changing in the project. Red-Green is the most famous refactoring process in agile methodology. You can easily read all codes and make changes to them.

Let's study some Agile Coach Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced:

1. How to fix the duration of a sprint?

Ans: The agile coach will be liable to decide each sprint duration. Sprints are like building blocks and are developed step by step. The agile coach will follow the following steps:

A. Deliverable sprint list
B. Regular sprint deliverable plan
C. Development plan for each sprint

2. If some of the development resources don't like the retrospective, what steps will the Agile Coach take?

Ans: Development resources were used to attend this important retrospective organized by an agile coach. These developers are essential to completing these sprints on time. Sometimes team members feel this retrospective is to blame other developers. An agile coach will be managing them to achieve the goal on time by mainlining a delicate balance between their own motivation and teamwork to complete the project.

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3. How will you manage if any developers resist Agile Methodology?

Ans: Its a fact all team members may not accept this agile methodology. An agile coach needs to manage, train, manage the smooth resource transition and motivate the team members. It's very important for an agile coach to complete the project seamlessly by deploying the project on the server. The agile coach will clarify the end goal with team members.

4. Explain the advantages of fixed sprint length?

Ans: There are a few benefits:

A. Constant stable delivery speed
B. Next sprint planning time
C. Project tracking
D. Client satisfaction to minimize the client's compliance
E. Prompt alteration

5.  What do you think is the fundamental difference between an Agile Coach and a scrum master?

Ans: The agile coach works with a large team, whereas a scrum master works with a small team. Agile coaches used to handle multiple projects, but scrum masters used to handle one project. The agile coach follows the agile methodologies, whereas the scrum master will follow the scrum process only.

6. What is fail-fast in Agile?

Ans: Basically, agile follows some important standard protocols like rapid development, adaptability, and regular progress. So fail fast principle is working in the software bug detection layer. If the bug appears faster, then bug fixing will be easier, reducing the project cost.

7. Explain how agile is different from the traditional waterfall model?

Ans: If you use agile methodology, then all features can be run in parallel mode. You can easily do the testing till now developed by the team. The testing team is also can maintain the test cases. So by this, you reduce the whole project development process and adjust the software testing time along with the whole project time. But in the waterfall model, you need to follow the downwards flow. Every step will be executed separately in the waterfall model; after that, you can start the software testing. So you can get an idea of how total project time is increasing.

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8. Tell me what kind of project we can run in Agile?

Ans: There are two types of web-based projects one is static, and another is dynamic. Mainly we can execute dynamic projects in this agile methodology. This project will have dynamic features like search, log in. The agile methodology helps this kind of dynamic frequent changed requirements with the cross-layer process.

9. Do you know Kanban?

Ans: If you are facing an interview on agile, this can be one of the common questions. You can use Kanban as a tool that can monitor the whole team workflow and create a skill matrix too. By using it, an agile coach can find out the total progress of a team or individual progress can find out easily. You need to access it from the Kanban board. The agile coach will be mentioning the whole project flow on this board which can be pre-approved accessible by team members at a certain level. This tool won't disturb the running project progress.

10. Is it true that incremental and iterative development are the same?

Ans: No, they are not the same. Actually, incremental development runs without any disturbance. It has sprints, and until the project is completed, the repeat process will be on. But in iterative development, the software development process will be properly pre-designed and sequentially maintained. So it helps in development as well as in maintenance. 

11. What do you think about burn-up charts?

Ans: In Agile, you can maintain projects by creating sprints. These burn-up charts will show you data about the part of the project which has been completed already by your team. As an agile coach, you need to initiate the testing team then.

12.  What is pair programming in Agile Methodology?

Ans: In an agile interview, this question may have come. Once the software programmer writes the program, if the same time other software programmer checks the codes and reviews, the quality of the code will increase. This process is called pair programming. It helps to facilitate trained juniors. As a result, the juniors will be more skilled, and bugs will be less, which can reduce total project time.

13. Can you tell me something about zero sprints?

Ans: This is also one of the most common questions in interviews. When you create the different sprints of a particular project, the first sprint is called a zero sprint. It declares that the agile coach will take the first step before the first sprint like a Pre-step. It provides the scope of work like project infrastructure setup, applications set up, srs write up, and POC approval. All pres tasks will be done here seamlessly by the agile coach.

