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One of the best things that have ever happened to the businesses in the current century is the introduction of the automation. There is probably nothing wrong to say that it is one of the finest technologies that is happening the future of humans and their growing needs. Of course, with respect to the rise in demand of customer’s expectations and changing needs, businesses have to struggle a lot to simply keep up the pace. However, this is not as simple as it seems. They have to pay attention to a ton of factors and still, the favorable outcome couldn’t be assured. The software robots are enabling them to get the results that are close to what consumers/users/customers expect and enable them to grow simply. Blue Prism is one of the finest Robotic Process Automation software technologies for the perfect and error-free enterprise solutions.

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One of the best things is, a software workforce can easily be deployed for performing a lot of tasks and the Blue Prism software is best enough to be trusted. The organizations can get the outcomes that are error-free and can simply make sure at the same time the timely accomplishment of all the tasks. It is also true that different organizations have different needs and it is very necessary for the software to have multiple features for performing a specific task. Well, that is exactly what that has been considered in the Blue Prism RPA. Learning this technology could be one of the best things that young graduates do to shape their future. Here is all that can help you to learn Blue Prism in a reliable and easy manner.

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What exactly Blue Prism Robotic Automation is?

It is basically nothing but a strategy in which machines can be deployed for performing the tasks that generally humans have to perform at employee’s level. Generally, machines are made to mimic the actions or the set of tasks performed by the humans under a centralized monitoring process. 

  • The chances of errors can simply be eliminated upto a great extent and users are free to get the results exactly in the way they want
  • The most critical factors such as higher level risks, high investments and low profits can be avoided upto a great extend by the organizations in a very reliable manner
  • A lot of burden can be eliminated from the employees and they can be made to perform a specific duty rather than involving in multiple tasks which often affect their efficiency in the long run
  • Robotic Automation also makes sure that the needs of all the customers can be fulfilled at the same time even if there are some complex tasks involved.

Blue Prism Architecture

Robotic Orchestrating approach for easy learning and maximum benefits

With enterprise software Robotic Process Automation, the users need not to worry about anything and this is because they can simply derive outcomes that are beneficial for themselves as well as for the organizations they are working with.

  • One of the key things about Robotic Automation in the software and It domain is adopters need not to worry about bringing a ton of changes to the already existing IT infrastructure. 
  • Software Robots are generally developed to interface any already existing application through its rich UI. 
  • Its robots that actually derive the existing applications and the thus saves a lot of integration cost
  • The Robotic software are guided/programmed by the humans on how a task could be accomplished by them. However, it is quite easier than training fresh employees that join the organization
  •  Robotic projects are not very expensive and they are simply quick. This let the learners simply make sure of quality outcomes and not to go through the complex training procedures


RPA Accelerates automation of repetitive tasks

Concept of macros and screen scrapping in Blue Prism

  • The modern day Robotic Software are capable to let the users simply make sure of one major thing and i.e. getting the complex tasks done with limited actions and human interference. In addition to this, various tasks can be performed at the same time by this approach.
  • Robotic Automation Software seems to be a new technology but the fact is it’s the next generation of some of the already existing and popular technologies such as macros as well as screen scrapping.
  • The robots make use of an application in a way similar to that of a human irrespective of the host of the same.
  • Software Robots are made capable of handling all the tasks through an application in a much similar manner as some already existing technologies are doing so. However, they pay close attention to the origination and elimination of errors

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RPA Screen Screen Scraping

Managing and training the robotic software actions and activities

Well, the best thing is its simple and can be done in a very short span of time. The users actually need not to worry about anything. Also, this is one of the best things that simply enable the learners to get the best in the shortest time possible through Software Robotic Automation.

  • The procedure is generally explained to a robotic through a flow chart which is easy for the humans too to learn. It is possible to audit and manage the same at any level for the documentation procedure which is often required
  • When the software robots perform their task, the management information can be grabbed automatically. This enables the development of a project with real time. It is possible for the users to impose restriction on the use of management data in case the same is sensitive or is not generally allowed to be accessed by one and all
  • One of the finest approaches is the software robots is they are having inbuilt capabilities of recovery in case of any failure. This doesn’t waste time and assure uninterrupted flow of tasks
  • The users can simply proceed with the security authorization as well as the audit of the software robotic. All the modifications made and all the access provided/rejected can be centrally monitored and controlled in a very reliable manner. 
  • Robots are able to let the users not to worry on the recovery and roll-back

How Robotic Automation is actually different from the Business Process Management System

There are certain things that seem similar among these both and often create confusion among the users. However, there are actually certain factors that put them separate from one another. For beginners, it would be really good to know the key differences among the same.

