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Qlik NPrinting is the reporting platform for QlikView and Qlik Sense. Qlik NPrinting create reports from QlikView Documents and Qlik Sense apps. It then distributes these reports automatically in standard formats of PDF, Word, PowerPoint, HTML and Excel. Built-in editors creates PixelPerfect HTML Reports. Its web interface is responsive for both administrative purposes and end user purposes.

A centralized distribution system simplifies, expedites and manages report generation and distribution. Users have access to subscribe reports either from a computer web interface or a mobile device.

Qlik NPrinting is employed by the enterprises to share knowledge and analyze data across an organization. 

Qlik NPrinting offers the new capabilities, like:

1. Scheduled and one-time distribution of reports to the Qlik Sense Hub.
2. Web based architecture: Configuring, Scheduling and Distributing reports is easy now via Server-based client.
3. Online Subscription Hub: Online Portal Hub supports view, download, subscribe and store available reports.
4. Role-based security is at the object level and supports multiple roles per user.
5. Scalability and Security: Enterprise scalability is enhanced and secured.
6. Microsoft Office Integration enables to build report templates within the interface.

Qlik NPrinting

Qlik NPrinting Working:  

• Generates reports based on templates or Qlik Sense entities
• Deliver reports at a scheduled time or when there is a request from the end user.
• Final reports are the static files of data that were same as at the point of generation.
• Distribute workload across multiple multi-thread engines.
• Ensure high availability and fast response.
• Easily manages Backups and enables multiple developers work concurrently.

Qlik NPrinting NewsStand - NewsStand web report is the new repository where users have access to all their authorized reports. Users can view old reports and request permission for viewing new reports based on their convenience. Visualizing and downloading reports in available formats is much easier.  Custom schedules are created for report updates.

Qlik NPrinting Apps - It allows to organize entities such as filters and reports. Qlik Nprinting apps deploy reporting solution quickly and at a very minimal cost.

Collaboration and Mobility - Qlik NPrinting repository is stored in such a database which enables multiple developers to work on at the same time. This web interface is responsive and allows users to open reports on either desktop computers or on mobile devices.

Deploying Qlik NPrinting:      

There are three components of Qlik NPrinting to deploy:

Qlik NPrinting Server:

It is the central node in reporting system that comprises of Scheduler, Web Engine and a repository. Additionally, Server manages user administration, security and other server-side tasks. It coordinates multiple reporting engines on various nodes to distribute workload and design a high-availability environment.

Qlik NPrinting Engine:

It creates reports based on scheduler data. At least one engine must be installed, and other additional engines can be installed on computers to enhance workload capacity and availability of reporting system.

Qlik NPrinting Designer:

This Windows-based software is installed only on the developer’s computers. It authors template based reports. Designer is used to create and modify templates. It can be launched only from Qlik NPrinting Web Interface.

Managing Qlik NPrinting Site:

Configuring, managing and monitoring reporting systems is an easy task with Qlik NPrinting web interface.

• Manage engines easily
• Check status
• Create and Schedule new reports
• Manage user and security tools
• Connect to QlikView documents

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