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Okta Certifications are highly valued in the expanding field of identity and access management. If you planning to take an OKTA certification exam? You've come to the right place. We've compiled a list of the most common certifications for OKTA professionals. Obtaining them will not only give you an advantage in the job market but will also increase your overall value.

Remote working has encouraged enterprises to find ways to integrate a Single Sign-On (SSO) so as to enable employees to access all web and cloud applications without authenticating each one of them individually. 

With a rapid evolvement visible in technology, enterprises have been facing challenges with the growing range of devices, security, identity issues, vendor partnership, employee mobility, and the humongous growth of distinct applications.


Thus, for companies that require enterprise-grade identity management services for the cloud, OKTA brings adequate solutions. However, did you know that this organization also provides a variety of certification courses? Not just that, having an OKTA Certification can further pump up your professional skills and help you grab a well-paying job. 

So, without further ado, let’s find out everything about OKTA Certification in this post. 

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What is OKTA?

➤ Why have OKTA certification?

➤ How can you become OKTA certified?

➤ OKTA Workforce Identity Certifications

➤ OKTA Customer Identity Certificate

➤ How long is the validity of the certificate?

➤ How to give OKTA certificate exam?

➤ How does the refund work?

➤ Can you retake the exam if you fail on the first attempt?

What is OKTA?

OKTA is an identity management service that helps you access any application on any device. It has been hosted on a secure server and uses cloud technologies to help businesses manage and secure user authentication into apps.

It also sells a variety of services, such as single sign-on, which is one of the considerable programs as it is backed by an extensive range of features, letting users log into varying applications through a single centralized process.

What is Okta

Why have OKTA Certification?

By acquiring a qualitative, valid OKTA Certification, you get a chance to validate your skills and knowledge. This certification, in a way, confirms that you’re an expert and a leader in access and identity management. 

Furthermore, a valid OKTA Certificate also helps you set up your career and financial success. Lastly, it differentiates you from other candidates and allows organizations to prioritize you whenever there is a good job vacancy, thus, opening varying golden opportunities for you.

If you want to enrich your career and become a professional in OKTA, then enroll in "OKTA Certification Training" - This course will help you to achieve excellence in this domain.

How can you become OKTA certified?

These certifications are role-based and created to set baseline standards of skills for primary technical personnel working with OKTA. You can earn the credentials by passing either an OKTA certification exam or a series of them. You can also get it by fulfilling other performance-based activities. 

The target credentials for inclusion in this program comprise:

  • OKTA Certified Professional
  • OKTA Certified Architect
  • OKTA Certified Administrator
  • OKTA Certified Developer
  • OKTA Certified Consultant

Okta Certification

OKTA Workforce Identity Certifications

With OKTA, there are three levels of Workforce Identity Certifications, such as:

Level 1: OKTA Certified Professional

OKTA Certified Professionals have knowledge pertaining to secure identity management and mobility concepts. They carry hands-on experience when it comes to completing daily operational tasks to support OKTA services’ users. 

These professionals are also familiar with OKTA processes and technology related to the single-sign-on federation, simple directory integration, and application provisioning aspects of User Life Cycle Management. 

Features of Level 1: OKTA Certified Professional

  • Proctored online exam
  • Consists of two parts:
    • Part 1: 15 DOMC items
    • Part 2: Four performance-based hands-on use scenarios
  • Total Time: 150 minutes (Part 1: 30 minutes & Part 2: 120 minutes)
  • Cost: $250

To achieve this certification, you have to pass the OKTA Certified Professional Hands-on Configuration Exam. 

Level 2: OKTA Certified Administrator

OKTA Certified Administrators are the ones who hold technical proficiency in managing the services of OKTA. They hold extensive knowledge regarding how OKTA allows advanced User Lifecycle Management situations involving supported SSO options, security policy frameworks, and mobile devices. 

They also understand OKTA’s ability to enable advanced directory integration for both on-premise and cloud access. Administrators make the most out of the OKTA Policy framework to regulate user access and comprehend how to map data transformations and identity attributed through troubleshooting issues and Universal Directory. 

