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OKTA is one of the powerful identity management tools that helps with safeguarding the data in an organization. However, using OKTA for every employee, especially in a startup, could be difficult. So, in this post, let’s navigate through some of the best OKTA alternatives that you can try, whether you own a startup or a large organization.

With technology undergoing critical evolutions each day, the risk atmosphere is expanding as well. More so, for IT teams, the need to integrate stringent security measures has become a significant concern. That is the reason why organizations and companies use identity management platforms, such as OKTA, to allow the secure and safe adoption of web applications. 

In the identity management industry, OKTA has been a pioneer that boasts some of the top-notch features, useful enough for organizations when it comes to adopting, deploying, and managing cloud applications. 


However, despite the unbeatable aspect that OKTA holds, it cannot be neglected that there are several companies that have been following the footsteps of this tool and come out to be more promising. Thus, when OKTA seems unaffordable, there are OKTA Alternatives you can rely upon for equally proficient features at a lesser cost. In this post, let’s dive into OKTA Alternatives and find out more about them.

Top 8 OKTA Alternatives

  1. OneLogin
  2. Centrify
  3. JumpCloud
  4. Auth0
  5. Ping Identity
  6. SailPoint Identity Platform
  7. Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  8. Duo Security
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1. OneLogin


OneLogin is such a tool that helps simplify identity management and relevant processes. It offers a seamless, secure, one-click access. Along with that, you also get varying functionalities for customers, partners, and employees. OneLogin supports every type of device, on-premise and cloud applications.

Features of OneLogin

  • Allows enforcement of IT identity policy.
  • Easy access to basic applications.
  • Single sign-on.
  • Quick onboarding and offboarding of employees.
  • An option to disable access for employees who left the company or changed roles.

OneLogin Pricing: It begins from $2 - $4 per user per month.

2. Centrify


Centrify offers privileged access management, which is a cloud strategy enabled with ZeroTrust Privileges. Ultimately, it helps secure enterprise attack surfaces. The Zero Trust Privilege of Centrify assists in enforcing a never trust, always verify, and least privilege approach to access.

This simply means that you’ll have to verify who requests the access and the context of that request, along with the environment’s risk.

Features of Centrify

  • Multi-factor authentication.
  • Automated account management.
  • Auditing and compliance.
  • Secure remote access.
  • Privileged management.
  • Single sign-on.

Centrify Pricing: It begins from $4 per user per month.

3. JumpCloud


JumpCloud is one open directory that allows secure access to data. This lets you securely access anything anywhere. The mission of this tool is to make your work easier and provide you with the ability to access data from any location and device.

With the Directory Platform of this tool, you can manage and control everything pertaining to employees, devices, and principles you have adopted in the organization. JumpCloud simplifies the entire process of identity management by allowing you centralized access to several systems via one browser-based admin console, irrespective of the location.

Features of JumpCloud

  • Provides cloud directory services, such as user authentication and user management.
  • Group-based access control.
  • Cloud LDAP feature that offers users access to legacy, on-premise, and open-source apps.
  • Controls several operating systems and devices from a single console.

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4. Auth0


Auth0 is another cloud identity management and authentication platform. It allows you to control and manage the identities in the company and in the base of customers. Alongside, it also safeguards inputs and access with a high level of identity protection.

Additionally, the tool also helps secure your user profiles, login activities, and credentials with both on-premise and hosted solutions. With Auth0, you can relish a variety of features, such as log retention and streaming, account linking, database migration, and more.

Features of Auth0

  • Provides high levels of multi-layered and adaptive security checks.
  • Offers single-sign-on for various applications.
  • Allows developers to authenticate applications and APIs on different platforms with varying identity providers.

Auth0 Pricing: It offers a free trial for new users. The Developer pack is available at $23/month and $253/year for 1000 active users. And the Developer Pro pack is available at $130/month, $1430/year for 500 active users, and 5000 machine-to-machine tokens.

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5. Ping Identity

Ping Identity

Ping Identity is a company that focuses on offering access management software to companies. This software offers an authenticated, secure connection. It provides you with a comprehensive suite that helps access data remotely or on-premise.

It also monitors the activities on your network and offers intuitive, simple login options. Ping Identity uses AI technologies to decrease anomalous activity and make sure that everything is compliant with statutory regulations.

Features of Ping Identity

  • Assists in the creation of customized rules to offer secure access to resources.
  • Multi-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) are available.
  • Multiple device management.
  • Custom templates.
  • Data governance.
  • Geo-fencing.
  • API access.
  • Supports third-party systems’ integration.

Ping Identity Pricing: You’ll have to get in touch with their customer service to find the pricing.

6. SailPoint Identity Platform

SailPoint Identity Platform

SailPoint Security software allows efficient and accurate monitoring of user activity. The risk gets managed by offering an audit trail of user activity. With the scale and complexity of an always-on workforce amalgamated with a mixture of varying technologies, like cloud services, platforms, and apps, this platform offers secure access.

SailPoint is focused on shifting the existing security approach of users by turning manual processes automated. It helps create a system that learns and adapts on the basis of what is known regarding your company.

Features of SailPoint Identity Platform

  • Access certification.
  • User provisioning and de-provisioning.
  • Compliance management.
  • Privileged account management.
  • Password management.

SailPoint Identity Platform Pricing: You’ll have to get in touch with their customer service to find the pricing.

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7. Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Active Directory an Identity and Access Management (IAM) software is designed to safeguard companies from cyber threats. Not just that, it also offers multi-factor authentication and SSO. The software lets administrators engage with external and internal stakeholders.

It offers you remote and on-site access to several applications as well. The application enables companies to safeguard account credentials with detailed conditional and authentication access policies.

Features of Microsoft Azure Active Directory

  • Workflow automation.
  • User activity monitoring.
  • Productivity tracking.
  • Endpoint management.
  • Behavioural analytics.

Pricing: Microsoft Azure Active Directory pricing starts from $6/month.

8. Duo Security

Duo Security

This one is a cloud-based user identity verification and device vulnerability assessment system. It provides a variety of methods for configurable permissions and controls, two-factor authentication, endpoint visibility and remediation, Single Sign-On (SSO), and more.

This tool helps identify and prevent security risks by checking the user’s identity and the device before connecting to the network of your organization.

Features of Duo Security

Double-check user identities.

  • Secured, safe, and user-friendly SSO.
  • Looks after the health of every device, whether managed or unmanaged.
  • Secured remote access.
  • Sets customized security policies.

Duo Security Pricing: It has two packages. Business one charges $1 per user per month for on-premise apps. The Enterprise one charges $3 per user per month for cloud and on-premise apps.

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When it comes to choosing an alternative tool, you must be cautious. Navigate through all the options available above and assess their pros and cons. Also, make sure you look at all the available features and choose the tool that matches well with your requirements.

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