Blue Prism Vs UiPath

An emerging process of automation technology that is clerical in nature is known as robotic process automation(RPA). This is mainly based on artificial intelligence or software robot's notion. The tools that are used for the purpose of RPA are similar to those tools that are related to graphical user interface testing. For the purpose of automating interaction with the GUI, the RPA tools use a repeating process of demonstration actions that are performed by a user.

For the purpose of hosting RPA, it is important to align the metaphor of software robots. To execute automation and also to take actions, the mouse and keyboard are utilized by the robot. In business houses, if you want to implement RPA it will cut back on the costing when compared to those non-RPA traditional methods.

BluePrism Vs Uipath - Which is Better?

In this article, you will learn the following topics:

Software vendors for RPA

There are certain numbers of software vendors of RPA. 

  • Blue prism 
  • UiPath 
  • Automation Anywhere 
  • Blackline 
  • Datamatics 
  • Edge verve 
  • Help systems 
  • Jacada 
  • Nice 
  • Kofax
  • Pegasystems 
  • Verint 

Among these vendors, we will discuss the blue prism and UiPath.Get 50% OFF

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#1. Blue Prism

Blue prism or Blue prism group is a multinational software organization that is based in the UK. They make use of Robotic process automation so that it can minimize high risk and low return processing and work and data entry jobs manually.

In the year 2010, and a group of experts in the field of process automation founded blue prism in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of a company. The technology that is used in this case is based on Microsoft. net framework and any type of platform and applications are supported by this.

The customer or user owns and manages the digital workforce of the blue prism. It is also built by them. This technology is used in various industries like consumer packaged goods, public sectors, finance and insurance, utilities, and healthcare.

All types of investment applications, enterprise, and infrastructure data repositories, the legacy system need to co-exist and easy sharing of data is enabled by the blue prism. The blue prism helps in removing IT initiatives that are rogue from the business operations. It performs such functions without making any repository of new data. This is considered to be a complete technology for the purpose of rapid business process automation. 

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Benefits of using the Blue prism

  • As the blue prism technology is associated with speedy delivery so it helps an organization to adopt new technologies in a prompt manner so that it can increase the efficiency level and services. 
  • Through the process of repetitive initiatives to make connections with data and systems, it helps in increasing the quality of care. It makes sure that the organization has the right data at a convenient time. 
  • With the help of a BluePrism Process Studio, processes are rapidly automated which is better compared to previous processes that were addressed un-economically. 
  • By the process of leveraging those underlying application logic and application presentation that already exist blue prism helps in preserving the integrity of data. 
  • Without the re-engineering and thorough understanding, you will be able to re-use those applications that already exist.
  • Empowered business technology is offered by the blue prism. It provides robotic automation technology which is very innovative and it provides an alternative method to the traditional IT-related techniques. This mainly designed to provide self-service capabilities to NHS business houses.
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#2. UiPath

Another global software company that is devoted to developing the robotic process automation process is known as UiPath. This enterprise came into existence in the year 2005 and was founded by Daniel Dines. In the year 2018, a sum of $153 million was given to the company as an investment from the capital, Accel and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Today the value of the company is $ 1.1 billion.

It is really easy to manage automated business processes and processes a virtual work workforce with the help of UiPath. This will help you by increasing the benefits of Robotic process automation. Such things are possible in UiPath because it is based on an on-premise and cloud deployment method and due to this, you will be able to deploy and manage everything in one particular place.

It also has a wide range of productivity as UiPath provides extensible and standard that will give you a new level of automation which is used for the minimal cost of operation and also provided better care of usage of resources of IT. If for various Business units there are different users then you will be able to make one server that is secure, private, and also autonomous. It also provides a great level of security. It may provide you with the option of global deployment but security is not compromised. It has the feature of the lock screen.

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Benefits of UiPath

  • UiPath is considered user-friendly. 
  • UiPath provides high speed in case of implementation. 
  • This can be utilized in case if several services related to integration have a different module for workflow. 
  • The main advantages of this tool that it provides desktop contribution and also Citrix environment. 
  • A community edition is provided by this tool which is free so that everyone is allowed to learn and download study materials.
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UiPath automation consists of:

  • Text
  • Mouse 
  • Screenshots 
  • Keyboard 
  • Image finding 
  • Automatization of browser 
  • Browser navigation and 
  • OCR 
  • The UiPath app integration is 
  • Word 
  • Excel 
  • CSV 
  • PDF 
  • FTP 

UiPath is associated with invoking PowerShell scripts, HTTP/soap requests as also error handling.  

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BluePrism vs UiPath: Difference between BluePrism and UiPath

  • UiPath and blue prism are free for the two most popular tools for robotic process automation. Here are is a detailed comparison between these two tools. 
  • There are two main features of the robot mode. One is known as attended and another one is unattended. Those robot runs on your computer at your convenience ate referred to as attended robot and those robots run on a remote computer which is not present in front of you, at a particular time is referred to as unattended robot mode. When it comes to attended robot mode then UiPath is the only tool that can be utilized. It can also run unattended robot mode. Blue Prism is only associated with running unattended robot mode.
  • When it comes to experience related to development, those developers who are associated with C# are more inclined towards UiPath. This is because in UiPath when it comes to using variables, the visual activities are integrated. Also, you will be able to write C# packages and then import them to the UiPath studio. But when it comes to the blue prism, data types are constant until there is a usage of the special type of code block that has no unexpected emissions. 
  • Now let's come to the point of exception handling. For the purpose of capabilities of exception handling, try throw catch is common to both UiPath and blue prism. The manifestation of UiPath in a traditional coding way with the activity of try-catch. When it comes to the blue prism, blocks are supported. These blocks are rectangles that are resizable and it wraps the steps which are involved in performing a try-catch activity. 
  • UiPath is unable to cut through a process in order to make dynamic changes. But when it comes to blue prism you are provided with the option of dynamic interaction while debugging. 
  • When it comes to structured data, both blue prism and UiPath allow data tables or collections. It is very easy to work with structured data when it comes to the blue prism. 
  • A system-to-system integration facility is better in blue prism when compared to UiPath. 
  • For learning features, visual design is used in the case of UiPath and blue prism provides the ability to control and develop. 
  • Both blue prism and UiPath have the function of re-usability. 
  • Blue Prism and UiPath have low cognitive capabilities. 
  • When it comes to accuracy, UiPath is very good in the Citrix environment that is designed for the purpose of BPO automation. Blue Prism is available for web, desktop, and Citrix automation. Blue Prism provides only back-office automation whereas both front office and back office robots are applicable for UiPath. 
  • For the purpose of operational scalability, UiPath suffers frequent fail in cash of medium projects. Blue Prism, on the other hand, has a high speed of execution. 
  • UiPath has a high-speed mapping process but recorders are not available for blue prism. 
  • The architecture of UiPath is a web-based orchestrator and the blue prism is a client-server architecture. 
  • In UiPath, has mobile and browser accessibility and blue prism has app-based accessibility. 
  • Blue Prism and UiPath have visual process designers. 
  • UiPath is based on Microsoft SharePoint wf, kibana, and elasticsearch. Blue Prism is based on C#. 
  • UiPath has a moderate level of reliability and blue prism and a high rate of reliability. 
  • When it comes to pricing, the blue prism has a high cost for the purpose of acquisition which is associated with limited training. UiPath offers excellent entry-level pricing which is attractive. 
  • The availability of free online training and also certification programs is present in the case of UiPath. An only certification program is available on the blue prism.

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