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UI and UX design trends to watch out for in 2024

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As it is aptly said – Change is the only constant thing in this universe. Well, this suits so true for technology. Year after year, rapid changes in technology are making things unimaginably feasible and practicable.

The life of human is going digital and so are the services, businesses, and applications. To attract and retain customers to their online applications, companies are relying on UI and UX-trained professionals increasingly. It was in 2018 that UX has come predominantly into the limelight. Experts across the globe are in no mood to discourage this trend this year too. They are stressing that UI and UX will rock in 2022 with many additions to its existing trends.

This post will walk you through the design trends that could rule in UI and UX in 2022 and lets you prep up accordingly.

UI and UX – Demystified

Before we actually leap into the trends that would rule in 2019, we would love to make a little note of these confusing twin terms.

UI, as it is popularly called, stands for User Interface. This is the one that the user sees and uses for any application. The icons, text fields, images, and any other such user interaction components such as animations, transitions, controls, layouts and presentation of the information present on the page that is to be seen by the end user of the web application, all come under the UI family.

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The professionals who work with UI, popularly called UI designers, should have an aesthetic sense. They should possess a good capability of graphic design and visualize how a user would love to see the interface to be, without losing out on the essence of the application.

UX, on the other hand is an acronym for User Experience. This means user experience design is all about enhancing the experience of the end user of the application. Is the application confusing, fuzzy or difficult for the end user to access? Are all ranges of target audience able to use the app without any hassles? – All such questions would be dealt with by UX designers.

It is important to note that UX designers also work with UI design, if needed. To be clear, both these UI and UX design should go hand in hand.


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Now we have had enough introduction for UI and UX. Let’s see, as a designer what trends you should expect in 2022.

Increased Interactivity and Design Enhancements

While UI and UX are always about interaction, 2019 is going to stress on this more. A more engaging content in a ‘flat’ way is what is going to rule this year.


Increased Interactivity and Design Enhancements


This means no more minimalistic approach or bright colourful UI, but a flat and detail oriented manner of designing UI. The key points to note in this trend would be device adaptability, customization options, friendliness of user in interacting with the app, details that add more comfort to the end user.

Better StoryTelling

We all should agree that UI and UX are all about telling the story to the user, in a better way. As a UI and UX professional, you strive to make the story as interesting as possible to the end user. In 2019, this would just get more attention.


UI and UX Design Trends


When we say storytelling, as a designer what better tool can you find from your bag of tools except for the illustrations. Illustrations help to convey the message into the heart of the user in an effective way. A quick look at the illustration is what should more than be enough for the user to understand the app’s essence.

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Voice Activated User Interfaces

Yes – Alexa, Siri, Google Home, Echo, etc. were all just beginning. With an estimated rate of 36.7% of virtual assistants, 2019 would just need more voice based activation for user interfaces than ever. Not just apps, user may also search the search engines through voice based activation by the end of the year 2019.


Voice Activated User Interfaces


Playing with the Titles and Headlines

When UI and UX are all about stealing the user’s heart, why should not the task start from the heading itself? This is what designers are going to lay emphasis on this year. They want to lay more focus on spacing, the font size and style, and the space around the title, etc.


Playing with the Titles and Headlines


Experts prefer sans serif fonts for increased readability and comprehension for the user. As a designer, you need to lay more emphasis on typeface selection for improving the comprehension.


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Stressing on Personalization

All of us have seen this some time or the other. Be it your NetFlix recommendations or Prime Video suggestions, it is all personalization. When you personalize, the customer loves to use the app. It is that simple.


 Stressing on Personalization


Thus in this competitive age to retain customers, personalization aspects should never be ruled out in the UI and UX trends. More and more emphasis would be laid on user’s characteristics, behaviors, and attributes. When the entire goal of personalization is to make the user experience better by studying the past habits and trends of the user, ‘dynamic’ is going to be the keyword of personalization this year in UX.


Using Videos Like Never Before

When it is all just 8 seconds to catch the attention of your customer, what else can you think of than presenting your content in a crisp sharp and catchy video? The trend is more increasingly visible on many social media platforms such as LinkedIn where marketers try to drive their point through thought-provoking videos in a short and crisp way.


Using Videos Like Never Before


Wait! When we say video, we are never undermining the potential of content. After all, a video is just another form of content. The more beautiful your video, the better customer retention you enjoy.


Animation Redefined

Animations are yet other elements that are just next to the illustrations. When you hear animations, do not get puzzled. Animations are just going to find a new avatar in 2019 to enhance the UI and UX design. Just wait and watch!


Animation Redefined


Matching Words and Visuals

Companies such as Google and DropBox have already started working on this. What is this exactly? Professional writers would sit and match perfectly what visual suits the text given. This means no more dummy text in your works and no lousy or robotic experiences anymore.


Matching Words and Visuals


Sharper Prototyping Tools

This year, 2019, will witness sharper prototyping tools not just in visual design, but also in voice and virtual reality experiences. Online shopping, communication and sharing, business and applications – all these fields are ready to witness the power of sharper prototyping tools in 2019.


Sharper Prototyping Tools



Widened Biometric Usage

Increasingly more and more applications are tending towards biometric authentication and authorization. Though the biometric trend has also begun in mobile devices since 2016, it is just going to rule more than ever till 2022.


 Widened Biometric Usage

Facial recognition, iris scan and voice recognition are going to the top trends in biometric features.


Foldable Displays

With the trend of foldable electronics just budding, there is a lot more for this in the store in 2019. And guess what this means? It just means more and more challenges to UX designers. Yes. Be prepared to witness this trend and hone your skills to meet the technical needs accordingly.


Evergreen Trends

Experts also do not rule out the importance of DesignOps teams that would specifically perform the design of design processes, tools, methods and their practices.

UI and UX Design Trends


So far we have seen in particular what trends you can expect in UI and UX design in 2019. But as a designer, you should always keep in mind some design aspects that remain evergreen irrespective of the trend:


  • Flawless digital experience to the end user.
  • No confusion to the user and the usage of menus accordingly.
  • Simpler captcha verification codes.
  • Customised design for different devices for the same app.
  • User friendly registration process.
  • Faster loading and a light weight application.
  • No interruption during intermediary processes for the users, such as payment or purchase or redirecting etc.


So, are you ready for the trends now? Keep going!!


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