Bigfix Vs SCCM

If you have been on the lookout for the best security management tools and have been confused between SCCM vs BigFix, this post is meant to help you out. In this article, you get to have a better understanding of what is BigFix and what is SCCM along with their advantages and disadvantages as well as a brief comparison. Let’s have a look further. 

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Is IBM BigFix Better Than SCCM?

Often, a lot of clients get overwhelmed with endpoint management activities. The variety of patches across several versions of operating systems keeps most of the IT operations and security organizations quite held up. 

Sure, Windows is a predominant operating system and the Microsoft Configuration Manager, also called SCCM, is the most prevalent management tool when it comes to patching the Microsoft Office and Windows OS. 

However, what about other operating systems? That’s where IBM BigFix comes into the picture. So, in this SCCM vs BigFix post, let’s find out the answer to - ‘Is IBM BigFix better than SCCM?’

Bigfix Vs SCCM - Table of Contents

What is the IBM BigFix Platform?

What is the Ibm Bigfix
This one is a diverse platform that is an indispensable part of the global Information Technology Infrastructure. It helps in the administration of computers that are functioning on varying operating systems. 

The IBM BigFix is a dynamic and content-driven administration framework that allots gadgets’ management to the IT infrastructure operators.

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Why do we need BigFix?

Undeniably, one of the most ideal methods of protecting a business is by applying superior security to windows, focusing on the weak points and endpoints. Thus, when it comes to endpoint security and the management of basic business resources, IBM BigFix is the best possible technique. 

Basically, it follows three principles, such as:

  • Discover It: With this, the framework diversifies the endpoints that are not being managed adequately. And then, it discovers the errors with the help of real-time perceivability.
  • Fix It: Once the issues have been identified, it applies the patches across varying endpoints to resolve them.
  • Secure It: Under this principle, the framework evaluates and integrates security consistency with administrative, operational and security arrangements. And then, it reacts to the threats in a proactive way.

IBM BigFix screens every endpoint to identify the issues so as to uphold the consistency with administrative, operational and security arrangements. Such an arrangement operates ideally even if it is at a distant area with the least data transmission. 

Also, the framework is planned on the greatest security portfolio in the world to offer constant security.

What is SCCM?


What is SCCM
Instead of developing a server or a workstation separately and physically, System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) uses the formats to build such frameworks in no time. IT staff can make the layouts dependent on the rules outlaid. 

Furthermore, these layouts help meet the associations’ prerequisites. On the account of layout based establishment, companies can depend upon the design consistency for all of the equipment systems operating throughout the venture.

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Why SCCM discovery methods?

The discovery identifies the PC as well as the client assets that you can monitor with the help of Configuration Manager. Likewise, it can discover the organization framework in the environment. 

With discovery, you can make a Discovery Data Record (DDR) for every item found. And then, the data is stored in the SCCM data set. At the point when you find a resource, the assets’ data is placed in a document that hints at the DDR. 

And then, DDRs are managed by site servers. Later, they get into the database of SCCM. From this point, they get repeated by the database replication with all of the destinations.

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Comparison of Bigfix vs SCCM

The SCCM is developed by Microsoft and is used for the administration of large PC gatherings that are operating on Windows operating systems. Both BigFix and SCCM provide comparative administrations. 

Regardless of the situation, when you comprehend a variety of operating systems, complex network climate or multi-tenant situations, at this point BigFix offers improved administration when compared with SCCM, which eventually has restricted extensions. 

In case you have complex security needs, SCCM will not be a right choice. Rather, when dealing with such a situation, BigFix helps to a great extent. Some of the additional points to keep in mind:

Operating FrameworksLinux, Windows, Unix, iOS, and moreWindows
Data AccessNot difficult to update the framework, deploy drivers, convey the non-security and security abilities, and discover the required dataClients can have vital framework management and backup centralization; thus, it is simple for clients to get necessary data from a single console
CostSimple and cost-effective to set upExpensive to set up 
EndpointsCan handle up to 250,000 endpoints with better versatilityCan handle up to 10,000 endpoints with the intricate process
PermissionCan accumulate information, create reports, and trade CSVsCan set up the schedule as per the security prerequisites

Bigfix Advantages and Disadvantages

Jotted down below are some advantages and disadvantages of BigFix:


  • Patch management is the most important component, which is an absolute necessity in every event, regardless of the operating system
  • Not difficult to use and is not muddled
  • The current apparatus is different from the assortment of information usage that makes the device simpler
  • Acceptable technical help
  • Association is effective and straightforward that helps executing a variety of assignments, across platforms and columns, from one glass sheet
  • Astonishingly adaptable
  • Improved the association by saving an opportunity to convey uncountable endpoints to the clients
  • Satisfactory arrangement


  • The self-service section is not very user-friendly
  • The remote software installation could have been better
  • SDK for web UI could have been incorporated in the upcoming release
  • Doesn’t have IIT, ML and AI
  • The feature of mobile device management could have been accurate
  • Features from lifecycle with patch management are missing
  • Better integration is required.

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SCCM Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of SCCM that you should keep in mind:


  • Graphical-based reports is the most important component that is effective enough
  • Microsoft is putting a lot of resources in the new highlights for the commercial centre
  • The arrangement helps you by mechanizing the fixing of your framework
  • Patching is the essential component on the grounds that helps controlling the entire climate without deciphering physically
  • Has made the administration of the current situation much simpler
  • Application deployment and function sequenced imaging are the relevant highlight
  • Simple for OSD, consistency and fixing
  • SUP, query, remote connect, report, cloud usefulness, and third-party patching are the significant highlights


  • An agentless version could have been made available
  • Should be more improvement in the on-screen display
  • The solution could be simpler and consistent among sections/modules
  • Cost is on the higher end
  • The commands that can only be executed through PowerShell should be available
  • Has to be backed up by all of the operating systems

Is IBM BigFix Better Than SCCM?

Now that you evaluate them thoroughly, SCCM is adequate for managing Windows endpoints. However, it makes use of WMI, which is challenging and comes with slower reporting. 

It also has restricted support for Linux/Unix based operating systems and third-party vendor applications. So, if your organization is operating in an extensively large environment, SCCM turns out to be a headache when you try scaling it above 10,000 endpoints. In such a scenario, IBM BigFix is all things good.


By using IBM BigFix, you can easily deal with the actual and virtual endpoints through an individual console. Furthermore, you can also solve genuine concerns effortlessly. A correlation between SCCM and IBM BigFix is offered that displays that the SCCM is compelling when it comes to dealing with applications that operate on Windows. On the other hand, BigFix can be used anywhere and everywhere. So, make a choice accordingly. 

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