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Okta Integration Network

Okta Integration Network is used by the Okta users to advance the IT ecosystem, secure against data breaches, and develop seamless customer experiences. This Okta integration article discusses how to use Okta Integration Network for managing the IT environment, Data, and applications of your enterprise.

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Okta Integration Network is a group of in-built applications designed and ready for use for the Okta customers. It allows us to adopt the latest applications, automate access workflows throughout the cloud, and centralise user management.

Okta Integration Network customises the user experience and goes live rapidly while maintaining the security of the customers.

It allows quick application development and identity-driven and distributed API security. It uses cloud traffic and application utilization patterns to enhance threat protection, data loss prevention, and compliance.

In this Okta Integration network blog, you will comprehensively learn about the different features and integration patterns of the Okta integration network. 

Following topics will be covered in this blog:

Table of Content - Okta Integration Network

➤ What is Okta Integration Network?

➤ Why the Okta integration network?

➤ Integration patterns and use cases

➤ Integration Categories

➤ Okta Network Integration Products

What is Okta Integration Network (OIN)?

The Okta Integration Network (OIN) is a collection of ready-to-use pre-built applications for Okta clients. Admins can add and customise apps for their users by going to Okta admin panel > Applications > Add Application.

OIN controls access control, authentication, and provisioning via the most comprehensive and extensive range of prebuilt cloud connections available. Technology suppliers and system integrators can build integrations on Okta's open, flexible platform. The Okta Integration Network is a network of over 7,000 integrations created using the Integration Platform Service.

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It's compatible with everything: It supports many integration patterns for various use scenarios.

Standards-based: Integrations are easy to set up and maintain because of open standards like OIDC, SAML, SCIM, and RESTful APIs. You can trust that integrations will remain current.

Independent and unbiased: Allows any business to employ any technology. Has no preference for one technology vendor over another.

Why the Okta integration network?

  • It offers 6,500+ pre-built integrations of on-premises systems to avoid vendor lock-in, allowing advanced integrations to extract value from existing IT systems. An integration wizard offers easy deployment during continuous monitoring and upgrading of high availability.
  • Simple app adoption, centralised user management, automated workflow access, mobile apps, and integration categories are all included.
  • It personalises the user experience and makes life easier for customers while centralising identities and adding multi-factor authentication to hybrid IT systems. It uses cloud traffic and application usage trends to respond faster when security concerns arise, increase compliance, threat prevention, and prevent data loss. It enhances correlation and enforcement options by extending your perspective across cloud and mobile.
  • Risk-based authentication protects against identity spoofing while facilitating rapid application development and centralised identity-driven security. Connect developers and IT to public computing services, allowing onboarding and offboarding via triggers and updates.
  • Pre-built security integrations that connect everything securely, exceptional customer service given by empowered and knowledgeable staff, and creative solutions aids businesses in becoming more lucrative to achieve proper growth and productivity.
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Integration patterns and use cases

Easy federation using SAML and OIDC: Single sign-on integrations allow your users to log in to their web and mobile apps without re-entering their credentials. Users can sign in using external identity providers like Facebook and Google with the inbound federation.

Automated user provisioning with SCIM: Provisioning connectors help Okta and third-party service providers, such as enterprise SaaS programs, automate the establishment and removal of user identities.

Advanced integrations with APIs and hooks: One may export logs to SIEM providers, consolidate endpoint management, interface with API gateways, and more with advanced Okta APIs and Okta Hooks integrations.

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Integration Categories

Integration categories of Okta are listed down below:

  • Applications
  • Human Resources Information Systems
  • Network Security
  • Application Delivery Controllers
  • Security Analytics
  • Cloud Access Security Brokers
  • API Gateway
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Identity Governance and Administration
  • ID Proofing
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Endpoint Security and Management
  • Healthcare Technologies
  • Protocol-Based Custom Integrations
  • Bot Detection
  • Customer Data Integrators
  • Apps for Good
  • Email Security
  • SaaS Management Platform
  • DevOps
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With out-of-the-box connectors for 7,000+ cloud, on-prem, and mobile apps, securely connect your users to apps in minutes. Manage user lifecycle and application single sign-on (SSO), providing comprehensive onboarding and offboarding, gadget, and license management features.

Human Resources Information Systems

Securely connect HR and IT platforms to automate onboarding and offboarding processes. The pre-built Okta interfaces between IT and HR systems streamline time-consuming and error-prone manual lifecycle management operations.

Okta can automate IT activities like provisioning new users, updating app permissions, syncing employee profile updates across systems, and fast de-provisioning users, based on employee data and triggers in HR systems.

Network Security

Extend the perimeter of your network to the cloud. In a world where security threats are constantly changing, Okta helps you utilise your existing security investments, extend them to the cloud, and future-proof them.

Deep integration between on-premises and cloud security guarantees that policies are maintained and implemented uniformly.

When Okta is combined with network security, customers get a single security infrastructure that is policy-based, simple to use for both end-users and administrators, and dependable.

Application Delivery Controllers

End-user access to any program, cloud or on-premises, maybe made more accessible and more secure. Thanks to Okta's integration with top application delivery controllers, end-users may access all cloud and on-premise applications with ease and security. Cloud apps and older on-premise enterprise software can use centrally controlled security policies to protect themselves and their users.