  • One of the key aims of the Business Process Management System is boosting the IT architecture so that flexibility at a good level could be assured in the Robotic Automation and especially in the software development domain. On the other side, the primary aim of Robotic Automation is to replace the human staff with the robotic one or machines. 
  • To operate the BPMS, one need to be really good in application connectivity, designing the applications, integration of the same with the frequently changing needs of the business. Such requirements are not always necessary to have with a RPA expert
  • RPA is always rule-based but BPMS is not always necessary to be same
  • RPA can even automate some domains of the BPMS
  • BPMS generally have more human interference whereas RPA doesn’t

RPA Vs Traditional Re-engineering and BPM projects

What sort of applications RPA have with IT?

RPA seems to depend on Information technology up to a great extent. However, that is not true in all the cases. Although the IT dependency is required at the initial stage of a project to be developed, there is no need of same in the long run and that is one of the best things about it.

  • When it comes to Rouge IT, the Robotic automation can address the same. the best part is the same task can be accomplished at several levels 
  • In some cases, the RPA is generally licensed, monitored, modified, as well as controlled by the IT. there is a usage policy which is configured with all the robots engaged in performing different tasks
  • Robotic Automation tasks can be made reusable or can be deployed again and again in different projects with the help of IT only. There are certain issues that can be avoided in this sector with IT tools.
  •  Although Robot Process Automation doesn’t need a lot of new data in the long run, whenever the same is required, its IT tools with the help of which the same is selected and provided to the robots.

Services included in Blue Prism

Process changing and monitoring in Blue Prism

This is not at all a big deal in the Blue Prism

  • All the changes to the processes can easily be tracked and monitored through the inbuilt capabilities of the Blue Prism
  • All the information regarding the modifications in a process can be audited anytime
  • For each step and measure taken, there are detailed logs which are updated in the system 

Frequency Asked Blue Prism Interview Questions

Skills required for learning software Robotic Process Automation

Learning Robotic Automation is not at all a big deal. Anyone can easily involve himself/herself in this domain within a short span of time.

  • The basic IT skills are required when it comes to learning blue Prism Robotic Process and especially the software development domain
  • Robotic Process needs the clear understanding of the workflow of management tasks
  • A real and a strong imagination power is another factor that can simply enable the learners to keep the pace up all the time without compromising with anything
  • Patience and a zeal to understand the things in a detailed manner is one of the basic and most essential needs that is beneficial for the beginners in the long run


RPA Abilities and Skills

How Robotic Automation is related to Enterprise Architecture?

The Robotic Automation has some specific dependency and relation with the Enterprise Architecture. However, the dependency is not always necessary to be same in all the cases. It largely depends on the actual outcome required or the type of project under accomplishment.

  • Enterprise Architecture has some domains integrated directly with the RPA due to which the architecture can be made portable as well as efficient
  • It is possible to consider the Robotic Automation anywhere in the architecture provided some basic conditions are met
  • Isolation problems with the architecture can simply be avoided by RPA
  • Robotic Automation provide full support to the architecture once it is made fully operational ad a lot of plans and targets can be adjusted depending on the needs

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Learning Robotic Integration with Blue Prism

Integration is an important part of a very large number of automation projects. In fact, without same, it is very difficult to achieve results that are required. Integration shapes the automation projects in the shortest possible time. Here is what you should know as a learner about the Robotic Integration with Blue Prism.

  • It is true that Blue Prism has a lot of experience in integration. All the integrated technologies can simply be trusted in the long run and are reliable in every aspect.
  • There are technology adapters rather than application adapters in Blue Prism. This is exactly what that let the learners gain knowledge on various aspects. Also, the experienced developers can save a lot of time while working on a Robotic project
  • In the presentation layers, there are technologies such as Web, Java, Citrix, Windows and a lot more
  • A diverse array of dedicated tools are present and they simply make sure of converting any imagination into reality
  • Almost all the new sub-processes are designed in a very short span of time to let the users come out with the best outcomes.
  • It is also possible to built and test all the processes related with the automation in a very easy manner

Benefits of RPA

This is exactly what that can help you to gain more knowledge on the Robotic Process Automation and learn the development tasks easily. The information mentioned in the above sections let you gain potential while developing any project related to Blue Prism Automation. Blue Prism learning simply let you uplift your career in 2018 and the best thing is you can grab the best available jobs in this domain after learning the same.

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