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Features of Level 2: OKTA Certified Administrator

  • Proctored online exam
  • Consists 60 questions
  • Total Time: 90 minutes
  • Cost: $250

To achieve this certification, you have to pass the OKTA Professional Exam and the OKTA Administrator Exam. 

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Level 3: OKTA Certified Consultant

Generally, OKTA Certified Consultants hold technical proficiency in implementing OKTA services in several configurations. These consultants have experience in integrating some common applications with OKTA, such as Salesforce, Box, G Suite, Office 365, etc. 

They also possess experience and knowledge in implementing and scoping complicated OKTA integrations comprising multi-domain and multi-forest environments, inbound federation, and advanced Single Sign-On (SSO) OKTA. 

Furthermore, consultants also have a working knowledge of OKTA APIs and custom configuration options. 

Features of Level 3: OKTA Certified Consultant

  • Proctored online exam
  • Consists 60 questions
  • Total Time: 90 minutes
  • Cost: $300

To achieve this certification, you have to pass the OKTA Professional Exam and the OKTA Administrator Exam, and the OKTA Consultant Exam. 

OKTA Customer Identity Certificate

Under this category, you will find the OKTA Certified Developer option. Technically, OKTA Certified Developers are proficient at building seamless and secure experiences using OKTA SDKs and APIs. Developers carry experience developing web applications and working with RESTful APIs. 

They also have a general understanding of authorization and authentication standards, such as OAuth and OpenID Connect (OIDC). Along with that, they also know how OKTA supports all the standards for role-based access, flexible authorization, and building authentication. 

Developers also carry experience configuring authorization by implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) and API Access Management with OIDC. They hold working, practical knowledge of OKTA Lifecycle Management and Administrative APIs. 

Features of OKTA Certified Developer

  • Proctored online exam
  • Consists of two different parts:
    • Part 1: 45 DOMC items
    • Part 2: Four performance-based hands-on use scenarios
  • Total Time: 150 minutes (60 minutes for Part 1 and 90 minutes for Part 2)
  • Cost: $250

To achieve this certification, you have to pass the OKTA Developer Exam. 

How long is the validity of the certificate?

Once you’ve achieved the certification credential, you’ll have to meet ongoing requirements to keep credentials valid and use OKTA certification logos. This could comprise completing specific training, sitting for core exams at designated intervals, and recertification exams. You’ll get a notification from OKTA regarding the timeline and requirement for completing the recertification activity. 

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How to give OKTA certification exam?

OKTA certification exams get delivered in an online, proctored format. This means that you can take the exam from anywhere, at any time, at your convenience. While taking the exam, you will need a computer system with an audio and video camera (both speaker and microphone capability, a strong internet connection, and a browser. You will have to verify your ID before starting the exam. 

Canceling or Rescheduling the OKTA Exam Appointment

You can cancel or reschedule the OKTA exam appointment up to 24 hours before the beginning of the appointment. Post that, you won’t be able to cancel or reschedule the appointment. 

How does the refund work?

If you’ve canceled the exam 24 hours before the beginning of the appointment, the refund will be processed for the credit card used during the appointment process. However, if you don’t take the exam at the scheduled time, you won’t get any refund.

Can you retake the exam if you fail on the first attempt?

If you fail the OKTA certification exam, you can retake the exam under these conditions:

  • You can retake the exam after 24 hours of the failed attempt
  • To take an exam that you’ve failed twice or more times, you’ll have to wait 14 days after every subsequent failed attempt
  • You cannot retake an exam that you have passed
  • You must pay the exam fee every time, and it will not be refunded if you fail


When taking an OKTA certification exam, make sure you go through all the prerequisites and meet all the requirements. Also, make sure you prepare well to pass the exam seamlessly. If you are looking for examination guidance, get in touch with MindMajix - a platform that assists you with OKTA certification preparation along with others. 

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