Blue Prism vs Automation Anywhere

Are you unable to decide which tool is best - Automation Anywhere vs Blue Prism? Reading this Automation Anywhere vs Blue Prism article will definitely give you a clear vision of what is best. Here, we will discuss the comparison of RPA tools Automation Anywhere vs Blue Prism.

Automation Anywhere vs Blue Prism: Which RPA Tool Is Best?

What Is Blue prism?

  • A blue prism is a famous tool that is used for robotic process automation purposes. 
  • Blue prism uses a vast amount of integration experience and technologies to their system and these technologies that are used are secure, robust, and secure. It has got a technology adaptor that is used for each and every technology that is employed at Java, presentation layer, windows a, and a green mainframe or screen, Citrix, and also web. 
  • At numerous levels of the robotic process automation platform of the blue prism, auditability and security are built. It has got permission to create, design, run, and edit processes. Each user who is authorized has specific business objects.
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Why should we select a blue prism? 

Blue prism can be selected as an RPA tool because of the following reasons. 

  • With the help of a blue prism, you will be able to design an automation process that too within IT governance. 
  • Internal and external decryption and encryption keys are supported by the blue prism. 
  • The user of the blue prism will be provided with audit logs enabling. 
  • Within the process automation, you are provided with a customized code of.Net that provides a high rate of robustness.

Overview of Blue Prism

What is Automation Anywhere?

Automation Anywhere can be defined as robotic process automation that is a software developer. The product of the company is known as automation of anywhere and it helps those organizations who are seeking options for deploying a digital workforce that is made of software bots so that it helps in completing end-to-end business processes. The combination of the traditional robotic process automation method with cognitive elements like reading of unstructured data and natural language processing is done by the author of automation anywhere enterprises. 

This automation anywhere helps in saving time for performing quality control procedures on IT, web applications, Windows and system administration, and also business-related processes.

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Automated testing of software 

When you are testing software, it can soon become a tiresome job when you have to repeat every task again and again as it happens in isolating bugs, regression testing, and also loggings. To solve this problem you can make use of an automated tool for testing in order to save time and effort but it will provide you with the same level of analytical skills. In order to overcome this problem, automation anywhere was invented which can go work on a good analysis level and also deal with problems related to bug isolation, logging problems, and also regression testing.

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Recorders For Automation Anywhere 

1. The recorder that is needed for Windows applications

The recorder that is used for Windows applications is known as the basic recorder and it is the most simple of the lot. You will be able to record, save and then run the testing actions with the help of this. The actions that are performed by the user are recorded on the basis of control coordinates that are relative to the windows. 

2. Web recorder 

For the applications of the web platform, there is a cross-browser which is known as a web recorder. With the help of this recorder, the user can increase the display of those actions that are related to the control while it is being recorded. 

3. Object recorder

When compared with the web recorder and basic recorder, the object recorder is much more advanced. The recording action with this object recorder is done on the basis of the attributes of the control instead of the coordinates that are relative to the window. Features like the caption, index, and attributes are used to identify the elements. Due to the enhancement, the replay mode of the test-related cases is more reliable. Also, the operation is based on the control performance of capturing instead of localization on pages. 

Automation Anywhere Task Editor 

With the help of a task editor provided by automation anywhere, you will be able to alter, break down and also enhance the tasks that are recorded. The features of the task editors are listed here. 

  1. Keystroke and mouse
  2. Windows and program files
  3. Logging into file
  4. Managing of window controls
  5. System
  6. Loops and conditions
  7. Delays and pause
  8. Recognition of images
  9. Extraction of web data from both structured and unstructured.
  10. Finding broken links
  11. Actions related to FTPS
  12. Integrations of scripts and some other tasks
  13. Excel and database
  14. Variables
  15. And lastly, error handling 

Automation Anywhere is a very useful tool that has many features that are easy to learn as well. In order to build test cases gradually with the help of automation anywhere, the user can drag and drop items taking them from the toolbox. With the help of automation anywhere, you will be able to generate tasks that are straightforward. This will provide you with the opportunity of sharing of automated tasks by users that are a central repository. 

Automation anywhere task editor

Comparison Between Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism

  • The first point that we should consider when comparing automation anywhere and the blue prism is how they are learned. When it comes to the blue prism, the user should have knowledge about programming languages and he or she should also have the ability to produce business-related objects and should also be able to manage these products in the control center. Now we come to automation anywhere, it is developer-friendly and the user should be a basic developer. 
  • When it comes to re-usability for blue prism the user can reuse objects in several multiple processes provided that these business objects exist in the library of the blue prism. Now for automation anywhere, there is a product feature known denoted as the smart adapter. With the help of this, the user is able to create unique automation blocks that are re-usable. 
  • Now the third point on the basis of which comparison will be made is cognitive capability. The cognitive capability of the blue prism is low whereas automation anywhere has a medium cognitive capability. 
  • When it comes to accuracy, the blue prism will provide its users with web, desktop, and Citrix automation. On the other hand, automation anywhere will provide its user with accuracy that is reasonable throughout the mediums. 
  • Automation anywhere provides the users with both back office and front office robots but blue prism only has the facility of back-office automation. This is also known as batch automation or unattended automation. 
  • From the operational scalability point of view, automation anywhere has limited capacity to handle the large-scale deployment of robots. Blue prism has a high speed of execution and it has a very good capability of handling the deployment of robots at a large scale. In the blue prism, you will be able to view each and every data that is assigned at the runtime time and you can also step into, out of abs over components in a very easy way because blue prism provides the option of superior debugging. 
  • Now, the comparison should be made on the basis of recorders or macro readers. Automation Anywhere has a faster rate of the mapping process. In this case, it is optional to make use of recording the action and it can also be tweaked. The user is provided with the option of web record, screen record, and smart record. The blue prism does not have the option of recorders or macro readers. Since business objects can be scalded at a faster and easier rate so Blue prism in automation makes use of business objects instead of reusable scripts. 
  • The architecture of automation anywhere is client-server and also blue prism had a client-server architecture. 
  • Both blue prism and automation anywhere have accessibility that is only application-based. 
  • The process design of automation anywhere is script-based. On the other hand, the blue prism has complete control and visual process designer. It has also got an approach that is point-blank. The implementing speed is very high and it can be controlled with the help of the anchoring process of automation that is browser-based. 
  • The base technology for automating anywhere is Microsoft. On the other hand, the base technology of blue prism is C#. 
  • Automation Anywhere has a high rate of reliability and blue prism also has a very high rate of reliability. 
  • When it comes to pricing, automation anywhere has a high rate of cost for deployment. Now for blue prism, it has a higher rate of acquisition. It provides limited training that is available through business objects only. The training cost is also high and it costs almost twice as UiPath. 
  • Now, the last point of comparison is education and certification. The automation anywhere is launched recently. Now when it comes to the blue prism, it contains three certifications namely, service provider, delivery provider, and capability provider and each of these certifications have silver and gold levels. Also on the blue prism, documentation is not available on the platform of open forums. 
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Based on the mentioned comparison between Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism it is easier to select which type of RPA tool will be good for your organization and also has a higher rate of customer satisfaction. So it advisable to make a thorough study before making a decision that will be advantageous for your company. 

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