Security Analytics

Identity and analytics provide visibility and responsiveness. Okta is a vital security control point that enforces strong authentication everywhere while minimising attack surface area, decreasing the risk of breaches and insider threats caused by compromised credentials and loose access policies.

When integrated with security analytics tools, Okta delivers important data on people, groups, apps, and devices, allowing comprehensive security awareness and response.

Cloud Access Security Brokers

The cloud security approach should include identity management and data security. Okta offers a policy-based, automated approach to cloud data and app security using cloud access security brokers. This tool allows you to set security policies for your cloud apps, quickly identify threats, and take action to mitigate those threats. As a result, identity management and data security should be part of your cloud security strategy.

API Gateway 

Standardise API to control and access to protect apps and data. By using an authorization server and OAuth access credentials, Okta manages and monitors all client and resource availability to an API. An API gateway is then used to determine access permission decisions. This configuration allows for fine-grained, centrally managed management, making it easy to supply and deprovision API access.

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Infrastructure as a Service

IT and developers can securely connect to public cloud computing services.

Identity Governance and Administration

Manage identification securely while ensuring simulated compliance.

Infrastructure provides user self-verification by document-based and experience-based and understanding evidence to increase authentication trust and authorize access for authorised users. Okta's ID-proofing integrations allow users to check their identity using the customer's preferred manner, informing subsequent access and data management and potentially triggering access approvals.

Identity verification can also include document-based credentials like driver's licenses or knowledge-based proofs like "name the first street you lived on" invites; phone devices may also be asked to take a selfie to give additional evidence of identity.

Privileged Access Management

Provide authorised accounts with secure, privileged access and obtain detailed visibility into account activities with confidence. To enable safe, user-friendly identification and account provisioning, Okta collaborates with Identity and Access Management partners.

Endpoint Security and Management

Solid security, device trust, and a seamless access experience for end-users combine identity with endpoint security & management solutions. Okta interacts with endpoint security, detection, and response (EDR) and endpoint management providers to ensure that users only access corporate resources from compliant and secure devices.

Healthcare Technologies

Connect patients and doctors to the information they require, when they need it, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare.

Protocol-Based Custom Integrations

Integrate Okta Single Sign-On, Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication, and Account Provisioning with your infrastructure and old, bespoke, and private apps to create a Hybrid Cloud approach. Okta is a free and open-source platform that can be integrated virtually to any system.

This includes everything from old software to custom apps, private apps, and infrastructure. With Okta's 15+ standard-based integration options, you won't have to reinvent the wheel.

Bot Detection

With a two-layer defense, you can fend off simulated attacks.

Customer Data Integrators

Streamline and improve data delivery in various settings.

Apps for Good

Pre-built interfaces with top apps allow your employees to volunteer. Okta customers can quickly and securely deploy world-class "giving apps" to their workforces thanks to Apps for Good (led by Okta for Good).

Companies and workers may give time, money, knowledge, and more thanks to these pre-built, simple-to-configure integrations.

Email Security

Email and credential-based attacks are better protected with this product.

SaaS Management Platform

Get a clear picture of your SaaS consumption and spending.


Identity Reversal Toggle to the left to activate scaled velocity.

"Shift Left" is the DevOps best practice to insert security controls. When you think of the entire software development lifecycle as a set of automated processes that go from left to right, you want to start adding security as soon as the Developers and Operations Engineers configure the automation.

Put another way, establish security controls while humans are still involved so that when the machines take over, they have the proper guardrails in place.

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Okta Network Integration Products

Below listed are the Okta Network Integration products.

Single Sign-on

Okta is a SSO service with over 7,000 pre-built connections that enable you to safely integrate and implement SSO to cloud applications in weeks rather than months without creating and managing the connections manually.

Okta's single sign-on service connects everything from the cloud to the ground with 1,400+ SAML and OpenID connect integrations, credential vaulting, RADIUS and LDAP support, and connectivity to third-party legacy SSO systems.

Lifecycle Management

Managing the Lifecycle Automate access management from creation through deletion and manage provisioning like an expert. Allow your IT team to focus on more excellent initiatives by quickly getting your employees up and running with their required resources.

Access management that is automated saves not only time but also money. You will recover software licenses and save money if you deprovision more quickly. Don't even get us started on the money you'll save by not being hacked through a still functioning account.


Okta Workflows allow automating identity processes at a straightforward scale without writing code. If-this-then-that logic, Okta's pre-built connector library, and the flexibility to connect to any publicly available API are all used to empower anyone to innovate with Okta.

Anyone can manage identity-based procedures and offer inventive new user experiences with a low/no-code interface and flexible platform service. Use if-this-then logic to execute any identity-centric action by connecting to any API and linking processes across several APIs. 

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication is a type of authentication that uses multiple factors to verify a user's identity. To delight your employees and consumers, use secure, intelligent access.

Protect your accounts and apps with a powerful multi-factor authentication solution that keeps the wrong people out and the right ones in. Protect all your resources, including customer-facing apps and business apps that store your most confidential information.

Take advantage of Okta's network effect for additional protection for your company. With Okta ThreatInsight, you may automatically block suspect IP addresses that have tried to impersonate other Okta customers.


We are at the end of the blog. We hope that this Okta Integration Network clarifies the integration patterns, use cases, integration categories, and Okta Network Integration products. 

If you have any queries, please mention them in a comment box.

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