With the rapidly rising demand and scope of the Robotic Automation, more and more organizations are finding the best vendors they can simply trust in the long run. It is very much true that due to the rise in demand, there is now an era of competition among the best Robotic Automation providers. In fact, this is one of the leading reasons why the services of many providers have been gone through a significant improvement in the last two years. At the same time, a full bouquet of new features has been added to their products by them. However, this doesn’t actually mean one can proceed with any vendor with closed eyes. Of course, everyone has its own specialization and therefore it’s not necessary that only one vendor can fulfill the needs of one and all. This post is a comparative study of Blue Prism vs. OpenSpan and a number of key points associated with them have been highlighted to enable readers to gain maximum knowledge in the shortest time span. Check them out in the below paragraphs. 

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Blue Prism vs OpenSpan

Comparison in terms of user-friendly approach

It is very much true that any technology should be user-friendly in the current scenario and without which it is not possible for the users to get the best out of the same. However, it has been seen that even the best available technologies have some minor bugs associated with them in real-time implementation. Here is what you should know about the user-friendly approach in both these vendors.

1. As compared to the Blue Prism, the OpenSpan offers high implementation speed. However, a lot of users have already reported the delay problem in a number of projects. OpenSpan is already working to improve the same.
2. When it comes to integration services, OpenSpan has gained a lot of reputation. It can directly be made work with different workflow modules 
3. There are several new features in the OpenSpan which are still missing in the Blue Prism. However, Blue Prism is still widely adopted as compared to it.
4. Blue Prism doesn’t have a free community edition while the OpenSpan has. 
5. When it comes to learning and implementation, Blue Prism has better scope due to the availability of vast support, tutorials and so on. 

Comparison of features

  • Blue Prism has an excellent command and control over all the activities such as creation of new object during the task and the real-time implementation of this technology. There are hardly any chances in Blue Prism to face any issues once the coding is completed.
  • On the other side, OpenSpan has a limited control over the activities and most of the problem often reports post-implementation of the project
  • In Blue Prism, the users are free to impose a limit on the actual speed and method of implementation. In other words, it is controlled. The most common method is browsing the anchor with the project. The same features are limited in the OpenSpan
  • When it comes to accuracy, the Blue Prism has dedicated features as different modes and they are HTML mode, Accessibility mode, as well as region mode.
  • As compared to the OpenSpan, the Blue Prism is equipped with a  special feature and it the users can simple proceed with the code insertion approach
  • Blue Prism has been provided to automate anything the user want and without lacking with the features. There are a lot of practical process that can easily be targeted with Blue Prism

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Blue Prism vs. OpenSpan: Base Technology

Both OpenSpan and Blue Prism can also be put separate from one another in terms o their base technology as well. Although it.

1. The Blue Prism is purely based on C# and this makes it compatible and reliable with almost every automation project. The fact is most of the web-based applications are directly or indirectly associated with the C#.
2. The Openspan is not based on a specific technology but in fact it is a blend of technologies such as Kibana, Sharepoint Wf and ElasticSearch.
3. The modules in both the automation approaches are the same in terms of their functionality. However, there are a number of factors that make them totally different from one another.

Learning Comparison

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It really doesn’t matter what sort of automation tool/technology one is using. In case the user doesn’t know how to operate the same, of course, there will be a lot of errors in the same. When it comes to easy-of-use or learning ability of both Blue Prism and OpenSpan, there are some key facts that should be considered.

1. OpenSpan has visual design and this is exactly what that assures quick implementation of the same. The learners in the initial stage can easily keep up with the same.
2. With Blue Prism, learners need to have good programming skills and another prime requirement is to have the good ability to create business objects. If the projects are complex, they also need to be managed in the control center. The requirements are not so complex with the OpenSpan

Services Includes Blueprism and OpenSpan

Reusability with Blue Prism and OpenSpan 

Reusability is really very important in the current time and it is always necessary for the users to make sure of this in all the present day technologies. This doesn’t just save cost but a lot of time can also be saved and the same can be utilized in further projects. Also, a ton of burden can be avoided from the developers/professionals handling the task.

1. With OpenSpan, the reusability of the code is possible upto a great extent and the users are free to build modular automation at the work flow level
2. With Blue Prism, the objects can be reused in a number of process after a Library of different Business objects is created
3. Blue Prism has a limited scope when it comes to using it with the integration services. On the other hand, OpenSpan has a pretty good score on the same.
4. OpenSpan can be considered in any module whereas there are restrictions on the Blue Prism on such an approach

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Real-time applications of Blue Prism and OpenSpan

Both Blue Prism and OpenSpan technologies are meant to handle automations tasks very reliably. However, there are certain applications for which both are preferred over the other in the real time domain. 

1. The major application of the OpenSpan is it has a wide scope in the BPO applications. A very large number of nodes can directly be automated for handling the tasks/queries without human interference and this is what that makes it best for this task. In addition to this, OpenSpan has been known to bring a ton of favorable outcomes in the Citrix Automation.
2. Blue Prism has secured a lot of reputation as a best automation approach is building desktop applications and web applications. Although it can be deployed for automation of anything that OpsnSpan can do, there are a few features which remain absent. Most of the time, it is preferred for developing Robotic Software. This makes it one of the popular automation approach in the Information Technology Domain

Robotics Spectrum

Operational Scalability with Blue Prism and OpenSpan

The Scalability is the prime demand and is one of the very essential factors in the automation sector. Almost all the tasks can only be accomplished reliably only when the scalability condition is meet. Both Blue Prism and OpenSpan have their own features when it comes to operational scalability.

1. There are a lot of features related to the Debugging which has been provided with the OepnSpan. However, the crashing rate of the same is higher when it comes to implementing them in the projects with large scale.
2. On the other hand, the Blue Prism has excellent Debugging which enable users to simply view and control all the data during the runtime and step out of it. All the components can easily be scaled when the need of same is felt
3. When compared in terms of the overall speed of execution, the Blue Prism has wide acceptability and preference as compared to the OpenSpan.
4. Handling the very large scale robotic projects or deployments can be assured without compromising any feature in blue Prism approach.

Other comparative facts between Blue Prism and OpenSpan

1. In terms of cognitive capability both OpenSpan and Blue Prism run low.
2. OpenSpan can handle both front and back office robots while the Blue Prism is suited only to Back Office Automation.
3. The macros readers are present in the OpenSpan whereas the same are absent in Blue Prism.
4. Blue Prism has Client server architecture whereas OpenSpan has Web-based orchestration architecture.
5. Open Span comes with moderate reliability whereas the Blue Prism reliability is very high.

Functional Automation Testing Process

This is all that you should know about Blue Prism vs. OpenSpan. Both are known for their own capabilities to handle the Automation projects. The Blue Prism has better popularity and it is widely deployed in large-scale projects whereas the OpenSpan has major applications in small and medium-scale projects. Also, both are good at the enterprise level and can easily be trusted. 

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