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It is very true that database management is not an easy approach. There are certain things you need to pay attention to. In the current time, a lot of organizations are struggling to perform this task effectively.

Because a database is a very large array of useful data and information, it is obvious that organizations have to depend on the software and technology that can perform this task simply. There are several database management systems present and the technology has unveiled a lot of opportunities for businesses like never before.

To ensure a solid database for running their applications, businesses have started looking for options that are compatible, reliable, fast, and in fact best in every aspect. Currently, there are two databases that are pretty common and they are MongoDB and CouchDB.

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Experts have different views on both these databases and the technology on which they are based on. The fact is both these database has a very large number of users who are satisfied up to a great extent.

Both have features that can be considered for ensuring reliability but still like other databases both MongoDB vs. CouchDB have different reviews among different users. They are considered as best for catering to the different needs of different organizations. However, it has been seen that businesses are not able to choose a database easily.

In case, you are also facing this issue, this post helps you to know MongoDB and CouchDB and decide which one is best for you.

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Which organizations can use these databases?

Both these databases are extremely powerful and it really doesn’t matter how much data an organization needs to handle, both these databases are capable to handle data in bulk without going through any issue. It is possible to use them even when the data is structured or unstructured. Presently there are a few organizations that are using them and you can check their name below.


  • BBVA
  • Forbes
  • Electronic Arts
  • CERN


  • Akamai Technologies
  • Gen Corp Technologies
  • Hothead Games Inc

Both these databases support JSON format and the best part is without facing any issue related to compatibility. Actually, whether a database is capable to present the data in this format in the present scenario is viewed as one of the key features of a database system.

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CouchDB is very reliable and has an API that lets users simply perform editing, reading, deleting as well as adding the files without facing any problem. There are fields and attachments present in all the documents. Therefore managing the data is not at all a big deal. The present model of this database is an amazing one and when compared with MongoDB, it is capable to perform all the tasks in less time.

When it comes to MongoDB, it is capable of schema-free data and this is generally done with documents that are present in the BSON format.

There is a need to mention a structure in many of the cases. One of the key factors that must be noted is that the columns largely vary for documents that are not similar in the entire collection. As there is no need to create the structure, a lot of complexity can be eliminated in the shortest possible time.

#1 Language Query

When MongoDB and CouchDB are compared with each other, MongoDB is having a better Language Query. Actually, it is well-defined and easy to understand. Many programmers have already viewed it as one of the best features available in MongoDB.

You might have no idea but the Language Query of this database is highly reliable and can make it handle a lot of tasks simply. MongoDB is a document-based database which is open source and is highly scalable. It is known for its flexibility. The high performance is another leading feature about it.

On the other side CouchDB too holds a strong Language Query but it is not better as compared to MongoDB. Although a few programmers have made some of the highly scalable applications through it, even they admit that the Language Query of this database is not simple to use when both are compared.

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#2 Need of Indexes

When it comes to CouchDB, it makes use of indexes for filtering purposes. Actually filtering is required many times and documents are filtered by indexes in this database. In CouchDB actually, the tasks of indexes are handled by Views. Data can also be maintained in a well-defined order and indexes can also be created with the help of views.

Once they are created, it is simple to represent how documents are related to each other. CouchDB considers MapReduce and develops map outcomes that contain an order list of value pairs. MapReduce is basically a two-step process.

On the other side, MongoDB makes use of Indexes up to great extent. In case they are not present, the overall performance of this database gets reduced up to a great extent. Well, the Indexes are very helpful in Mongo DB because they impose a strict upper limit on the issues that can declare their presence and can interrupt the work.

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#3 Writing to a database

When the new data is received, of course, it needs to be written into the database. Both MongoDB and CouchDB seem to adopt a similar method for this, but actually, it’s different.

CouchDB utilizes HTTP solicitations when it comes to boosting or having a simple query on the database, so we could simply compose HTTP PUT solicitations. Things can be rearranged simply by utilizing an outsider module to offer assistance.

Many of them are available for use, however, Cradle in this case it is by all accounts well known and offers a simple to-utilize API. In the Node application where telemetry data is present, it is possible to add usefulness to compose any novel information to CouchDB.

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#4 Protocols

When it comes to protocols, a well-known fact is a binary protocol that is custom is considered in MongoDB while http Rest is the one considered by CouchDB. Basically, CouchDB is having a unique advantage over MongoDB and i.e. if there is no shell present, it’s not an issue and tasks can even be performed easily. This is exactly what makes it perfect and in fact an ideal choice for programmers.

In a true sense, the fact is. It really doesn’t matter which database you consider, both have a library that is equipped with features you can consider for understanding the protocol in a better way. Thus quality results can be driven with both. However, one important thing which is common in the present scenario is that a lot of MongoDB experts are learning CouchDB.

Actually, if you are familiar with MongoDB, learning the other is not at all a big deal. Also, it enhances the skill of a professional up to a great extent. CouchDB always make sure of the documents which are best in every aspect. It is possible to interface on the binary protocol of Mongo.

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#5 Bugs and errors

Bugs and errors in the applications or databases are quite common in the present scenario. Even after paying a ton of attention, programmers often fail to eliminate them completely. Both CouchDB and MongoDB can be trusted for error-free results but MongoDB seems more powerful in this approach.

Many organizations are using it in the present scenario without reporting the bugs or error presence. You can check out the outcomes of so many applications.

#6 Containers

When compared to this aspect, MongoDB is widely appreciated by the programmers and developers. This is because it has an extra layer of containers which makes it simply the best for managing the tasks perfectly. The additional layer of containers present in the MongoDB is a powerful approach in many aspects.

#7 Data security

Well, there is no need for you to worry much about this when you are using any of the technology from MongoDB or CouchDB. This is because they follow top security standards and always ensure that data remains protected under all circumstances.

You can simply make changes, edit your data, or can move it without worrying about its privacy. However, there is one thing which you need to keep in mind and i.e. larger databases are always prone to unauthorized access. Therefore you must also consider some extra frameworks for security or for boosting data privacy.

Although there are lots of other databases that are common, MongoDB and CouchDB are widely considered. Actually, both of them are good enough to perform their tasks. The fact is there are a few features that are better in MongoDB while CouchDB.

One of the excellent features present in both is it is possible to make the system work even during the network partition. Also, as far as the matter of quality of the results is concerned, you can consider any from the both. You may see that CouchDB has better reviews than MongoDB on a lot of websites on the internet; this doesn’t actually mean that Mongo is not a true competitor of CouchDB

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