Top 7 MongoDB GUI Tools In 2024

MongoDB is a document-based database that supports JSON. This is the best and open-source NoSQL database. In the articles earlier, you’ve seen how to install MongoDB component sets on a Windows system and also checked how to use a simple sort example as well.

Now is a good time to understand the need for using a GUI tool to carry out your DB-related activities.

Consider where you use a Command prompt screen to start your MongoDB services and to stop your MongoDB service:

Though a Windows Service (if configured following the previous MongoDB installation on Windows article) helps you do these basic operations via a Windows Service (shown in the screen below) but the basic operations of using the Database cannot be achieved via the command line. Development takes a toll as there would huge efforts in understanding the data on the database using just the command-line utilities.

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A MongoDB GUI not only helps developers increase their productivity but also helps in managing the database with large amounts of data. Now that the need for a GUI tool to access the MongoDB database is mandatory, let’s take a peek into the internet for the best available options to choose from.

Top 7 MongoDB GUI Tools To Choose From

1. MongoBooster - MongoDB GUI Tool

MongoBooster is the best choice as the GUI-based tool for the MongoDB database. This is what I would suggest if you are a Windows user, the ease of use is simply superb.

Some of the salient features of this GUI tool are as follows:

  • Cross-platform GUI that is shell centric for MongoDB versions ranging from v2.2 to v3.2
  • Has a decent community to provide updates on the tool
  • Has a fluent query builder via the Mongoose API
  • Provides ES6 syntax support and true experience with Intellisense
  • Provides fluent aggregation framework
  • Provides MongoDB shell extensions as well
  • Provides built-in snippets to work with
  • Supports edits on results tree view itself

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2. RoboMongo - MongoDB GUI Tool

RoboMongo is one of the best options available in the market for Mac users, this tool embeds the engine and environment that is part of the MongoDB shell.

Some of the salient features of the tool are as follows:

  • Analyses / execute commands by a JavaScript VM
  • Native as well as a cross-platform MongoDB manager is available
  • Usage of machine resources is minimal
  • As mentioned earlier, this is the only tool that embeds the original MongoDB shell
  • Very first GUI tool to provide auto-completion
  • Uses Multiple shells and provides multiple results as well

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3. MongoVUE - MongoDB GUI Tool

MongoVUE was the best and the most innovative desktop application for GUI and specifically for Windows users for older versions of MongoDB but the tool is not updated for the latest versions of MongoDB.

This provides a very elegant GUI solution to work with your MongoDB database. You can download this amazing GUI tool from here.

Some of the salient features of this wonderful tool are as follows:

  • Provides an option to open multiple connections to different MongoDB servers
  • Provides a hierarchical structure of all the databases, collections, indexes, and users in a single screen
  • Adding databases and collections is damn easy with the interactive GUI
  • Building indexes are made damn easy – use JSON or use the interactive visual interface
  • Map-Reduce operations can be run very easily
  • Provides syntax highlighting while typing for the JavaScript functions
  • Provides an option to migrate data from any of the following flavors of databases (MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL) to MongoDB automatically.
  • Provides an option to export your data/documents in JSON, CSV, or MS Excel formats.

4. RockMongo - MongoDB GUI Tool

RockMongo is the other option available as a GUI tool written in PHP5. One of the downside to this tool is the requirement to have PHP installed on a server where this GUI needs to be run. RockMongo as such is an HTML-based MongoDB GUI tool, which can be downloaded from here.

Some of the salient features for this HTML based GUI are:

  • Easy to install the software as it is written in PHP
  • Ease in use as it is a browser-based GUI
  • Will be a boon if you’re a PHP developer, you’ll be able to connect well with it
  • Provides support for individual plugins

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5. MongoHub - MongoDB GUI Tool

MongoHub is yet another Mac OSX-based GUI application for MongoDB. If you want this to be used against a Windows or a Linux-based OS then you might need to download the sources for GitHub and use it accordingly. This is available for download from here.

Some of the salient features for this Mac OSX based GUI application are as follows:

  • Ease of usage in adding or dropping connections
  • Add / drop databases, collections
  • Import / Export data in JSON, CSV formats
  • Provides support for SSH access

6. UMongo- MongoDB GUI Tool

UMongo is a GUI based tool that is used for browsing and also in administering a MongoDB cluster. There are variants of this tool available for all the OS’s (namely Linux, Windows, Mac OSX). Download the GUI tool from here, if you like the features of this tool.

Some of the salient features of this GUI based tool are as follows:

  • One of the best tools to connect to a Single Server, Replica Set, or a MongoDB cluster instance
  • Provides DB operations like create, drop, authenticate, eval
  • Provides document operations like update, duplicate, remove
  • Provides index operations like create and drop
  • Provides a GUI document builder
  • Provides support for query options and to obtain the latest concerns
  • Import / Export data in JSON, BSON, CSV formats
  • Best feature amongst all its peers is that the UI is exactly the same for all OS’s

7. 3T Mongo Chef - MongoDB GUI Tool

3TMongoChef provides seamless multi-line editing support and auto-complete support. Some of the salient features of this GUI tool are as follows:

  • Creation of complex update/aggregate queries is made real easy
  • Formatted, well highlighted, and easily searchable
  • Provides a complete command history
  • Built-in specific for MongoDB only
  • Provides a complete integration to MongoDB shell with IntelliShell


Which MongoDB GUI is the best of the lot provided above? To answer this question, there is more than one parameter to think about. The budget, usage, the need for a GUI tool, number of users, features required, and the like should be considered while making the choice. It is a very well-known fact that an ideal GUI tool is very important to go beyond the administration in the MongoDB shell.

A common opinion of the Windows users is to use MongoVUE and the Mac users suggest using RoboMongo the most. Hope this article has made its point to enable you to make the right choice.


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