MongoDB Projects and Use Cases

MongoDB is widely used in developing some amazing web and mobile applications. In this MongoDB projects blog, you will learn reasons for using MongoDB, prerequisites to work with MongoDB, MongoDB projects for freshers and experienced, etc.

MongoDB is a freeware database management program that endorses several kinds of data. It is developed for providing extensibility while developing web and mobile applications. Best organizations like Aadhar, EA, MetLife, and eBay utilize this NoSQL database for projects, including cloud management, storage, and synchronization. One of the best ways to start a flourishing career in MongoDB is through learning by building your own projects. MongoDB projects will give you an efficient way as they make students apply their skills. This MongoDB projects article covers some of the great MongoDB project ideas for both freshers and experienced developers.

MongoDB Projects: Table of Content

Why is MongoDB?

MongoDB is developed on the scale-out architecture that has become famous with developers of all types to build scalable applications with progressing data schemas. As MongoDB is a document database, it is easy for the developers to store unstructured and structured data. It utilizes a JSON-like format for storing documents. This format maps the native languages in the most advanced programming languages, making it preferable for the developers since they don’t require data normalization. It can also manage massive volumes and extend both horizontally or vertically to store large data loads. Development teams and Companies of all sizes utilize MongoDB for the following reasons:

#1.Deployment Options

MongoDB is available in primary cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure using MongoDB Atlas, in large data centers using the enterprise advanced edition, or free using the freeware community edition.

#2.Document Model

Document Model is the best way for storing and retrieving the data in modern programming languages, enabling the developers to move rapidly.

#3.Completely Extendable

MongoDB scale-out and horizontal architecture can support massive volumes of data of both traffic and data.

#4. Get Started Rapidly

MongoDB has a good user experience for the developers who can install the MongoDB and begin “writing code” instantly.

#5. Find a Community

MongoDB has built a mature and big platform environment. It has a global community of consultants and developers. It also offers enterprise-grade support.

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System Requirements

Hardware and Software

Every host should meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum 10GB of free disk space plus whatever space is required for holding MongoDB data.
  • Minimum 4GB RAM.
  • If you utilize AWS EC2 instances, we must utilize a minimum of m3.medium instances.
  • The MongoDB Agent should be installed only on the 64-bit architecture.

Server Networking Access

The hosts that serve MongoDB Deployments should:

  • Possess complete networking access to each other using the FODNs. Every host can reach every other host using the FODN. 
  • Resolve every FODN to the unique IP address, 
  • Set the common name or the Subject Alternative Name value of the SSL certificates to the MongoDB Host’s FODN.

The network configuration should enable every MongoDB Agent for making a direct connection to every MongoDB deployment cataloged on the “Deployment” page.

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Skill Development

The best method to learn a programming language or a document-oriented database like MongoDB is using repetition and practice. Projects and Exercises will help you build the MongoDB query skills, particularly as a beginner. Following are some of the skills we can expect to master since you work on MongoDB projects:

1. Web Development: MongoDB provides scalable and high-performance applications utilized to store the data and build web or network applications. Learning the MongoDB will allow you to handle multiple data forms and take your expertise to the next level in the development phase of web applications, which can help you become a web developer.

2. Mobile Development: If we want to build our mobile development skills, we must consider MongoDB domain as it was developed for mobile developers. Learning MongoDB will allow you to give the best apps throughout multiple platforms like iOS and Android.

3. Database Management or Database Administration: Database Administration includes making daily backups and importing, exporting, and converting the data. It will help you expand your database management skills since it is developed for massive amounts of data while providing high performance.

4. Programming Languages: We can utilize various programming languages like JavaScript, Node.js, Python, and Ruby. Consequently, MongoDB Projects will allow you to build your skills in these programming languages.

5. JavaScript Syntax: MongoDB is one of the most famous NoSQL databases available. By learning MongoDB, we can build our JavScript skills since you can write the scripts for the MongoDB in the JavaScript. It will also help you with Syntax knowledge of Binary JavaScript Object Notation(BSON) and JavaScript Object Notation(JSON).

MindMajix Youtube ChannelMongoDB Projects For Freshers

1) File Sharing Application

Being a Fresher, we can make an online file-sharing app. MongoDB offers cloud storage which simplifies your way to store any file to share. This will work in a similar way the Dropbox and google drive work. We can develop individual spaces for uploading the file. Users can upload and download whenever they want to. Users don’t have to need to worry about the storage requirements. For freshers, we can offer 10GB of space to each user. We can use the paid storage option if the user wants to raise the capacity. We can make the signup/login portal for the customized space.   

2) Authentication App

Building an Authentical App is an amazing idea. This application will take documentation and images of users and store them in the database. We can train your application to identify the users through algorithms properly. We can assign privileges and roles to the users as per the authentications. We might have seen the devices installed in Gyms, offices, schools, etc, that take your retina or fingerprint scan. MongoDB will be the best database for this purpose as it is rapid and scalable. We can utilize machine learning algorithms for rapid and accurate decisions. 

