Agile Interview Questions

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Agile Interview Questions

If you're looking for Agile Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research Agile has a market share of about 27.1%. So, You still have the opportunity to move ahead in your career in Agile Management. Mindmajix offers Advanced Agile Interview Questions 2018 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire dream career as Agile Project Manager.

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Agile Vs DevOps

Features Agile DevOps
Usage Developing Software Deploying software
Developer tasks Every person can handla all the tasks Separate teams for operations and developments
Performance Since every developer can progress the task, agile approach is preferred Teams need to communicate in order to proceed to next step
Communication Scrum based approach to communicate Regular meetings are held
Programming knowledge Much needed as it includes development Deployment needs less programming knowledge when compared to development
Focus Quality focussed software development Improve deployment frequency
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Q1) What is the lifespan of scrum cycle?

The project size and team size are the two main factors which determine the time length of the scrum cycle. The size of a team can be 3 to 9 members. Usually, it can be estimated that the time span of a scrum sprint of about 3 to 4 weeks on average. 

Q2) What does the term scrum of scrums mean?  
There are 7 teams appointed on a particular project and let us consider that each team has got 7 members each. A particular team will conduct their own scrum meetings. In order to have coordination among the teams, another separate meeting is held and this is known as a scrum of scrums. The person who will present the team in the scrum of scrums is an ambassador. In the meeting g the points that are discussed are:-

  • After the last meeting how far the team has progressed. 
  • What are the tasks that needed to be done before the next meeting? 
  • What the troubles that the team has faced while completing the last task. 

SCRUM Work flow

Q3) What does the term increment mean? 
When the sprint id finished by the team it is usually meant that all the tasks that they have planned have been completed. The term increment refers to the sum of all the backlog product items that were completed in a sprint. The new increment value will have the value of the last sprint value. 

Q4) What does the term impediment mean? 
Any obstacles that do not allow smooth flow of work which results in the underperformance of the team to perform tasks in a better way is known as an impediment. 

Q5) What do you mean by planning poker or scrum poker technique? 
The technique which is a card based estimation based on a general agreement is known as scrum poker or planning poker. Some features of it are:-

  • The first step is to story of the agile user is read by the customer or owner. Then the estimator understands the features. 
  • There are different planning cards with a different number for each estimator. The different numbers are the story points.
  • Based on the estimation which is done by discussing features, the estimator will select a card. 
  • When a common value is selected then it is considered to be an estimate otherwise there is a discussion on maximum and minimum estimation. 
  • Until a general agreement is reached this process is repeated. 

Q6) Discuss the principles of agile testing. 
There are some major points regarding agile testing and they are discussed below. 

  • Satisfaction of customer 
  • A big free clean mode
  • Customers welcome changes 
  • The business people and the developers work together as a team 
  • It focuses on essence rather than lengthy documentation. 
  • Face to face conversation is appreciated 
  • Promotion of sustainable development 

Q7) What do you mean by the disadvantages of the agile model? 
There are certain disadvantages of the agile system which are discussed below. 

  • It is not easy to predict. If a big project is assigned you will have a problem to estimate the effort you need to put into that. 
  • Focusing on design and documentation is not always proper. 
  • The final product will not satisfy the customers if the guidelines given by the client are not properly understood. 
  • The high-level decision making is in the hands of the higher authorities which makes the fresher to have little knowledge. 

Q8) What is the right moment to use agile model? 
There are certain methodologies and developments which can use agile like lean software development feature drove development, dynamic development and crystal methodologies.

Q9) What do you mean by release candidate? 
To make sure that during the last development stage there is no critical problem left behind a code or version or a build is released which is known as a release candidate. This is equivalent to final build and it is used for testing. 

Q10) How do agile testing methods differ from other testing methods? 
In case of agile testing methodology, the code that is used is broken into smaller branches. At one particular time, each particular branch of a code is tested. Also, continuous communication is done on that part of the code. Agile process is more flexible and focused. 

Q11) Is it possible to apply agile methodology another testing apart from software testing and development testing? 
The methodology of a file testing can be applied in case of biophysics, biochemistry, biomedical and those places that have insufficient data and the project needs to complete with a small team. 

Q12) How to know that you are using agile development?
You will know that you are using agile development is when you are using time-boxed task board, test driven development, daily stand up meetings, pair programming and many more. 

Q13) What does story point mean in the scrum? 
The unit that is used to estimate the total effort which is needed to finish or do a particular work or implementing a backlog is referred to a story point in the scrum. 