14.  What is project backlog?

Ans: The agile coach, who is the project owner in the development company, can maintain all project features documentation and the whole freeze requirements in this project backlog option in agile methodology.

15. What is the use of taskboard in Agile?

Ans: You can access this taskboard as an agile coach to see the progress of the project. In this panel, you can get information on:

A. User Story: Freeze business requirements
B. To do list: Task assignment system
C. Progress bar
D. Task verification: The pending task will be verified
E. Completion massage

16.  If you are an Agile Coach, how QA can add value to your team members?

Ans: The full form of QA is Quality Analysis. So the quality team will cross-check the quality of the software and use it seamlessly. After that, this team will be providing feedback to the development team about all running functionalities. This helps the development team to find out the bugs.

17. Explain Spike?

Ans: The design team can face some technical issues, or maybe some design problems in the project maintain in agile. As well as, they need to resolve it as soon as possible to maintain the workflow. If you face any problem in this layer, you can use a spike. There are types of spikes are there:

A. Functional
B. Technical

18. How you can use the tracker bullet in agile methodology?

Ans: In the running project architecture, we can use this tracker bullet. This helps to set the current status. The agile coach will monitor the end-to-end process of the running project and can examine the written code.

19. What is the meaning of the Agile Manifesto?

Ans: Agile manifesto means one iterative and people-centred process for software development. It includes 12 principles with four key values.

20. For screenshots, what tools can you use while working on agile projects?

Ans: There are many tools that you case for taking screenshots while doing projects:

A. BugDigger
B. BuShooting
C. Qtrace
D. Sangit
E. Bonfire
F. Usersnap

Top 10 Frequently Asked Agile Coach Interview Questions:

1. What is the meaning of Agile Software Development?

Ans: In software development, we always try to faster the process by reusing. As Agile Software development is a framework where you can do feature-driven development. There are other frameworks like Scrum. But it is easier, and here you can also run test-driven development, stand-ups, planning sessions, and sprints too. This concept is like an umbrella made by 12 principles. 

2. Give me the best example of Agile software development?

Ans: Example of Agile software development is extreme Programming, Dynamic systems development method, and lean software development.

3. Do you think agile software development skill is suitable for a software developer?

Ans: You know that software development industries change their methodologies every day to make the process faster. The agile methodology makes the process easier and faster also. It is always good to keep updating your skillset as per market demand. If you learn this agile software development, you will get more scopes.

4. Do you think that this technology will have a long future?

Ans: See, it is running nowadays very well, and it is in high demand. It is not easy to predict any technologies future because trends are also changing. The second thing in the market is fewer experienced resources on this technology. So it's becoming like market demand is high, but resources supply is less.

5. What is the role of an Agile Coach?

Ans: Agile coaches take responsibility for planning and managing all team members to make them expertise in Agile software development. Agile will be estimating the whole project and making a proper project plan with the help of team members. If you are giving an interview on agile, please clearly say your present total hands-on experience on it so that the interviewer will get clear ideas about your current skill. 

6. What is the next step for an Agile coach?

Ans: An agile coach will train team members on how to do self-management so that team members will be more efficient.

7. Please tell me which methodology does Google uses?

Ans: Yes, Google uses only agile software development methodology. They use mainly scrum and waterfall models. They constantly switch methods as per project requirements.

8. Explain how Agile is evolving?

Ans: See in software industry ecosystem is also implemented. Due to this, agile ideas are implemented mostly. Now they are trying to scale up agile methodology.

9. What do you think Amazon is using Agile methodology? Yes or No? 

Ans: Yes, Amazon has always been using agile methodology since 1999 and upgrading employees' skill sets with the latest trends.

10. What is the agile methodology using ration in IT?

Ans: As per the present survey, 71% of the IT industry uses Agile methodology. So yes, it's a good sign for developers. 


In today's world, every firm needs an Agile Coach. Joining a reputable firm becomes challenging when the post carries such a high level of responsibility. As a result, the blog has included Agile coach interview questions and answers to assist hopefuls in properly preparing for their employment.

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