3) Personal Address Book

By using MongoDB, we can create a management system where we can store every detail of your contacts like Name, Contact Number, Address, Birthdays, Email, etc. We can make the columns for the favorites and most utilized. We can add the map and the directions to their place. We can also add the functionality for adding, editing, and removing contacts. We can even insert a column for the upcoming meetings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Add the share button for sharing the information about all the contacts.

4) Real-time Chatting App

We can create a real-world chatting app similar to Hike or Whatsapp. We can add colorful themes and an attractive UI. We can utilize NodeJS for the backend, MongoDB as the database, and ReactJS for the front end. Real-time chatting is also possible with MongoDB. We can also insert the functionality to share images, files, and videos using the app. This can be a good app for you and boost your resume. We can also create a signup/login portal for securing the users. Insert stickers for amusing interactions.

5) Blog Writing App

Blogs are very famous these days. We can create the blog-creating app through the MongoDB. We can include the following functionalities:

  • Selection for uploading and choosing the articles
  • Likes and Comments on the Articles
  • Uploading the Videos and Photos
  • Favorites Section
  • A portal for following article writers and other authors

6) Online Radio

Beginning a business is an important wish of everyone, but it is not simple. Before beginning the business, it is essential to know about the trending utilization of the apps. We know that people can utilize the common and the best business ideas, such that it will be amazing to switch between the frequencies. We can switch to news, music, sports, politics, and economics with one click. Offer the favorite functions for early access to the users. We can choose MongoDB from various programming languages. We can utilize the available APIs or create our own REST API. 

7) Finance and Investment Applications

The finance industry will have various examples where specific documents include other documents, which are made up of more documents. Even vehicle instruments are organized in the same way. Whether it is a mutual fund or bandwidth fund, or the fund of the funds, your effort is to avoid the data flattening. Using the MongoDB database can be immensely useful.

8) Gaming App

Data is critical to making video games work. Some general examples of gaming data are matchmaking, telemetry, leaderboards, and player profiles. The common thread between all the games is that they all have a particular goal. We have to achieve multiple goals or find a way to achieve the end goal. This may include steps like growing vegetables, watering plants, serving food in a restaurant, etc. While we are selecting a suitable database for the application, we have to take care of the requirements of the modern gaming environment. By utilizing MongoDB, we can reduce a lot of problems. MongoDB can add and associate new features to the player profiles. It can store multi-level data and can also manage concurrency.

MongoDB Projects For Experienced

1. Football Statistics App

We will build the prototype for the football statistics app that holds information about Football player profiles. The application holds data about personal details, player scores, etc. We will use PHP, a freeware scripting language, for making the connection with the database MongoDB. For connecting, we have to use the MongoDB PHP driver. We will utilize FifaIndex or Kaggle to obtain the relevant data and start by creating the data or the web crawler for feeding the data into the MongoDB database. After crawling, we can utilize the gridFS and Geo query along with normal querying for making it a full-stack app. We can host Prototype on the Heroku and deploy it on the GitHub.

2. Create the Project for the Product Catalog Management

E-commerce organizations require a product catalog for storing a lot of information, like pricing, project availability, document offers, shipping details, etc, with different attributes. The product catalog applications combine data in the files from multiple sources and present it in a personalized manner. Active database deployments like MongoDB are accustomed data sources to fetch the product catalog information. In this project, we will build a schema design allowing ‘product search’ in the MongoDB Atlas through ElasticSearch and Solr, search solutions, and open-source analytics. Configure Solr to index documents and install ElasticSearch to enable the full-text search.

3. Build a Project to Fetch and Stream the Data

In this project, we will integrate the PubNub and MongoDB for building a web application to update the real-world stock market and the pricing data. We will establish a MongoDB server and an ideal data format like JSON or CSV. As the data will have different values, we should stimulate the stock indices at random intervals with random values. Refer to the GitHub Python Codes for generating the random price indices. As per the historical data, the application will display the trend chart of the prices on the result page.

4. Twitter Feed Analyzer

Gathering and Analyzing massive amounts of data will be a large investment. But, this process is easy with MongoDB since it has robust analytic tools and compatibility with Hadoop. In this project, we will use MongoDB aggregation framework, which is mainly based on the pipelines. 

Mongodb Real-Time Projects Examples

MongoDB is the most preferable database for the best enterprises and supports solutions and products at several establishments like eBay, Electronic Arts, Adobe, Cisco, Google, SAP, AstraZeneca, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Verizon. Following are the some of the top real-time use cases of MongoDB:

1. Weather Channel

Weather Channel was operating its website, “,” and facing issues serving a vast number of clients because of the utilization of a conventional database. It helped them to develop their mobile app, which is used by more than 40 million users and offers real-world data to their users.