Q14) What do you mean by the X and Y axis of the burndown chart? 
In the burndown chart, the X-axis represents the working days and the Y axis stands for showing the remaining efforts. 

Burndown chart

Q15) Describe the main roles in the scrum. 

  • Scrum team - It is consist of an individual person who is in charge of working collectively to complete a certain task. 
  • Scrum Master - this person is responsible for the paper execution of end result of the scrum team. 
  • Product owner - he or she has the responsibility of delivering a whole concept of what to build and then convey the idea to the team. 

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Q16) What is Zero sprint in Agile?
It can be defined as pre-step to the first sprint. Things like setting up the development environment, preparing backlog etc needs to be done before starting of the first sprint and can be treated as Sprint zero.

Q17) What do you mean by product burndown chart? 
Product burndown chart is the graphical representation of a description that shows implementation and the non-implemented product backlog. 

Q18) What do you mean by sprint burndown chart? 
It is a graph that is used to describe the number of non-implemented or implemented sprint in scrum cycle. 

Q19) What do you mean by release burndown chart? 
Release burndown chart represents the pending releases that were planned earlier. 

Q20) What do you mean by defect burndown chart? 
It is the representation of a number of defects that are identified and then removed.

Q21) What do you mean by sprint planning meeting? 
The meeting that is joined by all the entities like product owner, scrum master and the whole scrum team is known as sprint planning meeting. It is done to discuss the important feature of the team and also the items of the product backlog. 

Q22) What do you mean by sprint retrospective meeting? 
Sprint retrospective meeting is the last part of the sprint. It is probably done after the review meeting of a sprint. The whole teams along with scrum master participate in this discussion and it lasts for 2 to 3 hours. 

Q23) What does build breaker mean? 
There are certain times when the developer accidentally commits a bug in the software. This bug might stop the process of compilation or generated warring. It is the cause of failure during normal execution of testing. In such cases, it is said that the build is broken. The main priority of the tester now is to rectify the bug. 

Q24) What do you know about Kanban? 
A tool which is used in helping the team to overlook the work which includes its progress is known as Kanban. Along with progress, the status of the current development story is also described by Kanban and it is done by Kanban board. 

Q25) What are the places where Scrum and Kanban are used? 
When there is a need for shifting towards appropriate and prominent process then you use Scrum. When you need to improve the process that is running provided that there are not many changes then Kanban is used. 

Q26) Why do user stories are not estimated in man hours? 
It is not preferred to do an estimation of user stories in terms of man hurt because it will mean lack of concentration on the product quality which is to be delivered to the customer. In case of man-hour, more concentration is given on budget and cost of management. This is the reason why story point is used because it gives concept regarding both efforts required and also the complexity of the work.

Q27) What are the three other agile frameworks? 
The three agile frameworks are:-

  • Test-driven development 
  • Feature driven development 
  • Kanban

Q28) What is your view on scrum master removing impediments for the scrum team? 
The scrum master can remove impediments on behalf of the scrum team but he should not do that. The scrum master should not pamper nor overrule the scrum team. Also, the scrum team should be able to make their own decisions. 

Q29) What is the process in which a master recommends following up on action items? 
The best way to do this is by establishing a follow up of the works that are to be done by the members of the team. The information is to be collected by the scrum master.

Q30) What are the most important agile Matrices? 
The following are the important agile Matrices. 

  • Velocity - To have a clear about your progress, capacity and many more keeping track of the velocity is important. It can be measured by adding all the estimates of the stories that are approved. 
  • Work category allocation - the work category allocation will provide a clear idea about where you are investing your time and also about the priority of the work. 
  • Defect removal awareness - the active members can produce quality products. 
  • The cumulative flow diagram - the uniform flow of work can be checked thought this diagram of cumulative flow. Here the x-axis represents time and the y-axis stands for the number of effort. 
  • The sprint burndown matric - it helps in keeping track of the completion of the work with the sprint.
  • Business value delivered - this is an entity that is concerned with the work efficiency of the team. It is used to measure and 100 points are associated with every project. 
  • Time coverage - it is defined as the amount of time that is given to a code while it is being tested. This is measured with the help of ratio of the number of lines of code that is called by the test suite by the number of relative lines of codes.
  • Defect resolution time - this is a term which is concerned with the process in which team members detect bugs and also fixes them. There are a number of processes involved in fixing a bug. 

1. clearing the picture of the bug
2. Schedule a fix
3. Fixation of a defect is done. 
4. Report of resolution is handed. 

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