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Digital strategies are becoming more and more common among entrepreneurs. There are actually several organizations that have started adopting them to get the results in a manner no one expected to date. You might have no idea but the fact is automation is one of the perfect instances of those strategies. It is very much true that present-day work environments in organizations are quite different than they were a few years ago. Due to factors such as competition, there are many tasks that have become challenging and the businesses are not able to overcome them in a delightful manner. Automation seems to be a true solution to all those issues and because it is totally based on digitalization, there are certain tasks that can easily be accomplished.

Introduction to Blue Prism Version 6

Blue Prism Version 6 is capable to handle a lot of tasks in a very reliable manner and without making the organizations invest in bulk. One of the best things is it can easily be integrated with the business operations for the empowerment of the same. Blue Prism simply makes sure that the tasks can be handled in a secure and fast manner. Check out some useful information about the Blue Prism V6 in the below paragraphs.

Overview of Blue Prism Version 6

Version 6 is capable to offer users far beyond their expectations and imagination. Everyone is free to get results that are largely scalable when it comes to automation and this is due to the superb features present in this version. The users can simply make sure of the following.

  • It is possible for the adopters to simply make sure of enhanced productivity
  • The user experience can be enhanced up to a great extent
  • The V6 is capable to let the users make sure of an excellent operational agility
  • The workforce can be trusted in terms of intelligence, security, flexibility, as well as ease of controlling
  • When it comes to intelligence, there are features in this version that simply let the robots/workforce understand the context and derive fast outcomes. 
  • The V6 has a better operational capability and the users can simply make sure of high visibility because of no other reason than this.
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Advantages of Blue Prism V6 and its key features

Version 6 of Blue Prism is highly efficient and it has a ton of improvements as compared to all the previous versions. One of the best things is a whole new set of features has been blended with the existing ones to simply make sure of error-free outcomes. It is the only version in Blue Prism through which the robotic workforce can be deployed on a very large and can also be customized up to a great extent.

  • There are several unique features and integration in this version for which it can easily be trusted for building an allure digital workforce. 
  • All the tasks with very strict compliance, as well as needs in automation can simply be accomplished
  • It is free from all the compatibility issues and frequent crashing of some important processes that were created using the third-party tools than the default ones. The same has been improved up to an excellent extent
  • There is now a guide and support available in a better and easy-to-understand manner for those who handle Blue Prism for the very first time

In addition to this, there are several functional it can perform in a better way as compared to the previous versions. Check them out

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Reusable objects and processes can be created in a short span of time

  1. The V6 is one of the versions that can be trusted for better productivity. It simply makes sure of better surface automation due to which effectiveness of the final outcome, as well as the productivity, can be enhanced in no time. 
  2. This version is based on an adaptive positioning technology that can simply be trusted for controlling fields and applications and the same can be considered for enhancing the speed of the robotic workforce.
  3. With a custom digital front, it is easy for the users to make sure of front and back-office automation and this simply lets them enhance the robot-human interaction.
  4. The objects and the processes can be deployed for other tasks that actually don’t matter to them provided some basic conditions are to be met.

Blue Prism V6 is very adaptive to be considered

One of the best things about this version is it mitigate the risks that are associated with the security of transactions when it comes to the management of the data.

  1. There are many dashboards present in the V6 and they simply make sure of data analytics in a reliable manner and it is possible for the users to deploy several UI’s related to analytics in it.
  2. An excellent level of support is available with V6 and the users have no reason to worry about anything in case they got stuck anywhere
  3. The double-byte character is another feature in this version and it is useful when it comes to expanding the automation stages, processes, as well as objects.

Version 6 is highly scalable

When it comes to meeting the demand of one and all, this version of the Blue Prism tool is highly scalable and can simply make sure of deploying all the robots in the cloud quite easily. 

  • The control room has been paid a lot of emphasis in this version and the users are now free to have a detailed and in fact, a real-time opinion of the status of a workforce and can pay close attention to the health of the digital workforce. It is because of no other reason than this, the users are capable to keep up the pace in all the tasks. 
  • The technology has been tested on the quick development, as well as the development of the processes under a safe environment. 
  • It is possible to combine various technologies to get the results in the way they are required. The blend of technologies up to this extent was not possible with the earlier versions.

Secure Environment

Of course, version 6 is quite secure and it can be trusted with closed eyes by organizations. The users have no reasons to worry when it comes to security compliance in a digital workforce.

  • One of the key features is multi-level encryption and thus the users have no reasons to worry when it comes to safety, security, or the privacy of the data. There are actually several algorithms that can be trusted for getting absolutely secure connectivity, data access, as well as storage of the same.
  • The permissions can be customized for getting the results as per requirement and the same can be imposed on all the robots.
  • The security algorithms that the user can utilize are based on the current and future demands of the organizations.

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 Blue Prism V6 Extended features

The Blue Prism has realized that there is a need to make a lot of changes in the newer version and therefore V6 has been provided with some of the amazing features with a ton of improvements. This is obviously to let the users simply make sure of having the best experience irrespective of the task they handle. 

  1. Locating the regions has now become very simple and the users can simply make sure of flexibility in the same. In addition to this, the regions are also allowed to be customized up to a great extent in this version.
  2. While building the processes, the users have to face a lot of issues related to functionality, as well as time. The same has been improved in this version to let them keep up the pace. 
  3. The complexity associated with the resilient processes that are common in automation has also experienced a significant improvement in them
  4. The languages in which the user can operate the tools have been extended in this version. It is now possible for the users to select other languages than English. The Japanese have been added by keeping the scope and view of Blue Prism in Japan
  5. The users can simply make sure of improved analytics capability. The same has been extended to let the users have better metrics, as well as the ability to configure the dashboards. 
  6. The session information can now be provided to the third-party monitoring systems 
  7. Version 6 is capable to be considered for cloud deployments and it fully supports the AWS, as well as the Azure architects for the same.

Blue Prism Key features

This is all about the Blue Prism Version 6. Probably it has some best features and betterments available when compared to the previous versions. There are also significant improvements due to which several important sub-tasks associated with the automation with Blue Prism can be performed quickly and safely. In addition to this, version 6 is totally user-friendly and anyone can consider it for deploying an excellent digital workforce in an organization.

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