2. Bosch

Bosch is using MongoDB to build its applications. Bosch, with more than 3lakh employees, is one of the biggest automotive component manufacturers. It utilizes various apps for gathering data from IoT, like power steering and braking system, to enhance diagnostics and preventive maintenance requirements. Bosch can also monitor how operators utilize advanced power tools to tighten the screws of the aircraft. MongoDB has played a crucial role in developing such advanced apps.

3. Forbes

Through MongoDB, Forbes was able to develop its Content Management System(CMS) within two months and its mobile app in one month. Forbes modified its complete website and moved to MongoDB such that content can be added from anywhere globally without going offline in a rapid way.


FACEIT utilizes MongoDB as its primary database below its lid. Organizing the services between teams, competitions, and players are all handled by MongoDB. FACEIT also utilizes MongoDB for handling all the user profiles and tournament data. Live streaming data from the game is saved in MongoDB, and analytics for tracking the player engagement and behavior is performed on the data.

5. Aadhar

MongoDB has grown rapidly and has occupied the database field. MongoDB was used by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, India, to handle the biometric data of 1.3 billion Indians for Aadhar.

Why Are They So Important?

Typically, relationally databases provide advanced analytics and integrations due to the SQL support of the structured data. But, if we want to work without the SQL-based structures and yet offer all the advanced database functions, MongoDB is a good NoSQL database that is more rapid than the conventional relational databases. The inherent model is the critical conceptual difference between MongoDB and other SQL databases. It stores the data in the collections of the JSON documents in an understandable format. 

It provides various beneficial features for storing our data. We can utilize and access this data using various clients supported by the MongoDB. Besides its own MongoDB Atlas, MongoDB Compass, and MongoDB Charts, the database server provides continuous compatibility with different operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is also compatible with the IDEs like JetBrains, Studio3T, and VS Code. MongoDB supports various programming languages like C, Java, C++, Go, Python, Node, Rust, Swift, Scala, etc. So, anyone who has proficiency in the above programming languages can learn MongoDB and build amazing projects.

Mongodb Projects FAQs

1. What is MongoDB best used for?

MongoDB works best with unstructured data, so it is suitable for Bigdata systems, MapReduce Applications, Social Networking Applications, and new site forums. 

2. How to create a project in MongoDB?

Follow these steps to create the project in the MongoDB:

Step 1: Go to the Create Project Page

  1. Select the Organization for which we create the project from the organization menu in navigation bar.
  2. Press the “Leaf” icon in the upper left corner of a page or extend the projects menu in navigation bar
  3. Press “New Project.”

Step 2: Give the project name.

Step 3: Designate your project for the standard or government region we utilize.

  1. Verify “Designate as the Gov Cloud regions-only project” if we want to show clusters only to the gov regions. Besides, we can deploy clusters only to the standard regions
  2. Press “Next.”

Step 4: Add Members

  1. For the available AtlasGov users, provide the email the person used for registering.
  2. For the latest AtlasGov users, provide their email address for sending the invitation

Step 5: Give the Access to the Members

Step 6: Press “Create Project.”

3. How many projects can I create in MongoDB?

Per Atlas Organization, we can create 250 projects.

4. Do any companies utilize MongoDB?

More than 4000 companies use MongoDB in their tech stacks, including DeliveryHero, LaunchDarkly, and Uber.

5. What is the future of MongoDB?

In the recent few years, MongoDB has achieved various milestones for the future of MongoDB. This covers launching services like Stitching and scaling the features of its services like Atlas and the recent acquirement of the Realm accompanied by the inception of the first beta version of the MongoDB Realm.

6. Does Amazon use MongoDB?

Amazon DocumentDB, which supports MongoDB, is a completely managed JSON document database that makes it simple and cost-efficient to operate essential document workloads at virtually any scale without handling infrastructure.

7. Which big companies use MongoDB?

Big Companies like Uber, eBay, MetLife, BOSCH, and Electronic Arts(EA) use MongoDB.

8. Do banks use MongoDB?

Banking Vendors like Temenos and banks with in-house banking systems utilize MongoDB for modernizing the infrastructure.

9. Is MongoDB owned by AWS?

MongoDB is a partner of AWS.

10. Is MongoDB in Demand?

MongoDB has become the most desired database in the world as it makes it simple for developers for storing, retrieving, and fetching data while creating applications with the most programming languages.


In this MongoDB projects blog, we have included the reason why you should learn MongoDB and how we can start building projects according to our understanding of MongoDB. We also explored some interesting real-time project ideas to make you aware of what kinds of projects can be built with MongoDB. I hope this MonogoDB projects blog gives you enough information about Flutter real-world projects. If you want to enrich your career and become a professional in MongoDB, then enroll in "MongoDB Training " - This course will help you to achieve excellence in this domain.

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